Thursday, November 29, 2007

Feeling Old

You know what makes me feel old?

When Girly's Gpa gives her a cassette tape player and this is the conversation that came about.

Girly: "OHHHHH, what's this"

Me: "'s a cassette player"

Girly: "Huh?" *insert confused look here*

Me: "Yah, a cassette player, you know to play cassette music tapes?"

Girly: "Uhhhh...ok" *insert very confused look here*

Me: "Never mind!!"

At that point I had to explain to Gpa that she has never used cassette tapes, only CDs. Then I had to explain to Girly what cassette tapes were using the example of an old Christmas cassette we used to listen to when she was little.

Gpa: "Oh, well, it has a radio on it too!"

Girly: "Oh ok!" (still looking very confused)

Sunday, November 25, 2007


We had a good Thanksgiving and stuffed ourselves silly. We could live off our leftovers for months!

As per tradition, we set up our Christmas decorations and tree the night after T-day.

And this is what happens....

When a certain little somebody.....

Gets ahold of your nativity!

Do you see how poor, little, baby Jesus and his Daddy are on the roof? lol

And Mary is off in the distance looking for them? lol

Yahhhh...that's what I have been seeing the last couple nights. Everytime I re-set up the nativity, I come back to find poor Jesus on the roof, and usually he's with the donkeys and sheep! lol

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thank You

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts! Things are better, and the trip has been postponed to a later date.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

*Gobble Gobble*

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Holy Crap, do you know how long it's been since Hubs and I have gone out on a "date"? To stinkin long. But Friday we finally got to do just that. I needed to go to Old Navy and get some new pants now that I am down by 22 lbs.(GO Me, GO Me! lol) and so we headed over there first. Then afterwards we just went out to eat at the Outback. The food and drink was yummy and getting new pants was great, but the best thing was not hearing "Momma, momma, momma" half a zillion times in the 3 hours we were gone. We definitely need to do that more often.

Oh and I have to add, I had a brief blogger moment while on our date. As we were driving down the road, I looked at the truck ahead of us and it had the license plate letters TKW on it. I laughed and said to Hubs,

"Ha, that's funny, you know that lady on blogger, you know The Kept Woman?"

"Yah" he says to me like he could give 2 shits less about another blogger friend.

"Well she signs all her stuff as TKW and that guy's license plate says TKW"

"Oh, well is it a Wisconsin plate?"

"Hmmm, I don't know, I can't see it that well!"

But I think the thing that shocked me the most was the fact that he knew she lived in Wisconsin!!! lol He must read more then I think, or I talk WAYYYY to much about my blogger buds! hehehehehe

Saturday was our work day. Lots of mowing, weed wacking and cleaning up yard stuff. My arms and ass hurt in places I never knew existed! lol

Today was a lazy day. Hubs worked on homework, and then the kids and us took a walk down the two tracks out behind our property. We threw rocks and looked at all the horses and other animals along the way. It was a nice walk and the kids finally got to get up close and personal with the horses we see everyday when we take Sissy to school.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Feeling BLAH

Gosh, the last couple days have been really ICK! I don't mean the weather or anything like that, I mean me. In the fashion of TMI, I am pretty sure I am ovulating. That's right. I start to cramp, get nauseous and all that good crap. It's weird to me though, before Baby Boy, I never had a clue when all that happy body crap was happening. But now, it's like clockwork every month. It lasts a couple days, then I feel fine again. Then of course, Aunt Flo comes to see me. But this time seems to be accompanied by some icky flu like symptoms too, so that's not good. It may be a combo, or I could just be over-analyzing it. Plus with Sissy having Baby Milky Way, I am getting the fever again. That's right, the baby fever is creeping. But NO, I will not give in! lol Not yet, not till Baby Boy is completely potty trained. I refuse to have 2 in diapers again. To much work, to much money! lol So wish me luck everyone, that my ovaries give me a break soon! hehehehehehe

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happy Birthday and Happy Veterans Day

To all our Marines, Happy Birthday and Semper Fi!

To all our Veterans, Thank You!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Tag, I'm It

Before I get to my tag, I just have to say that our garage has been invaded with flies. That's right, those disease carrying, germ infested, nasty pieces of shit are all over. The walls are covered, the tables are covered, the tools are covered, they are EVERYWHERE! We bought fly traps and stuff, but they aren't doing a damn thing. I looked up home remedies to get rid of them and they all say basil, lavender, and some other herb are natural deterrents for flies. So it looks as if now I am off to buy some plants. Those will probably die before the damn flies because I suck at keeping green things living! So to add my ever growing list of invaders of my home, I am adding the fly. I will take a pic here soon and show you all just how nasty this is. Ick..... Oh and don't anybody tell me there must be something dead or rotting or some shit like that. This may be Hub's garage, but don't think I didn't go out there and check every nuk and cranny, throw out every piece of garbage, check for miscellaneous food items possibly left behind by kids, move the garbage cans to the other side of the yard, and check for poo maybe left behind by some unknown creature. I checked and double checked, but the only thing I can think of is that since we live out in the good ol country now, and we are surrounded by horses and pigs and cows and donkeys, that it's just part of the territory! But if you have any suggestions on terminating these bastards, please feel free to tell me! lol

Choppzs list of home invaders:
1. Bobcats
2. Scorpions
3. Wild cats
4. *NEW* flies

My Tag:
Four Play

Stacie tagged me so I am going to play along...Ok the second one got deleted while I was copying and pasting so I think I got it right, if not...oh well!

4 Jobs I’ve had

2.Secretary at my high school
3.Hostess at a shitty restaurant
4.Telemarketer for AT&T

4 movies I can watch over and over

2.Wedding Singer
3.A Knight's Tale

4 Places I have lived

3.North Carolina

4 TV shows I love to watch

1. Days of our Lives
3. Big Brother
4. Weeds

4 Places I’ve been to on vacation

1. Michigan
2. Maui
3. The big Island of Hawaii
4. Yosemite

4 Websites I visit daily-

1. Hotmail
2. My sissy's blog
3. My bank account site
4. Yahoo

4 Favorite Dishes

1. Pizza
2. Prime Rib from Outback
3. Anything from Roadhouse
4. My chunky guacamole dip

4 Places I’d rather be right now

1. At home in Michigan seeing my new baby niece
2. On a vacation with my family away from here
3. In Hawaii
4. Anywhere but this fricken desert! lol

Friday, November 02, 2007

It's Fricken Wild America Here.....

Holy Cow peoples, I swear this house has some sort of animal magnetism or some crazy shit like that! First it was the bobcat and scorpion, now I have wild, crazy cats coming into the house. My friend and I went to go pick up some pizza for dinner last night. We pulled into the driveway and walked through the garage and into the breezeway that leads into the house. All of sudden we see something black and furry run and jump smack into the slider door. Then it whips around and smacks into the window. Holy shit, this thing was going berserk. After a couple seconds of watching the stupid thing ram into the slider and window numerous times with it's head, we crack open the front door(so to not let the kids or dogs out to get tore up by this mad cat) and yell at the guys to get their butts out there to help us. By this time I figure the stupid thing is dazed from slamming itself into the walls and windows so many times that it settled into the corner behind a few things. Hubs comes out and opens up the slider door. The cat doesn't move. So after a minute or two I am like "uh yah throw a shoe or something at it. I am not leaving this room till that cat is gone and the doors are shut!" So Hubs throws a shoe at it, and it races out the door. Holy cow, that thing was bouncing off the walls like a rubber ball. It must have came in through the garage while we were out getting the food. That'll teach me to leave any doors or windows open!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

I Told Ya!!!

Check it out peeps, go say congrats to the new Baby Candy Corn!!!