Monday, December 17, 2007

Icky, Sicky Weekend

The flu has hit us hard!

First on Friday, we went to the mall so the kids could see Santa. Then, we went out to eat to celebrate Girly's excellent report card. We let her chose the restaurant and everything. She went with good ol Outback. lol Things were going well, the food was good, and everyone was happy.

And....after we got back from dinner, our friends were at the house and I was greeted with this...

That's right, this is the cherry limeade I had been after for the last couple months!
But, although the cherry limeade was excellent, it was not quite up to par.....

Does anyone else see what is missing in this photo???
That's right, after closing early on me, and depriving me of my cherry limeade, those bastards skimped on the cherries. I usually drink like a madman just to get down to the cherries. Ahhh well, it was good though!!! lol

But no sooner did dinner end, and we get home and get the kiddies to bed, the puking started. Girly got the brunt of it. She was sick all through the weekend. Today, it is Baby Boy's turn. White as a sheet, and I have done more wash then I care to admit! lol It seems to be coming out of every nuk and cranny that boy has! lol So as I am dealing with that today, i just know that within the next couple days, it will be Crazy's turn, then Hubs and mine. I just hope it comes and goes before Christmas!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fluffy, White Stuff

You know what sucks? When you can see the snow capped mountains from your front yard, but yet you have no snow on the ground. Yes it's cold, below freezing in the morning, but not being able to reach out and touch the cold, white stuff is depressing. Brings back allot of memories. Growing up in Michigan, you never, ever have a lack of the white stuff. Snow ball fights, snow forts, ice ball fights (yeah those were fun, ice balls to the face hurt like hell lol)and catching snow flakes on your tongue. Yes, I think this is the most depressed I have been in a while. Maybe we should take a trip up to the mountains to get our fill of old man winter!

Oh and I tried to take a pic of those beautiful mountains, but the damn smog rolled in and I couldn't get a decent shot! lol

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bitch and Moan


That's about it. Just fed up. In a pissy mood and people keep fueling the fire. People suck!

A little Christmas cheer

As my friend and I were driving back from Bakersfield last night, we stopped by a Starbucks to get some caffeine. Before we had a chance to pay for our drinks, the lady asked us if she could ask us a question. She asked if we could name all of Santa's reindeer. Of course, I was put on the spot simply because I have the kiddos and my friend knew I would know. So because I am a dweeb, I immediately started singing the Burl Ives version of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer in my head. I recited all the reindeer, including Rudolph and won us a free drink!!! lol That's the first (and probably last) time I have ever received anything free from Starbucks. But it was nice to see some Christmas cheer so late at night and especially from a Starbucks employee.

And you know what put a big ol damper on that Christmas cheer? It was the fact that we drove 2 hours to a place that happens to have a Sonic and the damn place was closed when we got there. Can you believe that?? I was drooling for a cherry limeade by the time we got done with our engagement,and when we got there the place was closed up tighter then a virgin. Ahh well, we'll make another trip soon and this time I wont leave without my cherry limeade!!!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Past and Present

He was wearing the damn bucket then... at Halloween

And he is still wearing it Christmas time

Why does he insist on wearing that stupid Weinersnitzel bucket everywhere? To the store, to the post office (which by the way was a VERY entertaining experience), and in the car. He refuses to take it off his head. Ahh well, at least it can be used as his helmet in case he falls or rams into a wall or something right?

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Why is it so difficult?

Can anyone tell me why every year I have this big pain in my ass called the Christmas card family portrait?

Why is it so hard to get a family pic taken in front of the damn tree?

Why is it that every time I try to get it done the kids are screaming or running around like mad people?

Why is it after several attempts the pics are to dark or blurry?

Ugggh, I love to send out cards with at least a semi current pic in it, but this year if I don't hurry and get a decent pic it will just be a plain old card.

But I did get a couple of the kids in front of the tree. Of course I had to bribe the boys with candy cane Hershey kisses in order to sit still for two seconds and give me a decent smile! lol

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Better then Sex!

Okay ladies, you all know that shopping is better then sex right? Hahahaha well, at least a close 2nd ahhh? lol

Yesterday a friend and I spent 9 hours shopping! It was FABULOUS! No kids. No husbands. No whining, crying, kicking, screaming or "Mama, I want THAAAAT's!" It's been years since I have been able to get out and shop without being accompanied by little people. Although, I did receive numerous phone calls throughout the day wondering where I was, when I would be home, and if I was going to be getting dinner for everyone. lol Uhhh no, I am getting dinner for me, me and only me! lol

We hit numerous stores and the mall too and did I come home with anything for me?? Yep. A chapstick. That's right. A gosh damn chapstick and a little cute ladybug notepad. Geesh. lol All the money was spent on the chillens that I moan and whine about on a daily basis. But Gosh I love those little terds. So even when they aren't with me, they still get my full attention!

But either way it was lots of fun and a whole day to myself.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Feeling Old

You know what makes me feel old?

When Girly's Gpa gives her a cassette tape player and this is the conversation that came about.

Girly: "OHHHHH, what's this"

Me: "'s a cassette player"

Girly: "Huh?" *insert confused look here*

Me: "Yah, a cassette player, you know to play cassette music tapes?"

Girly: "Uhhhh...ok" *insert very confused look here*

Me: "Never mind!!"

At that point I had to explain to Gpa that she has never used cassette tapes, only CDs. Then I had to explain to Girly what cassette tapes were using the example of an old Christmas cassette we used to listen to when she was little.

Gpa: "Oh, well, it has a radio on it too!"

Girly: "Oh ok!" (still looking very confused)

Sunday, November 25, 2007


We had a good Thanksgiving and stuffed ourselves silly. We could live off our leftovers for months!

As per tradition, we set up our Christmas decorations and tree the night after T-day.

And this is what happens....

When a certain little somebody.....

Gets ahold of your nativity!

Do you see how poor, little, baby Jesus and his Daddy are on the roof? lol

And Mary is off in the distance looking for them? lol

Yahhhh...that's what I have been seeing the last couple nights. Everytime I re-set up the nativity, I come back to find poor Jesus on the roof, and usually he's with the donkeys and sheep! lol

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thank You

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts! Things are better, and the trip has been postponed to a later date.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

*Gobble Gobble*

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Holy Crap, do you know how long it's been since Hubs and I have gone out on a "date"? To stinkin long. But Friday we finally got to do just that. I needed to go to Old Navy and get some new pants now that I am down by 22 lbs.(GO Me, GO Me! lol) and so we headed over there first. Then afterwards we just went out to eat at the Outback. The food and drink was yummy and getting new pants was great, but the best thing was not hearing "Momma, momma, momma" half a zillion times in the 3 hours we were gone. We definitely need to do that more often.

Oh and I have to add, I had a brief blogger moment while on our date. As we were driving down the road, I looked at the truck ahead of us and it had the license plate letters TKW on it. I laughed and said to Hubs,

"Ha, that's funny, you know that lady on blogger, you know The Kept Woman?"

"Yah" he says to me like he could give 2 shits less about another blogger friend.

"Well she signs all her stuff as TKW and that guy's license plate says TKW"

"Oh, well is it a Wisconsin plate?"

"Hmmm, I don't know, I can't see it that well!"

But I think the thing that shocked me the most was the fact that he knew she lived in Wisconsin!!! lol He must read more then I think, or I talk WAYYYY to much about my blogger buds! hehehehehe

Saturday was our work day. Lots of mowing, weed wacking and cleaning up yard stuff. My arms and ass hurt in places I never knew existed! lol

Today was a lazy day. Hubs worked on homework, and then the kids and us took a walk down the two tracks out behind our property. We threw rocks and looked at all the horses and other animals along the way. It was a nice walk and the kids finally got to get up close and personal with the horses we see everyday when we take Sissy to school.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Feeling BLAH

Gosh, the last couple days have been really ICK! I don't mean the weather or anything like that, I mean me. In the fashion of TMI, I am pretty sure I am ovulating. That's right. I start to cramp, get nauseous and all that good crap. It's weird to me though, before Baby Boy, I never had a clue when all that happy body crap was happening. But now, it's like clockwork every month. It lasts a couple days, then I feel fine again. Then of course, Aunt Flo comes to see me. But this time seems to be accompanied by some icky flu like symptoms too, so that's not good. It may be a combo, or I could just be over-analyzing it. Plus with Sissy having Baby Milky Way, I am getting the fever again. That's right, the baby fever is creeping. But NO, I will not give in! lol Not yet, not till Baby Boy is completely potty trained. I refuse to have 2 in diapers again. To much work, to much money! lol So wish me luck everyone, that my ovaries give me a break soon! hehehehehehe

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happy Birthday and Happy Veterans Day

To all our Marines, Happy Birthday and Semper Fi!

To all our Veterans, Thank You!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Tag, I'm It

Before I get to my tag, I just have to say that our garage has been invaded with flies. That's right, those disease carrying, germ infested, nasty pieces of shit are all over. The walls are covered, the tables are covered, the tools are covered, they are EVERYWHERE! We bought fly traps and stuff, but they aren't doing a damn thing. I looked up home remedies to get rid of them and they all say basil, lavender, and some other herb are natural deterrents for flies. So it looks as if now I am off to buy some plants. Those will probably die before the damn flies because I suck at keeping green things living! So to add my ever growing list of invaders of my home, I am adding the fly. I will take a pic here soon and show you all just how nasty this is. Ick..... Oh and don't anybody tell me there must be something dead or rotting or some shit like that. This may be Hub's garage, but don't think I didn't go out there and check every nuk and cranny, throw out every piece of garbage, check for miscellaneous food items possibly left behind by kids, move the garbage cans to the other side of the yard, and check for poo maybe left behind by some unknown creature. I checked and double checked, but the only thing I can think of is that since we live out in the good ol country now, and we are surrounded by horses and pigs and cows and donkeys, that it's just part of the territory! But if you have any suggestions on terminating these bastards, please feel free to tell me! lol

Choppzs list of home invaders:
1. Bobcats
2. Scorpions
3. Wild cats
4. *NEW* flies

My Tag:
Four Play

Stacie tagged me so I am going to play along...Ok the second one got deleted while I was copying and pasting so I think I got it right, if not...oh well!

4 Jobs I’ve had

2.Secretary at my high school
3.Hostess at a shitty restaurant
4.Telemarketer for AT&T

4 movies I can watch over and over

2.Wedding Singer
3.A Knight's Tale

4 Places I have lived

3.North Carolina

4 TV shows I love to watch

1. Days of our Lives
3. Big Brother
4. Weeds

4 Places I’ve been to on vacation

1. Michigan
2. Maui
3. The big Island of Hawaii
4. Yosemite

4 Websites I visit daily-

1. Hotmail
2. My sissy's blog
3. My bank account site
4. Yahoo

4 Favorite Dishes

1. Pizza
2. Prime Rib from Outback
3. Anything from Roadhouse
4. My chunky guacamole dip

4 Places I’d rather be right now

1. At home in Michigan seeing my new baby niece
2. On a vacation with my family away from here
3. In Hawaii
4. Anywhere but this fricken desert! lol

Friday, November 02, 2007

It's Fricken Wild America Here.....

Holy Cow peoples, I swear this house has some sort of animal magnetism or some crazy shit like that! First it was the bobcat and scorpion, now I have wild, crazy cats coming into the house. My friend and I went to go pick up some pizza for dinner last night. We pulled into the driveway and walked through the garage and into the breezeway that leads into the house. All of sudden we see something black and furry run and jump smack into the slider door. Then it whips around and smacks into the window. Holy shit, this thing was going berserk. After a couple seconds of watching the stupid thing ram into the slider and window numerous times with it's head, we crack open the front door(so to not let the kids or dogs out to get tore up by this mad cat) and yell at the guys to get their butts out there to help us. By this time I figure the stupid thing is dazed from slamming itself into the walls and windows so many times that it settled into the corner behind a few things. Hubs comes out and opens up the slider door. The cat doesn't move. So after a minute or two I am like "uh yah throw a shoe or something at it. I am not leaving this room till that cat is gone and the doors are shut!" So Hubs throws a shoe at it, and it races out the door. Holy cow, that thing was bouncing off the walls like a rubber ball. It must have came in through the garage while we were out getting the food. That'll teach me to leave any doors or windows open!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

I Told Ya!!!

Check it out peeps, go say congrats to the new Baby Candy Corn!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Odd Visitor

Most likely due to the wildfires that have burning here in Southern Cali we have a visitor in the trees on the side of the property. His name is Bob and he is a cat. That's right, we have a bobcat in a tree on the side of the house. Our neighbor came over and told us this evening that his dog warned him of something over there. He got out his gun and spotted the guy sitting up in the branches. Animal control and the sheriff's dept. told him later to just let the guy be and he'll probably get down and leave on his own and most likely he is here because he got smoked out by the fires. As long as he isn't hurting anyone we have no reason to shoot him. But holy crap if I let the kids and dogs out unattended till I know he's gone. I can't get any decent pics just because I am not brave enough to get close enough to snap a good shot. So now just since this weekend we have encountered our first scorpion and now our first bobcat. Yahhhhhhh (that's dripping with sarcasm in case you couldn't tell! lol), I wonder what other creatures we may stumble upon out here at our new home???

Adventures of the Chrysler Town and Country

This weekend was hard work. Saturday was one of those days where we got a hair up our asses and just worked, worked, worked. As I may have stated in previous posts, I got that particular hair up my butt a couple weeks ago when I chopped the hell out of some bushes that were out front of the house. I hated those bushes. They completely blocked the view of the front of the house. So I went to town. I took my hedge clippers (which by the way aren't meant for the kind of trimming I did) and took those 3 bushes down to their roots. I took the trimmings and piled them all next to a tree until I could haul them all off to the back acre.
You can see in this pic, on each side of the kids there is a pile of roots. Those are the bushes that I chopped down.

Well this weekend I decided I was gonna haul this humungous pile of crap. I got out the wheelbarrow and took 2 loads out back to the second acre. Then I got sidetracked and took a little detrour with Crazy Boy out to the 3rd acre and looked at the neighbors donkeys, horses, cows and piggies. Then I got sidetracked again, and ended up picking up a wheelbarrow full of trash. Man these people were pigs. All kinds of scrap metal, old sheets and clothes, bottles, cans, cigarette butts, nails, anything you can think of these assholes left on the land. So after a half hour of walking in circles around the last 2 acres, I came back, unloaded my trash into the bin and went to go get some more debris to take back and unload.

Well while I was gone, Hubs and Girly got the idea to take a rope, tie it to the tree that the debris was piled against, run it under the pile of debris and make a bundle. That way we could just drag the whole thing back there and not have to make multiple trips. WONDERFUL! Less work and all that. ended up being quite the adventure!! lol

See we don't have a truck with a hitch. We don't have a hitch period. And that pile of brush was HEAVY! So as I am contemplating how the hell we are going to drag this thing Hubs comes up with his great idea. He is going to sit in the back of the van, hold onto the rope, and I will drive very slowly back to the 2nd acre while he drags this brush behind the van. Ok, that's cool, but that bitch is heavy. So picture this.

You got an almost 2 yr. old Baby Boy up in the passenger seat. Crazy Boy is inbetween the back seats on the floor, Girly is in the back back with Hubs, and Hubs is in the back back sitting on his butt, knees bent, a board across his knees that has the debris rope tied around it.

"Now go slow" he says "and take that turn really wide so that this doesn't get caught up on the well and stuff."

Okey dokey, no problem. I put the truck into gear, and start ever so slowly to move the van. After about 10 seconds I hear this humungous groan and "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Shit. I hit the breaks.

"What the hell is wrong?? Are you Ok?"

"Yah, yah, I'm fine. This shit is heavy, it almost pulled me out of the van!" All the while we are both laughing our asses off.

So now he gets a better grip on the rope tied 2x4. See at this point we are only a few feet from where we originally started. lol

"Ok, now go, but real slow!"

Put the van in gear once again. This time, I got a few more feet before I hear the groan and AHHHH shit thing again. Hit the breaks.

"You ok? Cause we can just stop now!" We'll find a different way to do this!"

"No, no, I'm good. Just go real slow! I gotta get a good grip on this thing. Be careful though, it might drag me out!"

Gee that's reassuring! lol

So I put the van in gear all the while hearing "slow, slow, ok, wait back up. Ok, now forward. Left..... no right.....Wait, wait wait."

Holy shit.

"your directions suck!!!"

So after a little bickering back and forth, we move once again.

By this time we finally move a ways and get to the second acre and are going through the chain link fence gate.


Crash, cursing, bang, bang.

Then laughing.

"Holy shit, that thing got caught up on the gate and almost dragged me right out!!"

By this time I am ready to put the damn van in park, and just call it quits. I am about to keel over!

In the meantime you have Girly back there about having a heartattack and laughing at the same time, Crazy sitting there half watching but mostly content at the fact that he doesn't have to be in his car seat and is in a moving vehicle, and Baby Boy sitting in the front seat, playing with my Sonic tator man.

So after getting readjusted and in his position, I am instructed to put the van back in gear and drive "ever so slowly" AGAIN!

This time we finally make it over to the pile of brush built up in the second acre and Hubs is able to let go of the damn rope. We push it over to the pile of shit, and leave it. We didn't even take the stupid rope off of it. Screw it! That rope was toast anyways. To much damn work! lol

Hub's arms and hands are red and shakey and his legs are about the same.

"That was hard damnitt! But it was really fun!!" he says! LOL

Now this is where it gets even more funny. If you all have ever lived on a farm, or not even a farm but whatever, I bet you remember sitting in the back of a truck or sitting on the tailgate and swinging your feet while someone is driving. Well as kids, me and my siblings used to do that all the time. Driving around the farm, just chillen out. It was great to be able to sit in the back of the truck. No seatbelts, nothing. Anyways, my kid's first experience with that was sitting in the back of our van. lol Hubs, Girly and Crazy sat in the back of the van and dangled their feet as I drove us back up to the first acre. LOL, I so wish I had grabbed the camera. We need a truck. My poor Chrysler van cannot take all this farm work! She's just not made to haul trees and brush, or drive around acres of sandy land!

So after that, I took the baby in for a nap, come out a half hour later to Hubs chopping down these 3 trees out in the front of the house. Not with a chainsaw, but with his axe!!! He was lumberjacking those trees!! lol
See those 3 trees right by the garage. Those are what got axed! lol

It was quite the productive day. Garage got cleaned out, brush got moved, trash got picked up, trees got chopped and kids got to partake in the not so traditional tailgate ride.

Then that night we had a bonfire to relax. Had a few friends over and let the kids roast marshmellows. And these are not your normal sized marshmellows. These are gigantic marshmellows. Hubs found them!

Here is Crazy after eating 1 and a 1/2 of them! lol

Here is Girly with her huge roasted marshmellow

And here is Baby Boy enjoying the bonfire!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Where to start

Well it feels like I've been doing absolutely nothing around here, but allot has seemed to acquire since i last posted. Hmmmm, where to start.

First I will say that slumber parties suck. Not for the kids mind you, but for the adults. It really makes you feel old when you are the cranky, witchy mom yelling at the girls to shut the hell up at 1 am. When did I become that bitchy mom?? I thought I was cool. lol. I guess I finally understand why my mom was such a bitch when I had friends over. Girly had her belated birthday slumber party. With the move being right around her birthday she wasn't able to have it then so we postponed it till this last weekend. It was her and 3 other girls. All was fine until around 11pm they decided they wanted to do something they call slumber bashing or something to that effect. My friend and I (yes, I called on support since Hubs decided to leave for the weekend) met in the hallway after hearing multiple bangs, booms and screeching. I knock on the door, open it up and ask what the heck is going on. The boys were already sleeping and if they woke them up they would not hear the end of it from me. The girls were all standing there with their sleeping bags over their heads and it was so calmly explained to me that it's a game they play. They put the sleeping bags over their heads and run into each other. Huh?? Yah, that's what I said. Who the hell does that?? 10 yr. old girls I guess. Geesh, we used to play light as a feather, stiff as a board and that kind of stuff, not beat the shit out of each other with your bags over your head kind of crap. Holy Cow.

The wildfires here are not in our area. I must say though, they are everywhere. At least a dozen or so fires burning all at one time. The news is broadcasting live 24/7 for the last 3 days. It's a big deal, I know, but come on, I don't need to see fire 24/7 to know that it's bad. Geesh, I've missed 3 days of my Days of our Lives. lol. I feel bad for the people that have lost everything, but at least it's things and not lives. Things that can be replaced. It all started to make me think of what I would take if I needed to evacuate (should I have time to gather a few things). What possessions do I feel cannot be replaced. Of course after my children and puppies are safely out of harms way, I would have to grab the hope chest my dad built me with all the kid's baby stuff, and memorabilia in it. Then I think the other main thing would be my rings. Not all of them mind you but at least I would slip on my 10 yr. anniversary band and my mother's ring that the kids got me. Those 2 are most important to me (I'd probably be wearing them already so that wouldn't be an issue). And of course our fire safe with all the important documents in it. Oh and Ugly Mugsy. Mugsy is an antique dog cookie jar that was my Grandparent's before they died. All hell broke loose when I got that cookie jar, so he'd be going with me also. All the other things could be replaced. I am sure though that Hub's list of items would be completely different from mine (tools, computer stuff, porn lol just kidding). I am curious to find out what exactly he would take if need be. Hmmm, I'll have to ask. lol

Girly went to her first Halloween party last night. She went as a supermodel. She was suppose to be a "dead supermodel" but we didn't have time to make her "dead" before she had to go. So she just got all dolled up with her makeup and wig and went as a "live" supermodel. lol. Don't ask me where she comes up with these things, but she wants to be a dead supermodel this year. lol.

Crazy is going to be Spiderman this year. This boy is obsessed with Spiderman. He's also has a knack for talking back and whining. This boy spends more time in the corner and in his room then anything else I swear! lol I just get so sick of hearing it that I just send him to his room until I don't feel like yanking my skull apart. Usually a good 10 mins or so. By then I let him out and the whole process starts over again! lol

Baby Boy isn't so Baby anymore. The terd is up on his feet and getting to be a bully. lol. He will hit, pinch and has even attempted to bite. He turns the TV off on his brother and will turn the volume up to full throttle. Then he laughs about it. He gave his brother a black eye a couple weeks back when he threw a bath toy at him in the tub and it hit him square in the eye. Then when Crazy is getting dressed, he will chase him around as soon as he is naked and laugh because Crazy seems to think he's going to pinch his butt or something so he screams and runs away. He runs over the dogs with anything he can find that moves. He's a brat!! lol But he is now sat in the corner and sent to his room also. That has seemed to help. He doesn't like that corner at all. Plus, when he pinches me, I pinch him back. He doesn't like that at all, and it solves that problem. At least for a few days! lol Yah, yah, yah, I know some people wouldn't agree with that, just like the whole spanking deal, but whatever, it works for me and he gets the idea that pinching hurts and he also learns that there are consequences.

OK, yah, this has now become a book, so I will be done with it. Still doing all sorts of work around the house, and yes pics will be soon. I suck, I know. What can I say?? lol

Ta ta ladies and gents!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Random Things/People I Hate....

Being this is the 2nd day of nothing but wind and crap outside, I have decided to dedicate this post to things I hate. I don't discriminate so therefore, I will be including some people.... lol

1. The wind. Now usually I don't mind the wind. In Michigan, I didn't mind the wind. But here in To Hot Shit Hole Cali, I HATE the wind. Sand everywhere. In my hair, mouth, clothes and yes, in my house. Hate it. Damn wind, go away!

2. Stray dogs. Now I am a dog lover. Those of you who know me know I am a big animal lover. But when you stray dogs wander onto my property, provoke my two dogs, and shit everywhere then I start to hate you.

3. Stray dog owners. You people that insist on not taking care of your animals and let them aimlessly wander onto other people's property!!!! You suck for not taking care of your animals.

4. Litterers. How fricken hard is it to take your trash, and stick it in your pocket, car or up your ass for all I care until you can get to a trash receptacle??? Geesh, it's not that hard!!

5. Random bits of metal, glass, plastic and other crap stuck in the ground that I step on and have to pick up. This goes along with those damn litterers!!

6. Cigarette Butts! This also goes along with you litterers! (I smoke, but I don't litter with my butts!!!)

7. That newscaster guy on the 6 a.m. news. He is soooo annoying I just want to shoot myself in the head when I listen to him.

8. The newscaster lady that sits beside the newscaster guy and laughs at him like he is hysterically funny every time he makes a stupid ass joke!! Pooowwwww, there's another bullet to the head!

9. Poopy diapers that leak through the diaper and into the clothes that the child is wearing and the child continues to walk, run and plop down on his butt until all the poopy has leaked out of the diaper and onto his skin and clothes. Why can't he somehow tell you he has pooed allot??? I don't know, but the smell kind of gives it away. How the heck does he sit in it for so long and not get grossed out??? Geesh, kids amaze me!

10. Those little pricker things that get stuck to my shoes and dogs and then get drug into the house, stuck in my carpet and then I step on them barefooted. Hate them.

11. Loud, obnoxious toys that the boys insist on turning up to full volume while I am on the phone.

12. Time Warner Cable customer service people. Complete idiots.

13. Time Warner Cable man that gives me a time slot of 11 am through 5 pm that they will be arriving. Yah, I don't have a life or anything, but occasionally I do like to leave the house!

14. Avatar the cartoon on Nickelodeon. I'm really starting to hate this show only because Hubs has taken an extreme liking to it, and there are about 10 episodes recorded on the dvr and we HAVE to watch them every night! lol (love ya babe! lol)

Ok, I am sure I could post a million other things, but I probably should go and check on the boys. They are being much to quiet and that usually means something bad is going on!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Busy Bee

Seems like it has been very hectic around here! First off, this weekend we did the yearly pumpkin patch picken thing. It was fun, and the kids had allot of fun picking their pumpkins.

Then we have the beautiful built in curio in the house that I decided to paint. The last pic is what the thing looked like before I got my hands on it. The ugly rusted doorknocker handles have been replaced with lovely simple, silver ones. That alone took me 2 days. With the kids and dogs running around through my paint, and having to stop, go, stop, go with the kiddos, that's why it took me so long.

I was gonna go and take pics of the outside of the house, but today is another wind advisory, and unless I want my teeth enamel wiped clean from all the flying sand, I think I'll wait till another day.

So until then..... tata ladies and gents!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Do you know that it just took me and hour and a half to go and comment on everyone's blogs? Probably not, but now you do, and if this doesn't show how much I love you guys and want to make up for my long absence, well.....then screw ya! lol

Blog Neglect

OK, so I apologize for being a shitty blogger! But the last 2 weeks have been mad crazy around here. Everything is pretty much done on the inside of the house. Painting is done (except for a few things), doors are hung, and rooms are in order. Now the outside, that's a different story. We have done some minor cleanups aka picking up cigarette butts that the asshole before us left (now I am not discriminating against smokers, I am one, but I refuse to use the land as my ashtray. This jerk used the driveway as one big ashtray!), and we have done a little raking to cleanup some debris (weeds, piles of crap), but the major stuff is yet to be done. 3 acres is allot of land to take care of, and I refuse to let it look like shit. So the next few years will be allot of work. There's allot of trash scattered about, so weekends are going to be full of fun filled trash pickup duty.

But anyways.....I haven't gotten to taking pics of the outside yet, but I will, I swear! lol I didn't get any before pics of the house due to the fact that I am an idiot, and didn't charge my camera before I packed the charger! lol So when I went to actually do it, I found my camera to be dead and the box the charger was in was amongst piles and piles of shit. And I didn't bother to try to go through it, cause I am lazy like that. So anyways, without further Ado, I give you some lovely pics of the inside of our new home.

Girly's room with her purple wall!

Our master bedroom with dark blue walls. Hubs finally got his dark room! lol

These were the old doors in the house. As you can see they aren't very attractive.

These are our new doors. Aren't they so much better looking???

This is the color paint we used throughout the house. We call it Wendy's frosty color. The walls were all the same color as the old doors. That ugly brownish white color. So all the walls got a fresh coat of frosty color.

This is a view of the TV living room.

This is the sitting room that is next to the kitchen. I can't wait for Christmas time to decorate the 2 living rooms! lol

This is the little bar that is connected to the kitchen from the sitting room. The kids like to sit up here and eat!

This Hub's Marine Corps wall. In every house we have lived, he has had some sort of area where all his plaques, pics and Marine Corps knickknacks go. The cubes on each side made a perfect area to display all his stuff.

Lastly, this is the boy's room. Boy o Boy, this room gave us hell! I will go into more details later, but lets just say we got a color paint we thought would look good, but it ended up looking like a smurf on crack. The moment you walked in the room you were blinded by the blue. So we primered and re-painted and ended up with this. It looks great now, and despite all the work and problems, it turned out great. The ceiling is still the original blue, but softened with a border of white to look like clouds (Hub's doing!!)

So now that I have FINALLY shown you all my picture vomit, I will be sure to be on more often, and not wait so long to show more pics of the outside. I will be by to visit you all!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm Alive....Barely

OK Ladies and Gents. I am here, but not completely! Physically, but not mentally. The last couple weeks have been a whirl wind of paint, cleaning supplies, more paint and numerous, NUMEROUS trips to Home Depot. Let me tell ya, I loved it at first, but now that store needs to disappear!! Tonight, we are making yet another trip to exchange a few things that were broken. And you know what??? I haven't taken a single, damn picture. I know. Line me up and shoot me execution style. That's horrible isn't it?? But, I promise I will. WHEN I get my new doors in! lol I am replacing most of the interior doors and sometime soon, the front and side doors! The place is a mess. New carpet should be in mid-next week, and the old carpet was used as our drop cloth when we painted! lol I will update again soon. It may not be till the end of the month when our cable and Internet is hooked up over there, but I will get to it, I promise!! Tata for now!

Friday, September 07, 2007

It's Official

The house is OURS!

Escrow closed, recorded and got our good faith money back to us today!!

The keys were handed over, paint was bought, carpet was ordered and we are raring to go!

The house is pretty much cleaned, I didn't get a chance to get at the kitchen, except to sweep out all the cupboards with my Dyson, but I can get that tomorrow. Hubs has already painted both living rooms, and is working on the hallways as we speak. He had a friend helping him and they did a great job. Allot of touch ups will be needed, but that's because they used a paint sprayer and they couldn't get the small stuff. So tonight, after the kiddos go to bed, the babysitter is coming, and I am going over to get started on our room and bathroom. I got some more new hardware for the baths and am excited to get everything decorated the way we want. I am REALLY excited to get the new carpet in, but that will be about two weeks. At least we don't need to protect the carpet from over spray! lol

So that's it. That journey is over, and now a new one is beginning. The land hasn't even begun to be touched. That alone is going to take YEARS!!! We've never owned more then a lot, so 3 acres is going to be wonderful. And allot of work!

So I am signing off for now. Getting the kids fed, ready for bed, and then I need to get myself psyched to do some painting!!! lol

Don't hold it against me if I am non-existent in the next few days mmmkay???

Or maybe you could hold it against me????? Hmmmm.........

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

First Cleaning

Tonight was the first night I got to go to the new house to start my cleaning.

Let me inform you all that I have OCD when it comes to cleaning. I don't care if the prior owners cleaned, or whatnot, it is not good enough for me. I need to disinfect, scrub, wipe down and vacuum. Sometimes not just once, but twice! lol

Shit, I am pretty glad I am the way I am because when I attacked the shower in the master bedroom, holy crap you wouldn't believe the buildup of shit on there!

I spent a little over 2 hours there and just dented the bathroom. I soaked the tub with bleach water and washed the toilet down with bleach too, but I have yet to scrub the shit out of the tub with CLR. That stuff is great. That, and Kaboom. Stuff works wonders. Well that stuff mixed with massive amounts of scrubbing.

But it was great. No old owners watching my every move. I went through everything. Cupboards, closets, nuks and crannies. Checked everything out.

Windows will be my next big assignment. Well those and washing the walls and prepping them for paint. I already took all 100 or so nails out of the walls.

Tomorrow funds are suppose to be transferred and the house will officially close and the keys given to us!!!

Let the improvements BEGIN!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Strange Day

Wow, today has been one hell of a day.

Along with our cell phones being dead (see post below), I had a number of strange calls on the home phone.

After getting a good call this morning from escrow for us to come sign our loan documents, a very strange, creepy, and somewhat fun call came in.

Me: "Hello?"

Him: "Hey Baby" said in a very low, almost inaudible voice

Me: "Huh?"

Him: "Who dis?" he says once again in a very low voice

Me: "Who is THIS?"

Him: "This is Warren, who dis?"

Me: "Who?"

Him: "Warren"

Me: "Huh?"

Him: "Hey Baby, can I lick your wet ______?" insert the word that you most likely think he said at this point, and you are more then likely correct.

Me: "Huh?" At this time I was wondering just who the hell this was and kind of flabbergasted at this comment.

Him: "Hey Baby, come on, let me lick your ______!"

Me: "Um,OK, what?"

Him: "Who dis?"

Me: "This is Baby, that's what you just called me right?"

Him: "That's right Baby, can I ______ for you?"

Me: "Ummm, OK, whatever floats your boat."

Him: "Can I lick your _______?"

Me: "Well you could if I was female, see you got me all wrong, I am a transvestite and I have a penis. So well if you like that kind of thing....."

Him: "Huh?"

At this point, Hubs had just gotten home so I walked out to the garage and got ready to hand him the phone. Remember he had NO idea what the hell I was doing, or who I was talking to.

Me: "Here talk to my sugar daddy!"

Hubs looks at me like I am crazy as I hand him the phone.

Hubs: "Who dis?" he says in the best black man accent I have ever heard him do.
"You better lose dis number!" He says multiple times.

Him: "Uh Uh sorry I musta have the wrong number"

Click. The end. Hilarious. I had no idea who this man was, his number came up as unavailable. So I don't know if he meant to call his girlfriend or if it was just some wacko trying to get a rise out of someone. I don't know, but it was funny playing along. Then after Hubs got the phone, and played his role, it got even funnier!

Second phone call was just a bit ago.

Me: "Hello"

Her: "Ella"

Me: "Huh?"

Her: "Ella" or some name similar to that

Me: "Huh? I think you have the wrong number."

Insert numerous spanish words here. I don't know what the hell this lady was saying.

Me: "Um, mam, you have THE WRONG NUMBER"

Insert another long spew of spanish words here.


More spanish words

Me: "Mam, No habla Espanol! This is an English speaking home"

More spanish words


More spanish words and at the end she does the "I yi yi" like I am the stupid one here.

Me: "Fine mam, Yo quero Taco Bell" I was getting impatient and thought I'd throw that in there.

Insert yet another spew of spanish that I have no idea what she was saying.

Me: "Um OK Mam, well Adios!" and with that I hung up.

So after many many phone calls today, some good, some not so good, and some down right f*cked up, I am finally hanging up that stupid thing and calling it a day. Lets just say the F*cked up ones weren't from that guy or the spanish lady. They were from our lenders telling us other crap that still needed to be done that we didn't know about. I wont go into details, but now everything is cleared and we should be all done by Friday. Holy crap. Man. I need a beer or something! lol Oh and our cell phones just came back on a couple hours ago, and we got a credit of 26 bucks from Suckular for our cells being out of service for almost 4 days straight. Is it enough? No. But I don't feel like being on the phone anymore to bitch about stuff today! lol


OK, Suckular aka Cingular is REALLY starting to piss me off. It has now been over 3 days since we have had service for our cell phones. We called Saturday when we first realized we didn't have any service.

"Ahhh Sir, all of California is out, it should be up in 70 minutes"

It has now been 4020 minutes since we had service.

70........4020.........BIG difference.

Why couldn't they just say...

"Sir, it should be on in the next 5000 to 6000 minutes."

Instead they tell us....

"Well, you did sign the terms and conditions that went along with your Suckular (Cingular) contract. It says at any time there may be outages or no service."

Well did it say in that there contract that if I don't get my service turned back on and also reimbursed for these 3 days that I am gonna kick somebodies ass???

Gosh I hope I put that in there!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Look What HE Did......

This is what happens when you let your Hubs "trim" your son's hair!

My poor baby is now hairless.

Do you think he will be hacking at Baby Boy's hair anytime soon?

I don't think so!

Two of a kind!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Nothing like it!

I will admit, I am a soda freak. I love my Coke Zero, and now that I have found it, Sprite Zero. And this morning is like no other. I am sitting here at 9 am eating my bagel and drinking my coke. I get this from my dad. He is a Diet Pepsi FREAK! And I mean FREAK. He drinks at least 2 or 3 2 liters in a day. No kidding! But me, I prefer Coke and I will maybe drink 1 or 2 cans in a day. I wake up, and usually the first thing I head to is my Coke Zero. Maybe it's the caffeine? I don't know. But either way it's yummy, and I enjoy my soda first thing in the morning.

Crap, there was something else I wanted to say too, and now I've lost all train of thought. Ahhh'll come to me. I have a serious case of CRS!!! (and that too comes from my Dad! lol)

Friday, August 31, 2007

I know Bitch, bitch, moan moan. I would definitaly like some cheese with my wine Thank you!

I am an impatient motherf'r! Although, I do have to say that the people that we have working for us, and the company that is funding our mortgage are slow as shit! The documents are in. But do you think they can be signed?? Nope. You know why? Because Monday is a fricken holiday. So we have to wait till Tuesday. Then on Tuesday we sign it. Then it gets sent back to this stupid ass mortgage company. Then we have to wait till Wednesday for the funds to be transferred and the keys handed over. Holy shit, I am about to blow my fricken top. Hubs took all next week off so we could get over there and start going crazy on stuff. But now it looks as if most of the week may be shot. Holy Crap. I hate people.

So other then that I am feeling tired, cranky, and bitchy. Hmmmm......yeah, I think I'll go find some chocolate!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I apologize

I feel as if I am one of those poor chickens that get their heads chopped off, yet continue to run around and slam into trees and shit. Although not much has changed on the house front, it seems as if stuff is constantly running through my head. When should we do this?, how should we do that?, how much is this going to cost?, when should we pick up this and that? It seems as if it's a never ending project. Which I am sure it will be. So that is why I have not been on much lately. To much thinking is making my brain hurt. Then with that, I cannot focus! So I am reading, well occasionally, just not commenting!

We are waiting for the loan docs to be drawn up, and then we will get the keys. So we are figuring next week, after the holidays. I was hoping to have the keys this weekend, but people are just retarded!

Monday, August 27, 2007


Final walk through is finally scheduled for Thursday on the new house! We are getting so excited now.

Hubs let me buy a few things this weekend. I got to get all the new bathroom accessories we will be needing at the new house. The whole inside is pretty much getting an overhaul. We are going to need paint, blinds, locks, lights, and anything else we can think of to get the house in the shape we want it. Most of the old stuff is pretty outdated, and I wonder what the heck these people were thinking when they decorated. lol.

Will be busy, busy pretty soon! I can't wait to get in there and make it ours!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

1 With Nature

Um, yeah, no, not me. I mean I can really appreciate certain aspects of nature, but insects (excluding the lovely ladybug and butterfly) just creep me out. This afternoon, I came face to face, once again, with the damn black widows that just assume that what's mine is theirs. After mowing and weedwacking, I took the hose out back to wash off the patio and chairs. The kid's picnic table is back there, and covered in webs so I decided to turn it upside down to hose it off. Sneaky, little bastards. One showed its lovely face. It took me a good 5 minutes just to get up enough courage to smush it with my shoe. I demolished the bastard, then went back to hosing the rest of the table off. I wanted to make sure I got in all the cracks and crevices, just because I know they like to hide. Then not but a minute later, another little gross, black, creepy thing came crawling out. UGGGHHHHH. I about had a heart attack. Only because I was almost done and was about to grab ahold of the table and tip it back over. Again, 5 minutes later, he (or she...whatever) was dead. But clear as day, they both had the lovely red hourglass on their abdomens. Then, as I went to turn off the hose, a damn lizard shot across the wall and scared the beejeebees out of me. They are hear to kill me, I swear. Now I wont be able to sleep tonight. I'll tell you of my nightmares tomorrow. Plus, this weekend, Hubs and I were planning on cleaning out that stinking shed out back. That thing is crawling with spiders and bugs. I do believe I will let him drag everything out. Then (maybe) I will help. But the last time we took something out of that shed, we got the box unloaded, and then that mother f'r decided to show it's face while crawling out of whatever it was we took out. To close for me!

Pray for me!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Wow, I'm tired. But Hub's is working extra overtime tonight, so it's just me and the kiddos.

Got some good news on the house. We should definitely be closing by the end of next week. Go figure though, along with the good news came some bad news. The damn mortgage company we were working with went bankrupt, and they lost our inspection money. 400 bucks down the tubes, along with the company and all its credibility. We finally got ahold of someone who knows what the hell is going on, and they said the new company, that is taking over the bankrupt one, is going to pay the inspection fee. Heck yeah they should, holy crap, it isn't our fault the company went under and took all it's customers money with them. But I think the thing that pisses me off the most is that our realtor, and lending officer don't know squat. They don't call to inform us of anything that's going on. It got to the point where we just called the seller's agent. I mean, holy crap, should it take 4 months to get a house sold? I've never sold a house so I don't know all the kinds of happy horse shit that goes along with it, but good grief. And aside from waiting and waiting, we are left in the dark by the people that are hired to work for us. So the never ending saga of our house buying story is still pretty much at a stand still.

Waiting for Big Brother to come on. Love, love, love that show. I know, call me retarded, but I do. As soon as Hubs returns home, we will watch it. We also need to catch up on Weeds, and Californication. Both have become favorites of ours. Californication is a bit raunchy for my tastes, but it is still pretty funny.

Neighbor is coming around a bit. Waving and saying hello now. But that's the extent. Geesh, it almost feels like high school again.

Did a little more packing and organizing today. I will be sooo pissed if something happens and this house crap doesn't go through. Ughh, I hate looking at all these boxes!

Oh crap, and did I mention that Baby Boy took his first steps the other day? Yep, he took 3 or 4 unassisted steps. I about fell out of my chair.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Big Hit

The Kahlua Pork went off without a hitch. Only a little bit leftover for Hubs to take to work today. It is the easiest damn thing to make. If anyone has been to Hawaii and been to a luau, you would know that the pork that they smoke is soooo yummy. I can't remember how many luaus we went to when we lived in Hawaii, but the pork was definitely always the highlight (and the dancing men! lol). So when I was craving it one day, I searched for the recipe and found it on All Recipes, a recipe site I use VERY frequently. This is Choppzs's recipe in a nutshell. If you need the technical recipe without the little add libs added by myself, then you should go look it up! lol

Get yourself a 3 to 6 pound pig ass at the grocery store. I mean Pork Butt. lol (It may be quite embarrassing if you go up to the meat dept. man and say that, not that I would know from experience! lol) You can also substitute pork shoulder for pork butt.

Get yourself some sea salt (It calls for Hawaiian sea salt, but that stuff is hell to find so I just go with the good cheap stuff from the store. Although I am sure the Hawaiian sea salt may make a difference) and some liquid smoke. 1 bottle of smoke is sufficient, and just enough salt to smother the pork with.

Take your pork home. Jab a fork all over in the pork like you imagine yourself doing to your eyes when the kids get on your nerves really bad.

Take a good handful of sea salt and smother the pork with it. Rub it in well. Imagine you are giving your significant other a good massage.

Shake some liquid smoke all over your pork. Rub it in well too! Double massage.

Put your pork in your slow cooker and turn it on low, and let it cook for a good 10 to 12 hours. I believe the pork feels like I would feel if I could be sitting on a beach, basking in the sun without any kids!

I usually put it in before I go to bed at night. Let it cook on low all night. Then in the morning, I turn it up to medium for another 4 or 5 hours. Usually after that it is just falling off the bone and ready to shred up. I shred it, turn it back on low, and just let it do it's thing before it's time to chow! Some recommend draining all the liquid, but heck no, it keeps it nice and moist.

And at first I thought I should add some sort of liquid(aka water)to the pork while it cooks, but DON'T! The fat and drippings make a lovely amount of liquid to cook the pork in. All that fat and stuff just melts right off.

So that's it. Choppzs's Kahlua pork. It's very easy, and all you do is get out your rice cooker and make some sticky rice to go with it. And there's your meal. No pans, no oven. Very easy cleanup. And you let the slow cooker do all the work. I highly recommend trying this.

OK, so yes, Crazy got a mouthful of yummy liquid soap yesterday. He decided now, that it's OK to bite. Never in his little life has he even attempted to bite, until now. He bit Baby Boy's hand. And I didn't even know it till Baby Boy screamed, and Crazy came out of hiding and said "No Mama I bit him" after I attempted to interrogate Girly about what had happened. Luckily no marks were there, so it couldn't have been too bad, but regardless of how hard he did it, or what, biting will not be tolerated. So I took him to the bathroom, had him pull up his stool to the sink, had him open wide, and took a squirt full of soap on my hand and smothered it on his tongue. Ohhhh, he didn't like that. I had him sit for about a minute or 2 with the soap in his mouth. After a couple gaggings and multiple bubbles escaping from his mouth, I had him spit, and rinse out his mouth. Then, he was sent to his room for about 20 minutes. After that, we did the usual talk. I explained that biting is bad, and if he ever does it again he will get more soap. He kissed brother and said sorry.

Holy crap, I know kids will be kids. But I totally put the blame of this on that little girl across the street. Her and her bratty, biting mouth turned my kid into a biter. Damn it all! lol

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ok, I just have to say...

Yes, I have cooked marshmellows over my gas stove, and yes, they are yummy!! lol Gas stove smores are the best! lol Well, not better then campfire smores, but better then no smores!

Making Kahlua pork tonight for dinner tonight. Whole Hawaiian theme going on. Been cooking it since last night, so should be good and done by this evening. I figure with the islands being under attack by hurricanes and earthquakes, I would pay homage to them. But of course, I can't dig a hole and roast a pig in it, but I can do the easy route and buy liquid smoke. I'll eat the damn pig, but hell if it doesn't look gross as shit coming out of that pit. The whole pig head and stuff being in tact really grosses me out! Should be yummy!

Holy crap. At the moment, I must go and tend to the kids. Lets just say Crazy just got a mouthfull of liquid soap. I will fill you in later!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Weekend & Monday in Review...via bullets

How the hell do you get stupid bullets?? Man, either I am really retarded, or you people that do bullets are really fricken smart. Either way, I am going to use stars...because I am creative like that.

* Saturday the kids and Hubs went camping in the backyard. A good time was had by all. Except for Hubs. Hard ground & achy back = Cranky Hubs in morning.

* I on the other hand, stayed inside with Baby Boy (who was asleep) and got to peacefully watch TV. Well imbetween pee breaks, movie swapping, popcorn making and "MOOOOM, can I get some JUUUIICCEEE?".

* We contemplated roasting marshmallows over the grill, but decided against it. Camping just isn't camping when you can't roast marshmallows.

Please excuse Crazy's expression. Ummm, he's not always all there! lol

* Sunday I got me a nice pedicure and manicure. Got another pretty design on the tootsies. Very nice 2 hours spent away with no kiddos.

* We found out on Friday that nothing new has changed with the house. We are due to close on the 31st. The seller is still bucking some of the loan conditions, and doesn't want to do them. So being we only have about 2 wks. till our 2nd expected close date, I have a feeling they will be asking for another extension. We already told our agent that we will not be excepting another extension. We gave them the original 60 days when we signed the first paper, then we gave them the additional 30 days they asked for when their 60 days was up. I think 3 months is certainly enough time to get the repairs and stuff done that needed to be done. I guess we shall see.

* I had a Partylite book party. I much prefer book parties over home parties. I suck at hostessing, and hate trying to persuade people to come to parties. I would rather see someone, ask if they want a catalog, and hand them out. I did pretty good though, got almost 400 in sales. That will get me my few months worth of goodies that I need to keep my house smelling pretty! lol

So that's about it for my exciting weekend. I leave you with yet another picture of my oh so cute children that may look sweet and innocent, but then again, you haven't felt the horns that are slowly poking out of their heads.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

He can't walk, but he sure can climb!

Yesterday, Baby Boy decided he wanted to start climbing on the furniture. The little terd wont walk, but he's now slowly evolving into a monkey. I figure, like everyone said, that as soon as he gets his x-rays, he'll start to walk. But you know what? The x-rays are going to have to be put off for the next couple weeks. I found out that it will cost us 250 bucks to get them done. That's our deductible. And right now, with all our money being sunk into house stuff, it just isn't possible right this moment. Plus, Hub's college courses start soon, and he needs the book for his first class. 130 bucks! For a damn book. Rediculous. He contemplated dropping the course so that that money could get Baby's x-rays, but I told him no. Baby Boy isn't in any pain or anything, and I just don't think the x-rays are urgent at the time being. From what the doc said, it's just to rule out anything.

On the neighbor front, I am still getting the cold shoulder. Yep, no "Hi's", waves, or anything, even with my attempts to make small talk. The kids have played together since, outside of course where I am watching, but she has failed to make an appearance. Her kids just make there way accross the street, and they all end up playing. It drives me nuts that the little girl (aka the girl who bit Crazy) walks back and forth across our street without any supervision. She turns 3 in Sept. I try my best to keep an eye on her, only because it drives me nuts that a little girl is out running about on her own, but I get sick of the fact that I end up being the babysitter becuase her mom is still pissed at me. Oh well, screw her. I'm moving anyways... lol

Here is Baby Boy being his new monkey self.....

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Just sitting here with my Coke Zero and contemplating what the hell to do.....

The kids have swimming lessons tonight, so I do have to make sure Crazy takes a nap before hand so he's not a whiny, little terd. Yeah, I see that happening!

I lost another pound. Yippee!! (do you hear the sarcasm in my voice??) Yeah, I know it's something I have to work towards, and take bits at a time, but this working my ass off thing, and not losing anything is pissing me off. Ahh well, what can ya do? I bet that Long John Silvers last night didn't do me much good though....hmmm..ya think?

Took Baby Boy to his 18 month check up today. He's all done with his shots till he goes into Kindergarten!! Yahh! But the doc ordered an x-ray of his hips. The little terd still isn't walking on his own yet. He will push his walker around like crazy, and walk all along the furniture, but you try to get him to walk solo, and the little guy just flops down and crawls like a madman. Till he reaches some sort of chair or something. So anyways, the doc seems to think he may have hip displacement or something that is causing him to not be able to have much balance. I myself think it's pure laziness. I mean all my kids took their time walking. Girly didn't walk till around 15 months and Crazy didn't start till between 16 and 17 months. So I just figured Baby Boy was following their lead. But the doc seems to think he is way behind and something may be wrong. I guess we'll see!

Well the littlest twerp is up from his nap and is calling to me to come save him from his wretched crib. They all seem to think I am here to service their every whim. Geesh!

Friday, August 03, 2007


Wow, today my brain feels like one big clusterf*ck. Not to much better then yesterday. My kids are being their usual whining, screaming, bratty selves so that's no different. I guess you could say I just feel "blah". Like I am doing a ton of crap, but nothing is getting done. Plus, Crazy and Girly went over to the neighbor's house to play and Crazy got bit by their little girl. I usually don't leave the kids with them because I know how their little girl is. She's very aggressive. She's the same age as Crazy, but boy is this girl mean. She's been known to hit, punch, kick, and squeeze the baby till he cries. She's never bitten before, so this kind of got to me. Anyways, I spoke with the mom after I had Girly bring him home. She (the mom) told me they had been bickering, Crazy pushed her so she turned and bit him. I know my kids aren't perfect, shit, they are annoying little terds, but I know Crazy, and he would actually run away screaming before he'd push or hit another kid. He's just whiny like that. But then when Girly came home to get her phone and told me about what happened, the mom told her it wasn't right for her to go telling on them, and that she ruined the fun for the kids. THAT, pissed me off. So I called her up, told her Girly didn't come home to tell on them, and that I didn't want Crazy playing with the little girl if she was going to bite. She left a lovely blue mouth print on his arm. Luckily, she didn't draw blood. But the mom didn't apologize, just kept insisting that Crazy pushed her first, and that she didn't think it was that big of a deal. Well Lady, it is! It is a big deal that 1. You are responsible for my kid when he is with you and you didn't even bother to tell me what had happened. I had to hear it from my kids. And 2, these are my kids. I will decide what is a big deal. So anyways, yes, it's been lovely. We've known these neighbors since we moved in here, and have never had any problems. They are nice people. They just can't/wont control their kids.

Here's the lovely mark he had on his arm. And there he is giving me those puppydog eyes. He was so upset that he had to come home. But he did quickly point out that she had also smacked him in the eye too. That's why I took that second picture. He insisted I should get a picture of that too! lol

I sat Baby Boy in the corner for the first time today. He actually sat there. He's been pestering his brother and turning the TV off every few seconds just to get a rise out of him. So after having to go and turn the TV back on several times I told him no, swatted his hand, and stuck him in the corner. Oh boy, he didn't like that. He screamed and screamed. Then he just sat there. Kind of spaced out. lol. I think all that crying/screaming tuckered him out. So after a min or 2 I told him to come to me. He crawled over, laid his head on me, then gave me a kiss. He hasn't touched the TV since!! lol My Baby Boy's already getting punished, geesh!

Ok, I was tagged by Stacie to do a MeMe. So here goes.....

5 Things in my refrigerator:

1. Milk
2. Soy Milk
3. Cheese
4. Spinach
5. Cantaloupe

5 Things in my car:

1. Mr. Beaver
2. 2 Ladybug air fresheners
3. A rosary Hubs brought home for me from Guatemala
4. Lemon/Lime Tot from Sonic
5. 2 car seats

5 Things in my purse or backpack:

1. Lip gloss
2. 2 checkbooks
3. My ladybug wallet with my cards in it
4. A pad
5. Multiple receipts

5 Things in my closet:

1. Boxes full of junk because we are moving
2. More boxes
3. Totes full of junk because we are moving
4. Coats
5. Christmas totes

5 Things in the world I want to see before I die:

1. Italy
2. Scotland
3. Paris
4. My Grandchildren (copied from Stacie)
5. My children graduate, go to college and get married

5 People to Tag:

1. Sissy
2. Hubs
3. Al
4. KimmyK
5. Ben