Monday, March 29, 2010

Baby Mine

I am so ready for this little one to come. This past week has been nothing but contractions, massive heartburn, aching back and tailbone and sleepless nights. I don't know if I would even be able to make it to my due date without going absolutely insane. We have taken several long walks lately, but they haven't done much good. I am walking around like a mad woman cleaning constantly and never just sitting down to relax. My dreams are getting more and more strange, but have the same theme...going into labor. The swelling in my feet has gone down quite a bit, which is good. My next appointment is Thursday, so I will wait again to see if anything has progressed. I am tempted to set up an inducement date, but am eager for the excitement and anticipation of him coming on his own. I will once again, try to sit back and relax and let this little one join us in his own time. But, I'm not saying there wont be some bitching and moaning along the way!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

37/38 Week Appt.

Well I was almost positive that my doctor would tell me some good news today at my appointment. Last night was quite the night. I was having contractions and cramping for at least 4 or 5 hours, but was finally able to fall asleep about midnight or 12:30am. I couldn't get comfortable or sleep, and it didn't help that Hub's dog was snoring like a freight train. lol I was sure that something was progressing. So sure that I started to clean things up before bed just in case I did go in and I didn't want the house to be a But nothing.

I had the Group B test done, along with the usual measuring and heartbeat check. I should hear in a couple days if anything comes of the test. After I told her about the contractions and stuff, she did a thorough check, and told me nothing is changing. But his heartbeat is still nice and strong, my measurements are still pretty accurate and I didn't gain any more weight from last week.

I guess we shall see in the next couple weeks how things are going to play out. I am really ready for this to be over though. I don't think I can take another 3 weeks till my due

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hunting Bugs

Today was my 36/37 wk OB appt. I was told my blood pressure was to high and I need to relax. That wasn't surprising because I had both boys with me today. I was also told I am measuring at 38 weeks and he thinks this baby will be a bigger baby. I told him the weights of the other kids and he said this baby will probably be my biggest one. Oh goody! LOL I gained a couple more pounds, but my 2nd glucose test came back just fine. He said I need to quit drinking soda because that is what is causing the swelling in my feet. Not surprising, but we all know how I love my soda. Little Dude's heartbeat was strong and aside from the blood pressure, he is looking good!

Aside from that, today was the boy's yearly physicals (hence the reason why both boys were with me today). Crazy's 6 year, and Baby Boy's 4 yr. Crazy looks great. His nose was double checked to make sure it was good to go and he was given a new prescription for his inhaler. We talked a bit about his nighttime accidents. Doc said boys bladders mature later and they only really start to get concerned around the ages of 7 or 8 if they are still bed wetting. He said just keep doing what we are doing (getting him up at night to go and cutting off his drinks at 6) and use allot of positive reinforcement. Baby Boy was in for his preschool physical. He got pricked twice, once for TB and the other was to check his hemoglobin. He did fantastic and hardly flinched at all. His vision was checked and everything looked good. He was also given a new prescription for his allergy eye meds. We need to go back on Thursday to have his TB test looked at. All this just for preschool. All in all, the boys are healthy and looking good!

On a different note, Girly was sent home today because she has lice. This is our first encounter with lice, so we aren't quite sure how to go about getting it taken care of. The school gave us a treatment to use on her, and gave us some instruction sheets. Tonight has been busy. Hubs did 2 treatments on her head, while I washed all sheets, towels, clothing, stuffed animals and anything else she's been in contact with. I baked all comforters in the dryer and vacuumed all the furniture and floors. We are beat. Now she has to miss a couple days of school to make sure the lice are dead. This adds to the 2 days she missed last week because she had what we thought was pink eye, but turned out to be allergies. Fun times I tell you! Now we just keep our eyes on the boys and ourselves and pray that no one else gets it!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

“You haven't lost your smile at all, it's right under your nose."

Yesterday (March 8th) was quite the interesting day. Around 1 in the afternoon I received a call from the school. It was the secretary calling to inform me that Crazy had found a pink bead on the ground at recess and stuck it up his nose. Now, his nose is bleeding and they cannot get the bead out. He is very scared and there is no nurse on call, so I have to come to the school and help him get it out or take him to the doctor. So I wake up Baby Boy from his nap, get ready super quick and head out the door. When I get there, Girly is in the office with him, he is crying and his face is crusted over with boogers and blood. He had 5 or so teachers and secretaries around him telling him all would be alright, and he was a very brave little boy and so on. They again told me the story, said they did all they could think of to get it out, and it was just not going to budge. I asked him what the heck he was doing sticking beads in his nose and his response was the infamous "I don't know!". I packed him up, thanked everyone repeatedly and got the boys loaded back up in the truck. I called the pediatrician and was informed to take him directly to the ER because they may need to do x-rays. I called Hubs, and he said he would meet me over there from work.

Crazy was very brave and calm for the 1st hour as they (2 docs) poked at his nose, looked up there, sprayed some sort of solution up there, and had him lay in several different positions to see if they could see it. Then they pulled out the tube instrument that they had to use to sort of inflate his nostril just so they could see the bead. That's right, he shoved the bead so far up his nose it could not be seen. After inflating his nostril they used a suction catheter to sort of suck out the bead. It looked like the spit sucker they use at the dentist office when cleaning your teeth. The whole ER could hear him screaming. I felt horrible. So 2 hours, 2 docs, and 2 nurses later they finally retrieved the bead. A nice, bright, humongous, pink bead.

The nurse put the bead in a test tube for him to keep. He was also given a wise piece of information.."Never stick anything smaller then your elbow up your nose or in your ear!" LOL

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Baby Shower Fun

March 6th, 2010

My friend threw me a wonderful Baby shower for Little Dude. I wasn't expecting a shower at all considering he is baby #4 and people normally don't do showers for your 3rd or 4th child. It was a wonderful shower though with a few close friends and some wonderful food. We got lots of goodies. Plenty of diapers (big plus!), clothes (mostly onesies and sleepers,(which are great because we all know newborns live out of those), washcloths, bath time accessories, and blankets. I also received in the mail, a beautiful, you wouldn't know it was a diaper bag diaper bag/purse from my sister-in-laws, lol, and a wonderful handmade nursing cover from my cousin Amie! All the new stuff has been washed, folded and put away. Little Dude's crib is officially made up with a new crib sheet and comforter and ready for his cute, little butt to be in it!