Monday, January 29, 2007

Baby Boy's Birthday Party

Yesterday we had Baby Boy's birthday party. As you can see
from the photo below...we really know how to throw one kick ass
birthday party for our kids.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Baby Boy is 1!!

Baby Boy turned 1 today. We had a little party for him and will have his big party this weekend. He got his own cupcake to dig into and boy he did just that. It was great!
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Baby Boy and all his gifts!

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I feel like Wacking someone!!

You know when you hear something and it just makes you so pissed off you wanna smack someone? Well I heard something the other day that did just that. Get this.... Some stupid broad in California is trying to pass a bill that bans spanking. Yes, bans spanking. If caught, or turned in or whatever, it could result in a fine, or even jail time. Whats next? Are they going to ban the "time outs" or "groundings" due to the fact that it could emotionally scar a child?? Come on people. I in no way promote child abuse. I think people who beat children are sick and should be clubbed themselves. But I have no problem in wacking my children when they need to put in line once in a while. I have and always will feel that spanking has it's place. If my 2 yr. old runs out in the street, I am not going to stand there and be like "Now honey, that car there could have hit you, and you would get seriously hurt, so please don't ever do that again." That's crap. My 2 yr. old is not going to understand that shit. But when I give him a good swat on the ass, I know for sure he'll remember not to run out there again. I was spanked occasionally as a kid, and I turned out fine. Well as fine as I could be (I will admit, I am a little strange, but I think that may have been all those drugs!! lol j/k). I feel there is a HUGE line between beating your child and using a good swat every once in a while. Not all spankings are child abuse, and not all spankings lead to emotional and physical scarring. Anyways, you can read a little bit about it here
Please let me know what you all think!
Now I must go and spank my children before it could get me thrown in jail or fined!! lol
Oh and by the way, Baby Boy is turning 1 tomorrow! My little baby is growing up way to fast. I will be sure to post some pics!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Holy Crap

I swear if I have to clean up one more pile of dog puke, I am going to shoot someone in the head! And it isn't going to be myself, Hubs or any of the kids! But... if someone, aka Crazy Boy, doesn't start shitting in the pot, I may just have to duct tape him to it till he does.

I am so sick of puke, shit and bills. I know, I know, bills has nothing to do with shit and puke, but I had to add it in there!

I need serious mental help....

I am now Rosie O'Donnell's lover. That's right. In my dream last night, I was Rosie's new soul mate. Holy Shit. What the hell is that all about? We were living at some resort type place with a couple kids (who I am assuming are Rosie's kids) and she is just all over me. I could totally see myself in the dream, and I didn't look a damn thing like I really do. She was all possessive and stuff, and I was thinking that it was really odd, and I felt sort of uncomfortable. At one point in the dream, she must not have been able to find me, so she got herself up onto a stage, and got a microphone and was shouting "I have lost my wife, has anyone seen her? Choppzs, if you can hear me, please come and join me up here. I miss you!" Of course she used my real name. I remember feeling extremely embarrassed, but ended up going up to the stage. Once I got there, Rosie was hanging out with a big group of children, making crafts. And the parents did not seem happy. At one point, she even kissed me. I don't mean like a little muah, muah kiss, I mean like a holy shit, I want in your pants type kiss. What the hell is this all about? But it gets a little weirder. The Rosie dream kind of morphed into a completely different type dream. I was in an ER where George Clooney (Dr. Ross) and Noah Wyle (Dr. Carter) were there. Also that Carol nurse lady was there. But I must have been some slutty chic or something because I kept trying to flirt with Dr. Ross while he was picking out groceries. Yes he was getting groceries in the ER. lol. But then he took off, and Dr. Carter was sleeping in one of the gernies. I woke him up (by means I will not go into lol) and we started making out. If anyone watches ER, or knows who Noah Wyle is, holy shit, I was getting LUUUUCCCKKY! But then he began to tell me that he had to get ready for his shift and scrub up. But that he would get back to me later after his shift. Then he walked off leaving me starring at that Nurse Carol lady and that was it.

Holy Cow, I was a lesbian and a slut all in one dream. But damn, I was one lucky slut to be getting it on with Dr. Carter. What the hell was this dream all about?? I am still baffled. Does it mean that I was a lesbian in a former life? Or a closet Rosie stalker? Or a prostitute? or a slutty girl that worked in an ER? Or could it mean that me and Noah Wyle are meant to be soul mates?? I'll take that one. Someone please fill me in on what you think this dream meant.

Oh....Noah...Call me!!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Ok, so we always have problems with telemarketers calling Girly Girl's cell phone. Last night was not the exception. Around 8 pm her phone rang. Hubs picks it up. The next thing I hear is "NO, NO, NO, You're DUUUMMMBBB" in this moaning, groaning, type voice. I was thinking "What the hell?". My first thought was that it was my sister calling Girly and Hubs was messing with her. But then it kept going and going and going. "NO, NO, NO, You're DUUUMBB!" I walked over to him and he was trying to contain his laughter. I was asking who it was and figured by now if it was my sister he would have started talking normally. So I asked him if it was a telemarketer. He shook his head yes. The ritual of No's and You're Dumb's went on for almost twenty minutes along with a few high pitched squeals and screams from Hubs. I couldn't believe this guy would put up with Hub's obnoxious behavior for so long. We were laughing our asses off. So finally I got the phone. I asked the man why he was calling this number when it belonged to a mentally challenged person. ( Now the rest of this story contains the word retard many times, so if this is going to offend you, please don't read on. I didn't do this to offend anyone or make fun of challenged people, it was just all in good fun to mess with this guy who was relentless in selling us something.) He said he was not wanting to talk to the phone owner, but to the owner of the house. I told him this phone belonged to a retard named Timmy and that is who he was speaking with earlier, and that he should not be calling his phone. He kept saying he did not want to talk to the phone owner, but the home owner. I told him I owned the home. That I was running a business at this number. I told him this was a house full of retards and I take care of them. He finally started laughing. He said "Do you just take care of the one?" and I said "No, I take care of four of them!" By then I couldn't stop laughing and the telemarketer was too. He asked me "Is it difficult to take care of retards?" That got me rolling. I still couldn't believe that this guy was still on the phone with us for a half hour. I told him yes it was hard to take care of these retards and with him calling one of their phones did not make it easier. He finally said "ok mam, you have a Happy New Year then!" By this time Hubs was moaning and stuff in the background and I was calling him Timmy. I was saying "No Timmy, this man didn't mean to scare you, he's your friend. He says Happy New Year!" and Hubs is still moaning and groaning. "Yes, Timmy, he's your friend, he didn't mean to scare you!" So then the man was about to hang up and I was like 'Wait, wait, Timmy wants to talk to you again!" So then I handed Hubs back the phone and he started moaning and stuff again. I then started yelling, "No, No Timmy, don't do that! It's ok Timmy, No No No, Bad Timmy, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Then Hubs hung up. He couldn't take it anymore, he was laughing so hard. I would have preferred to stay on the phone a bit longer, but it was to late. That was the most fun we have had in a long time. It was great. After that, Hubs finally told me why he started the whole "NO You're DUUMMMBB" thing. He has this CD by a group called Psychostick. And on it there is a part that is a telemarketer calling a guy and he just keeps repeating no and you're dumb to her. So that's where the idea came from. He said in the beginning of the call the telemarketer was asking him all kinds of stuff like what's your first and last name and your bank account number and he would just keep repeating "No" and "you're dumb." The guy asked Hubs what his last name was and Hubs just moaned "NOOOO" and the guy was like "So is that spelled N, O?" LOL to funny. I hope we get another telemarketer that calls soon.