Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Post Christmas Pics

Girly and Crazy making Christmas Trifle for desert!

Sokka's 1st Christmas!

Poppy relaxing under the tree!

Pook and her new ball!

Me and Baby Boy

Opening gifts

Girly and Baby Boy

Chaos on Christmas morning!

Opening gifts

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas has Come and Gone

It seems the older I get, the faster the time goes by. Especially around this time of year. It seems like just yesterday I was being bugged non-stop about how long it was till Christmas, and Crazy just made his Christmas chain, and was wondering why he couldn't take off more then 1 each day. Now the chain is gone, the tree is bare, and the countdown is through. Kinda depressing if you ask me. Now I am dreading the time when I have to take down all the gazillions of decorations I have put up, and pack them away.

Christmas was it's usual paper throwing, box ripping, kids whining, chaos filled morning. The kids got to much crap, and half of it is missing or broken already. Fights have erupted, and toys have been thrown because even though Santa tried his hardest to get 2 certain little boys the same type of gifts, 1 of them always wants the blue one over the red one, or the regular legos, over the cars legos. Or God forbid, they got Wiki Sticks instead of the beloved Bendaroos. What drama that was. Santa can never get the shit right, bastard.

Even with all that going on..it is still my favorite time of year! I love watching their faces as they open their gifts Christmas morning, the excitement when they go to bed on Christmas Eve, the insistence that Santa needs more then 1 cookie and a half glass of milk, and the innocence of all their questions (Why can't Rudolph play with the other reindeer? His nose isn't bad!")I better soak it all in while I can, because before I know it, it will be my grand babies doing this stuff!

So here are a few pics of our Christmas. I played with my photos a bit and did some neat effects.

Ok, blogger is being temperamental at the moment, so I will have to postpone the pics till it gets its act together!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter Desertland Take 2

I thought we got lucky on Monday with the dusting of snow, but boy, we got twice as lucky yesterday. It rained all morning, then about 12 noon, the snow started to fall. Allot. It was the kind of snow you see up in the U.P of Michigan where you can't see a foot in front you! lol It snowed until about 10pm last night. It was awesome! It reminded me so much of home in Michigan, and made it feel so much more Christmassy around here. By the time it was over, we had at least 8-10 inches of snow! The kid's schools got cancelled today, and Hubs didn't have to go to work till 10am. The highways in and out of To Hot Shithole were closed up tight. This town has all of 2 plows, and I am assuming none of them work cause the roads were shit yesterday! The people around here absolutely flip out at the sight of snow,and they don't know a lick about driving in it, so our venture out was fun to say the least. I guess you can't blame them, it's the damn desert. But now my kids can actually say they had a snow day! lol They are outside as I type playing in it. I told them they had better do it now, cause in the next day or so it'll all be gone!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Walking in a Winter Desertland

It snowed here in To Hot Shithole on Monday! In the desert. Is that crazy or what? I had heard for a while that we were suppose to get some of the beautiful, white stuff, but did I believe it? Hell no. But low and behold, what to my wondering eye should appear? No, not 8 tiny reindeer...but big, fat, white flakes.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Busy Bee

It seems as if time is flying and the holidays are coming and going so quickly. Christmas is right around the corner, and before I know it, it will be 2009. Weird.

I haven't really been up to anything spectacular. Gearing up for Christmas, and getting extremely excited that the temps have dropped here in To Hot Shithole, and it is pretty cold. Well in the mornings and nights anyways. During the days, it still gets up in the mid 50's. They are calling for possible snow this weekend, which excites the living shit out of me. Pretty sad, but it just isn't Christmas time without the white stuff, or at least being cold.

Thanksgiving went well. Quiet, and nice. Had a crapload of food for the 6 if us (Hub's dad was here)and had leftovers for to long afterwords.

We got our family pics done a few weeks ago. Finally. I usually try to stay up-to-date on that kind of stuff, but I have been slacking. But, I was on top of my Christmas cards...lol...we got the pictures for the cards with the first shot. It's craziness trying to get a self portrait of 5 people, and actually succeeding with the first pic. So those have been done up, and sent out.

We had another earthquake. This one was completely different from the last. Not that rolling wave feeling. This was full on walls shaking and it sounded as if a herd of cattle were running across the roof. Hubs and I were in the garage changing Christmas bulbs and before we knew what was happening, it was over. The epicenter was located about 20 mins from us. The news said it was a 5.1 I guess. Pretty damn scary. This mid-west girl sure needs to get her bearings when it comes to this earthquake bullshit. I mean, I'm used to tornado drills and sirens, and having get into a basement or whatnot. With this earthquake crap, there's no preparing, and there isn't shit you can do. I mean, if the fricken earth is going to open up and swallow you, you can't do anything but stand there and shit yourself. And it happens so quickly, what do you do when your kids are in a completely different room? Me and Hubs ran in to check on the boys because they were asleep in their bunk beds. We wanted to make sure nothing had jarred loose, and come apart. So now we are contemplating taking them down, and having the boys use separate beds. Girly was in her room watching a movie and came running out the front door asking if we had felt that. She said her Christmas tree and tv started shaking in her room. Scary shit I tell ya.

So aside from Christmas stuff, kid stuff, and earthquakes, there isn't much else happening around here. Just surviving.

Now I leave you with some pictures.

This is what happens during my bathtime, when I am trying to get a moments peace and privacy....
Baby Boy and Sokka in the bathroom eating and playing with my bubbles.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Conversations with a 4 year old

Random conversations in the truck on our way home from picking Crazy up from Preschool. We had Hell Boy with us.

Crazy: "Momma, why did the transformer and the truck cross the road?"

Me: "I don't know, why?"

Crazy: "Cause they thought it was funny.... (insert hysterical laughter here from Crazy, then a short pause and complete seriousness) then they died!" (insert hysterical laughter from me here)

Crazy: "See that church?" (pointing to the church we go to)

Boy: "Yah"

Crazy: "Do you go to church?"

Boy: "No not really"

Crazy: "We do, and when we went we got to play and climb things and it was really loud and my dad brought snacks." (which by the way there has never been any playing or climbing on things at church! lol)

Boy: "What do you mean it was loud, it hurt your ears?"

Crazy: "yah, it did, it was really loud, but it was ok cause we got snacks!"

Boy: "Oh ok"

Crazy: "Yah Dad gave us snacks then he let us leave cause it was to loud."

Boy: "oh cool"

Boy: "Do you still play Pac Man?"

Crazy: "Huh?"

Boy: "Pac Man?"

Crazy: "Pac Mac?"

Boy: "No Pac MANNNN!"

Crazy: "Oh no, I don't play that no more"

Boy: "Why not? It's fun remember?"

Crazy: "No I threw it in the dump!"

Boy: "No you didn't I was playing it at your house!"

Crazy: "No remember, I threw it in the dump. It didn't work. It shrunked!"

Boy: "It shrunked?"

Crazy: "Yah it shrunked and got small and stuff, so I threw it in the dump!"

Boy: "Oh then I must have played a different game"

Crazy: "Yahh, cause I threwed it away!"

Boy: "Did you see that?" (pointing to some sort of car or something)

Crazy: "OH MY GOOOSSSSHHHHH!" (said like a valley girl lol)

Boy: "Yah, oh my God!"

Crazy: "No, you can't say that!"

Boy: "Say what? You said it!"

Crazy: "No i said oh my gosh, you can't say god!"

Boy: "Why?"

Crazy: "That's bad!"

Boy: "Why?"

Crazy: "Because God doesn't like it!"

Boy: "Why?"

Crazy: "Cause your suppose to whisper God!"

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Family Pictures

Just wanted to share our most recent family pictures!It cracked me up cause when the lady was trying to get Baby Boy to smile, he did his normal scrunch up his face smile. She kept re-taking the pics because she insisted he kept shutting his eyes. She finally called me over to look and I said, "Oh no, his eyes aren't shut, that's how he smiles!" lol She finally called another lady in, and insisted she try to take a picture with him having a "natural" smile. The photo of him on the end is the one she got. And, if you look real close, you will notice, his tongue is sticking out! lol

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Lots and lots of hoopla going on. Things are much quieter around this joint, and Mama is a much happier person too!

Halloween went well. Kids had fun. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pics on Halloween. I know, I know, but with 3 kids and with 75% of the time spent whining, complaining, fighting or getting hurt in some way or another, you tend to rush things along and forget to take pictures. I did however, get pics the night before while carving pumpkins and for Crazy's preschool party.

I have already torn down the Halloween decorations and adorned the home with Thanksgiving/Autumn decor. I have come to realize that Fall in this shithole town/state is my favorite time of year. Back home in Michigan, Spring was always my favorite. Winter here is pretty darn cold, Spring it begins to heat up, and the bugs and creepy animals come out, and Summer is blasting hot and the bugs and creepy animals hang around. Then there's Fall. The bugs start dying or hibernating or whatever they do (either way there are less of them), the leaves start to fall (although they go straight from green to brown with no pretty oranges, red or yellows) and the temps are in the mid to high 60s and lows in the 40s. Perfect open the window and air your house out weather! Except for the wind. That can be a pain!

And for those of you who didn't know...my desktop computer took a crap on me a few weeks ago. I lost most everything I had. That was another reason why I hadn't been blogging. But now, I have me my new, beautiful, PINK laptop. She is my new best friend. And she's beeeutiful! Gotta love the pink!

I also meant to blog about how Girly and I went to see HSM 3 a couple weeks ago. Call me a nerd, geek, moron, child molester, or what have you, but Zac Effron is HOT! I do have to say though that he is of legal age ladies, so he's eligible to be on the hottie list. I have watched them all with Girly since they came out and I think they are some of the cutest movies. I embarrassed the crap out of Girly though! lol I made her take pictures of me next to the cardboard cutouts of the HSM gang in the theater. I tried to get her to pose too, but she just kept rolling her eyes and telling me I was a dork. Does this make me one of those embarrassing parents? lol It was fun though!

Now I leave you with some picture puke of the last few weeks! Completely jumbled and in no particular order, so Enjoy!

Baby Boy as a skeleton:

Crazy as Bumblebee Transformer:

Me and Hubs in our yearly pumpkin patch self portrait:

The kids carving their pumpkins and Girly with her vampire makeup and wig on:

The boys at the yearly Halloween parade here in Shithole:

The kids at the pumpkin patch:

This is me with the lovely Zac Effron. He loves me, he really loves me!

Me and Girly in the bathroom at the theater. Hey,this is what you have to do when your camera on your phone doesn't have a flash! lol

Last but not least...I leave you with the world's biggest Booger Bubble! Baby Boy has been plagued with nothing but snotty noses, coughs and runny eyes for the last month. This is the result. You can tell by the look on his face that he was not very happy. He actually freaked out and started to cry! lol

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Tomorrow I am a free woman...lol Company is moving out and things will hopefully be a bit more comfortable around here. I have contemplated having several strong drinks and stripper dancing on our kitchen table, but I believe a quiet evening with the kids in bed, a glass of something light, and hitting the sack early will have to do.

Allot has been going on around here, but I am to lazy right now to try and recap it all. If it's not Halloween preps (school parties, trick-or-treating all that jazz), or the FIL, it is something to do with cleaning, dusting, vacuuming and all that happy horse shit. I am also trying to start Christmas shopping. I love AND hate this time of year all at once.

Once I recoup, and get my mind out of shambles I will write more!

See ya Peeps!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hanging By a Thread

My patience that is.

To fill everyone in, my FIL is here. Living with us at the moment. He has been for the last month.

Now does everyone know where the yeast infection post came into play? lol

I am not going to go into a big bash fest (since Hubs reads this, although he knows I am not one to keep my mouth closed) but I will state for the record that I have mostly been a good girl and only flown off the handle a couple times.

I am though....very excited to see those boots go a walkin!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just Pull the Trigger....

Just a quicky post....

Things around here are crazy. Just ask anyone who knows me personally and who I talk to on the phone at least once a day. lol

And just let me give you all a small piece of information... You'll love this....believe me.....

Stress can cause yeast infections.

Great isn't it?

That's what I thought!

I'll be back, don't worry.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Who doesn't love free stuff!

Check out this website for a chance to win a free handbag!

Curious Baby Boy

Taking Crazy to school now has become a short play time for Baby Boy. We get there a few minutes early which gives Baby Boy time to run around and play with all of Crazy's classmates.

As we were sitting on the wall, waiting for the teacher to open the doors, Baby Boy takes a liking to a little, black boy. This little boy is always brought to school by his Grandma, but today both his Grandma and Grandpa were there with him. The Grandpa was sitting on the opposite side, across from us with his back to us and Grandma was standing next to me. Baby Boy excitedly runs around with the boy and Crazy. He then realizes he has not shown the little boy his shirt. His Curious George monkey shirt.

If anyone knows Baby Boy, his speech stinks. He refuses to talk, but will sign and make noises to no end.

He grunts at the boy, grabs his shirt, points at Curious George and starts to jump up and down, making monkey noises.

Both boys start to jump around, scratch themselves, and "ooohhh ooohhh ahhh ahhh" all over.

I knew immediately this may not be taken as a good thing.

The Grandpa, who by the way wasn't watching, just listening, turns, grabs his grandson's hand and says "You aint no monkey! Who callin you a monkey?"

The little boy was kind of confused. I could see it in his face. Like "what the hell you talking about?"

The Grandma then steps in and says "No, no Edward (whatever his name was), the little boy has a monkey on his shirt! Curious George is on his shirt and he was showing him!"

"Oh Oh, OK, then, but son, you ain't no monkey!"

Then the boys went about jumping and scratching themselves till school opened up.

I wanted to laugh, because Baby Boy was having so much fun being a monkey and showing off his shirt, but I had to hold myself back from correcting the gentleman myself. Luckily his wife did before I had the chance. I knew right away that as soon as Baby Boy started with this monkey kick, it was going to get someone in trouble. lol

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

11 Yrs. Old

You aren't so little anymore are you?

You aren't that blond, quiet, chicken head baby, but a high spirited, sassy, smart, to much grown up young lady.

You love the color purple, and painting your nails.

You love your brothers, but also love to pick on them and boss them around.

But, you still love to kiss and hug us all every chance you get.

You love your Grammies, Papas, Aunties, Uncles, Cousins, and Friends to death and tell them every chance you get.

You love to pretend. Playing house, fashion show, and setting up lemonade stands.

You have outgrown dressing up and putting makeup on your Barbies, now you put makeup on you and your friends instead.

You already want to dye your hair, and get piercings.

But despite all the growing up you have done, and the changes that you are going through, you are still a sweet, loving, caring girl. You are our Girly Girl. A gift that we wouldn't trade for anything.

Happy Birthday Baby!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Repeat After Me

"Be quiet!"

"Not now!"

"Say you're sorry!"


"Well then use the bathroom for crying out loud!"

"Put away your shoes!"

"Whose socks are these?"

"Quit hitting the dog!"

"You're hungry all the time."

"You're not going to die of thirst."

"I think you'll survive."

"What the hell?"

"Don't spit!"

"Damn, motherf*cken dog, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!' (usually said to the new dog who has taken a liking to digging in my newly seeded yard that has finally started to look like a beautiful green yard. Now it looks like a burial ground.)

"Do I look like a maid?"

"No, I am not your maid!"

"Somebody let the dogs out please."

"Somebody let the dogs in please." (I swear everyone is deaf but me. Do they not hear the dogs barking non-stop for 30 mins?)

"Doesn't anyone but me notice that the ice maker needs to be filled with water?" (I swear everyone does notice, but when they walk by and see the light on, they just figure if they leave it long enough, I'll do it. And I do. Jerks! lol)

"Take care of your clothes!"

"Pick up these toys before the dogs chews them up!"

"Well...I told you to pick them up, it's not my fault Sokka got ahold of them!"

"I can't fix that honey, it's trash now!"

"No more cheese!"

"Don't feed the dogs!"

"Get out of the kitchen!"

Holy cow, I need a major vacation. Luckily tonight, at 5:45, I get a whole hour and a half to myself to get my nails done. Not allot, but it's been way over due, and I love to sit there and let her work on my hands! lol Do you think if I brought a tub, some Calgon and a bottle of wine that she would still work on me?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My Little Boy is Becoming a Man...

Well not quite a man yet, but today Crazy had his 1st day of preschool. He absolutely LOVED it. He woke up with Sissy by 6 am this morning, and by the time I got out of the shower at 10 after he was dressed, had his shoes on, had his backpack on and had his lunch box ready to go. Sissy (Girly) had made his lunch up for him. What a great big sister. All morning long all I heard was "Are we going to school yet?", "Do I get to ride the bus with Sissy?", "When do I get to ride the bus?", "Maaaammmmaaaaa, we're gonna miss all the kids!", "Momma, why can't we go now?" and so on. Crazy doesn't start school till 12:30 and goes till 3:30, so you can imagine that the time probably seemed like an eternity from 6 to 11:30 when we left the house. lol. Poor kid. lol. But we met Daddy up at the school, so we could both see him off on his first day. It took but 2 seconds for us to become invisible to him. We had to make him get off the bouncy house just to give us kisses goodbye. Miss Loretta, his teacher, seems like a wonderful lady, and I just know he will have so much fun this year in school. I think the worst part of the experience was my poor Baby Boy. He took it real hard. He cried and cried when we left the school. He finally stopped when we got lunch, only to start back up when we drove home. He kept saying "Bubba oool" which translates to Bubba school. He calls Crazy, Bubba. I felt terrible for him. First Sissy ups and leaves him in the mornings, which he hates, now Bubba is leaving him in the afternoons. Poor guy. But my 2nd baby is now officially growing up. I am already nervous about Kindergarten and how he is going to transition from 3 hrs. a day to all day long school. I guess I shouldn't cross that bridge till I come to it ahhh?

But here are some pics of Crazy on his first day of school.

And here is poor Baby Boy missing his brother...

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Worried For Nothing

As usual, when the Mommy worry takes over, it's always worse then it seems. Girly came home yesterday with a smile on her face, and nothing bad to say except "Look at all this homework I have!" She made friends with a couple girls, said she liked all her teachers, the playground equipment was cool, and she saw 3 girls with dyed hair and facial piercings! lol She mentioned that only because when we were looking through the handbook, it said no dyed hair or facial piercings allowed! lol My day long anxiety was put to rest. Today was soooo much better. She jumped out of the truck without any worries, reminded me it was an early out day, and ran up to the school! She is even going to check in with the bus drivers to see which route she is suppose to take so she can start riding the bus.

What a big girl she is getting to be. We even had to have the dreaded Aunt Flo talk because I believe she will be visited here pretty soon (the signs are all there, especially the moodiness! lol). We went over the do's and dont's of disposal (never, ever flush it or you will be royally embarrassed when the toilet in the girls room overflows and you need to call for help), lol, and all that good stuff! She is even carrying backup, in her backpack, should the need arise. I had to answer all those just delightful questions about when, where and how Aunt Flo operates. I had to refrain from bluntly telling her Aunt Flo is a big ol bitch, and you have to live with her shit for the majority of your life. But I held back on that portion. The girl hasn't even started for crying out loud, why scare the crap out of her to soon, ya know? I am just waiting for the sobbing call that I need to get her and bring her home so she can change. Ahhh, gotta love being a girl.

As Hubs likes to say "Somethings gotta be seriously wrong when a person can bleed for a week straight, and they don't die!" I just like to say, it goes to show how strong we are...and patient, and resilient, and it's probably God's way of punishing men because they don't get any during that week! lol

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I think I just threw up in my mouth...

Today is Girly's 1st day of 6th grade. At a new school. I was revisited by the same sleepless night I had when she started Kindergarten. I felt nauseous. I still do. I didn't want to leave her there. Every time she said she felt like she was going to throw up, I felt like I was going to throw up. Watching her eyes dart around at all the new kids, with this "what the hell is going to happen?" look made me want to hug her tighter and tell her "ok, lets just go back to your old school." I feel like the worst parent for sending her off to a new school. Making her make new friends. Making her go through that dreaded 1st day of school at a brand new school, with all new people, all new teachers. But she's a good girl. I think...or I KNOW she will make friends very easily. It's just going to take some time. I am anticipating 3:00 when I have to go and pick her up. I want her day to go smoothly and I want her to say, "You know what Momma, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. It was pretty fun!" or "Momma, I made some new friends today, and they are really nice!" Something...anything that will reassure me that I haven't scarred my kid for life by taking her away from her old school.

If I am like this with school days...I am going to be a total mess when she starts dating and gets married! God help me! lol

Here's my Girly Girl on her 1st day back at school!

Also during this past long weekend, Girly taught Crazy his ABC's. We are getting him ready for preschool, so Girly played teacher. She was amazing at teaching him. Within 3 days he had his ABCs down packed. Now she just has to teach him everything else, and then I wont have to pay for school! lol He is doing amazing and loves to sing them to us every chance he gets!

Oh and for those of you who are STILL wondering...we got our new cooler installed last week. We are now basking in the wonderful feel of cool air throughout the house. And we are also basking in the fact that the boys are now sleeping comfortably in their beds at night instead of on the living room floor!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Early Halloween

Remember the pumpkins Crazy had planted. Yah well, they are a bit early for Halloween. So we picked. And we carved.