Sunday, March 30, 2008


Okay, can anyone tell what it is about the Dollar Store that makes kids act like those wild monkeys at the zoo who poo in their hands and throw it at you?

I have taken my children to the Dollar Store twice this last week (I know stupid me) and they look like chickens with their heads cut off as soon as they set foot through those doors.

I literally lost track of Crazy Boy twice on our first trip in that God forsaken store.

I was that mad woman who was yelling at the top of her lungs for her children to get their asses back to me or I was gonna whoop them.

Then, I was stupid enough to take them again yesterday, but I thought I would be good, i had backup. My friend Lue Lue came with me.

No. Backup does not equal better behavior.

Backup just means double the women running around yelling "Get your asses over here!!!"

Backup just means you have children that run even faster to escape being stuck in a cart so they are confined.

But if you get my kids in say Walmart, or the grocery store? No, it's an ok experience.

There must be an ora or vibe that comes from that store that only children feel.

It's like they are hearing...

"Buy me, buy me, I'm only 1 dollar"

"Come on, you can get your mom to spot you a lowly dollar for this one crappy toy that will only last a day before it gets broken into pieces"

"It's only 100 pennies"

"It's only 4 quarters!"

"It's only 10 dimes"

"It's only 1 quarter, 2 dimes, 3 nickels, and 40 pennies!"

The creator of this store must have set it up just right. He or She must have sent some loony toon lady in there before the opening, with her robes, candles and hexxing tools to put a curse on that store before it's grand opening.

"Ahhhhh dear spirits from the other world. Please send down, upon this store, a sign. A sign of good fortune and wealth. Please put upon the customers that enter this store a curse. Let the children roam free and spend all their parent's money. Let the children gather as many items as they can and cry when they can only have 1 dollar. Let the parents have the knowledge that if they do not give their children this dollar, they will have the wrath of the devil bestowed upon them through their children."

Yep, I bet that's how it went.

Does anyone else have these type of experiences at the Dollar store??

Or are my kids just devils in disguise??

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hidden Video

I am having a hell of a time getting this video to post right. So anyways, I see it is underneath this one and should be working. One of my little boys got ahold of the camera at some point and must have gotten it working for 2 seconds. I found it when i downloaded my pictures that were on the camera. That is the result. Take a look! lol

Handprints on the Wall

It's been an interesting couple weeks. These 3, have been particularly rambunctious lately. Girly is on Spring Break and the boys have decided it's time to take Momma to the mental institution.

And although this happened a couple weeks back, I thought I would show you some art work that Baby Boy decided to bless my house with. And because I see it every single time I walk back to the bedrooms and I am reminded.

That my friends is permanent Sharpie marker. ON MY HALLWAY WALLS! There are numerous other markings sporadically drawn throughout the house, but this one is the worst. Lovely isn't it? Even Mr. Clean Eraser could not remove it. So now I must go out and find the paint that we used to paint the house and cover it up. That wall, plus my bathroom door, my bedroom door, Girly's door, and another part of the hallway wall. Luckily the coffee tables, and dressers were easily cleaned with my beloved Mr. Clean Eraser (gotta love those things! lol)

I am sitting here waiting for Mr. Terminix guy to show up. It is time for our 3 month spraying. We've been seeing allot more of the spiders, flies and beetles since the weather has warmed up. Hopefully they will all die! lol

I am preparing for my Partylite Party on Saturday. I love those candles. And to put it bluntly, I only have the parties so I can get free stuff. I will stock up on candles with 1 party that way I don't need to buy them for the next 6 months. I am a candle freak. I love to try new scents and burn them day and night. And these candles are the best I have had yet. Expensive? Yes. But worth it? Definitely. I am excited to see how much credit I get off this party!

Our new windows are doing great. You wanna know how much our gas bill went down? Come on, do ya?? Almost 150 bucks!!! It went down by almost half!! Un-freaken-believable! I was so happy! Plus it helps that the heat isn't on during the day any more and stuff, but we still have it on at night. Whooohooo!

And the new word of the day..courtesy of Crazy Boy....Pentagon! lol Don't ask, I am assuming it's from Dora or Diego or something! lol

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Another Thank You Note....

Holy Crap, I better just say this now before I get another 2 weeks worth of bitching. lol

Dear Hubs and Mr. Shonson,

You both have fixed my kitchen lights like no other could.

Where I couldn't see before, is now bathed in a pool of beautiful sunshiny like light.

I now have enough light to properly make you the robust, sumptuous feast you both so deserve.

And the way you climb that ladder....whooooo, that's Hot!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You're Beautiful

Now, I present you all with a couple "before and after" shots of my new windows. These are the very same windows I have bitched about for several months now that are finally in and completed.

This would be my kitchen window. The old window was your standard metal frame, piece of shit window.

Then, here is my new vinyl, wonderful, insulated window. I can see out it, I can open it, AND... it keeps the heat in and cold out! lol

And, here is a pic of one of the front bay windows, at the front of the house. I just loved those awesome shutters. I thought they were pieces of art that made the house unique, but alas, they took them off and now they are pieces of art for the patio until I can get them in a garbage bin to be hauled away. Just looked like shit, and I was so happy to see them go. Gutter Shutters is how I like to refer to them.

I love the new windows.

See me?? Anyone?? lol

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ass Backwards

Our new windows and doors are in and DONE! Hallelujah!

My 4th child is sick again today. Looks as if the flu is going around (once again), and now that he is sick, that means the kids and I will be next. I swear it is worse taking care of him then it is the "real" kids.

I am getting more pissed off by the minute the more I read about that stupid law saying that homeschooling is illegal now in California. The country is going to hell in a hand basket. It's turning into one big communist mess. I send my kids to public school, so no, I don't home school. But who the hell is the government to say how we educate our children. If someone feels they can do a better job with their own children, or have different views or ways of educating, then so be it. Let them decide how they want their children to be educated. It's f*cked up I tell ya!

Wonder Pets is one messed up show! lol

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Lovin the Beetles!

I am so digging the ladybug background. I know, I know, the piggies were super cute, but ladybugs have got to be my all time favorite.

Now that I have spent the last hour redoing my friends list, and adding my pics back on, I am going to put the squirts to bed and take myself a nap.

Did you know that an afternoon nap as short as 20 minutes can enhance alertness, mood, and mental performance, especially after a night of poor sleep. And did you know too, that a nap that lasts an hour or longer is more likely to make you feel drowsy the rest of the day??

Aaaahhaaaa, I bet you didn't know that did ya? I'm so smart.

So now because I don't care if I am drowsy or not, I am going to go sleep for 2 hours. Sounds like a plan!

Peace out Peeps! lol

Monday, March 03, 2008


6:30 am

Crazy: Momma, Boogie's awake.(Boogie is Baby Boy's nickname, and he is still in a crib which means he can't get himself out of bed. lol)

Me: Ok, I'll be up in a minute.

Crazy: Why?

Me: Because I need a minute to get up and get a couple things done. He'll be fine, go talk to him.

Crazy: Ok.

6:45 am

Crazy: Momma are you comin?

Me: Yes Crazy, just one more minute. Let me make my bed.

Crazy: Why?

Me: Because I like my bed straightened up.

Crazy: Why:

Me: Because I don't like it messy.

Crazy: Ok.

7:00 am

Crazy: Momma I want juice.

Me: Ok, just give me a minute to get Baby Boy dressed.

Crazy: But Momma, I want juice nooooowwwwwww! *insert whiny, annoying voice*

Me: Just give me a minute and I'll get you and Baby Boy some breakfast.

Crazy: Why?

Me: Because I am right in the middle of dressing your brother and you.

Crazy: Why?

Me: Because you need to get dressed.

Crazy: But why?

Me: Because when I go out and off myself and your daddy comes home and finds me, and the police show up and all the news people come to the house, I want you to be dressed and looking good.

Crazy: Huh?? *insert raised eyebrow and a look of complete and utter confusion*

See how the word "why" can drive someone to insanity?

And that was just this morning. I bet I can add at least another 3 or 4 dozen why's to the rest of the days tally by tonight!!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Feeling a bit sentimental....

The drama has passed, but as I am sure as the sun will rise, the drama will ensue once again today. Drama follows me (Drama is also defined as Girly, Crazy and Baby Boy and they are always right at my heels).

The oven has been put in. It is a beautiful sight. Except for the 6 inch gap/space that is above the oven where the old oven used to fill. Ahh well, it works, that's all I care about. For now. Until Hubs can get something to cover that space! lol Don't take to long on that now Hubs! ;) We will be getting a check from the warranty place for having to install it ourselves. Yes, the appliance guy came out, took the old oven out, put the new one in, and left. He didn't hook it up, he didn't plug it in, he didn't do a damn thing. So we complained. What the hell? We could have done that ourselves. So we told that to the warranty place, and now we will get paid for installation!! Good deal.

I started this morning feeling good (although I still need more coffee and a good hot shower) but then after reading a couple blogs I got to feeling sentimental. Goodbyes were said, and even though I have never had the pleasure of meeting in person, blogger friends have become an important part of my daily life. I have become involved in their lives, met their children (whether they be human or of the canine nature), gone through births, deaths and loves lost and found. I have read about daily rituals, and how they perceive things. Their thoughts, feelings, and inner workings (Literally, I know that veggies don't agree with allot of people lol). Makes me sad to see one of those people go.

And in watching those goodbyes transpire, I saw people's reactions and feelings come through. And it brought back memories as a young girl, and how everything used to make my stomach turn, and I'd get butterflies. How sitting in anticipation of someones arrival could make me so sick I would have to throw up. How just a look could make me melt. If I could take away one good thing from growing up and going through all the B.S of love, it was that. Those feelings may have resulted in heartache and tears, but those feelings are priceless.