Sunday, December 26, 2010

Have Yourself a Merry, Little Christmas

This Christmas was especially special. This was Little Dude's 1st Christmas. Christmas Eve we went to mass, and then went out to Christmas Eve dinner. When we got home the kid's opened their yearly ornament gifts, and they got to choose 1 gift to open. Pillow Pets from Aunty. They had been wanting them FOREVER! Christmas morning was exciting. Little Dude was up by 4:30 so him and I went out in the livingroom, turned the tree lights on, and just sat rocking and nursing till around 5 when Sissy came out. It was such a wonderful time. Quiet, and special. I made Girly wait till 6 to wake up the boys. Then of course all hell broke loose! lol Stockings first, then gifts. We started a new tradition this year. The Christmas Pickle. We hid a pickle ornament in the tree, and on Christmas morning, whoever finds the hidden pickle, gets to open the first gift. It was fun, and it actually made us take a little more time opening and admiring each other's gifts instead of doing a mad dash towards their own name and thrashing everything.

Little Dude's 1st Christmas Eve. He received his first ornament to hang on the tree.
All 4 kiddos on Eve.

Christmas Morning!!
Little Dude opening his first ever Christmas present!

All of Little Dudes new toys!

Baby Boy and his gifts!
Crazy and his gifts!
Girly and her gifts!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's The Little Saint Nick

12-11-10 The kids got to see Santa at the Harvey House. There were crafts, and booths of Christmas decor and goodies for sale. This was Little Dude's 1st time meeting the jolly guy, and he did wonderful. No crying or anything. He looked at him, smiled and bounced around. The kid's, especially the boys, were especially excited to see Santa. Baby Boy had plenty he wanted to ask for and he wanted to make sure Santa knew he had been a good boy.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Hello Mr. Turkey..Meet Mr. Clause..

Gobble Gobble. Turkey Day (November 25th, 2010) was a very relaxing, delicious day. It was also Little Dude's first Thanksgiving. He was so tired he didn't even make it to the sweet potatoes before he passed out at the table. We had turkey,cranberries, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, Girly's green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, rolls, and homemade cheesecake. We decided to put up our Christmas decorations throughout the day, instead of the day after. It was a pretty exhausting, yet wonderfully relaxing day! Per Girly's request, we continued with our annual "I am Thankful for.." tradition. We each write down what we are thankful for and she reads them at the table while we all dig in.

My 4 beautiful babies in front of the tree for our yearly Christmas picture.

This is Little Dude's 1st Christmas. Here he is, sitting on his own now, in front of his first Christmas tree.

He got sick of it really quick! lol

Little Dude turned 8 months old yesterday 12-2-10. He has been sitting unsupported for about 2 weeks now. He is still rolling everywhere, but now he knows how to turn himself so he can get around things. He is getting up on his knees and attempts to scoot around. He mostly pushes himself backwards though. He is still nursing full time, and most of the time refuses to eat solids. He uses a sippy cup, but mostly chews it. He is being a terd when it comes to bedtime too. Refuses to sleep in his crib without screaming his brains out. He is such a ham. Everyone, everywhere seem to flock to him and pinch his cheeks and squeal at him.

His 2 bottom teeth are very clear in this picture..