Sunday, November 19, 2006

Home Sweet Home

1 more day! That's all, and then we will be flying home to Michigan. I am soooo excited. We have a whole list of things we plan on doing while at home, but I just know half of it wont get done because of the running around and spending time with the family. I do know though, that on our way up to the U.P.(to see Hubs side of the family) we will be stopping to get some Pasties, smoked fish, salt water taffy and yummy Mackinac fudge. All the wonderful things I used to get when I was a kid going on summer vacations up to the U.P. It's the off season though, so allot of places will be closed, but just driving up there and seeing all the familiar sights and sharing them with my kids will be good enough for me. I would love to stop at the Mystery Spot, and have the kids experience that like I did, but it wont be open. Then there is Sea Shell City and The Cross in the Woods. And of course, seeing the Mighty Mac. Seeing the bridge brings back so many memories (like Hubs being a wiener, and asking the toll booth guy where the U.P. was just to be a jackass LOL). It's an awesome sight. The best thing by far though, will be seeing our families. It's a bit depressing living all the way out here in Cali. Especially in the middle of the desert. But, I guess that makes trips like these all the more special. I CAN'T WAIT!!! :)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Holy Crap

Do you know what I just realized?? My 2nd kid, aka Crazy Boy has never played in the snow before. He was born in sunny Hawaii, and then we moved from there to this rat hole called Southern California. Yah it gets cold here in the desert, but rarely does it snow. So now, we are headed to Michigan next week in the dead of winter. Not only the lower part of Michigan though, we will also be making a trip to the tippy tippy top of the U.P.. That is where 300 inches of snow is a light winter. We are gonna have so much fun. Yes, we will freeze our asses off, but at least we will have fun doing it. I will have to take lots and lots of pictures of the kids playing in the wet, cold stuff. Would it be mean of me to push Crazy head first into a 4 foot snow drift? Because everytime I think about doing such a thing, I crack up.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day Everyone! I can't express how much appreciation I have for all our Veterans! It makes me sad to think that before I got married, this day was just another day for me. We were just a couple teenagers doing our thing. Then hubs went to bootcamp, then we got married. The Marine Corps became our focus and our whole life. At that point Veterans Day became a day that we put out our flag, and watched old war movies (well Hubs anyways, I just can't get into The Halls of Montezuma LOL). Now that Hubs is out, and is a Veteran, it carries even more significance. He put 8 years of his life in the Corps. WE put 8 years of our lives into the Corps. And we think of all the men and women that served our country, that are still serving our country and those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. These are the people that put their lives on the line for us. These are the people that save the very freedom that most of us take for granted. So Thank You Hubs, and Thank you Veterans!

Okay, enough of that. Here is a picture of MY Veteran! MY Marine. Happy Birthday Marine Corps. You did more for me and my family then anyone will ever know!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I'm so Excited...And I just can't Hide it....

In a little less then 2 weeks, and we head home to Michigan! I am sooo excited! All I have been hearing is...

"Go on plane, high in sky, Papa GG???"

That is Crazy asking when we are going on a plane to Papa's and Grammy's. Stupid me told him a couple days ago that in 2 weeks we'd be going to Grammy and Papa's house and we'd be flying on a plane. Now I wish I had never opened my big mouth. We tried to explain to him that we have to wait a couple weeks. So now at the end of his question he adds..

"Two weeps??"

And now I am listening to him say "Papa GG, Papa GG, Papa GG" as he twirls in circles around the livingroom. Then I occasionally hear an "Ouch, that hurt" as he gets dizzy and runs into the furniture head first.

Ahh, that's my boy!