Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Three Little Birds

Little Dude turned 3 today. He is one crazy, little dude. He talks non-stop, loves Spiderman and anything Avengers, loves to play make believe and is smart as a whip. You follow, and adore your brothers around like a puppy, and mimic everything they do. You call them Bubba and Brother and your sister is O-E-A. You and Willa are best friends and are constantly playing together. You know your #'s to 10, your colors and shapes, and you like to tell people your full name. We are amazed at the things you learn and pick up on a daily basis. You still have your nuk, and are almost completely potty trained (you still wear a diaper at nap and nighttime). You make us laugh everyday, and are quite the joker. We love you Honey, have a  wonderful 3rd Birthday.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Seven Steps to Heaven

Today my Baby Boy is 7. Only, he isn't a baby any more. He still loves Spiderman, and everything Avengers. He is sweet, and smiley, and energetic. He loves to go to school, and play with his friends. He has an imagination the size of the earth.

Happy 7th Birthday Baby Boy!