Wednesday, February 24, 2010

33/34 Week Appt.

All is well on the baby front. Heartbeat strong, measuring good. Baby has been causing quite a ruckus in there lately. I have had random contractions for the last week, and allot of cramping and braxton hicks. He is slowing down in there allot, but it still seems as if every once in a while he decides to do a somersault or two just to put me in pain! lol He is up in my ribcage and is making it very difficult to breathe and sleep comfortably. Hubby has been complaining about my snoring I think he is just making it all up! *wink* lol I am anxious more and more to get the ball rolling and have this baby! :)

Girly is once again going to district for the science fair this year! She is very excited and is insisting she is going to make it to state competition. I say good for her and great work Girly!

Baby Boy has his 1st speech therapy session today. He couldn't make it last week due to a nasty ear infection he had. He was put on Omoxacillan and is now doing so much better!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Itchy Twitchy

On Feb. 5th, 2010 Crazy Boy finally had his student of the month ceremony. He was so excited! He got to go on stage and receive a folder with coupons in it for free kid's meals from restaurants in our town and a certificate.

But...where's there's 1 extreme..there's another. Today, we received a call from the principal of Crazy's school. He wanted to inform us that there was an altercation on the playground between Crazy and a 1st grader. Apparently the 1st grader hit Crazy, so in return Crazy bit him. Ya, you heard that right...bit him. Soon after he bit him, he went to the recess lady and told her what had happened, and both boys were sent to the office. After they had been spoken to by the principal, they both apologized to each other and parents were called to come pick them up. The principle wanted to let me know that he was not being suspended, but he thought they should go home and think about what had happened. When we got there to pick him up, he was crying and scared. All the secretaries and the principal wanted to let us know that he had said he was sorry several times and was very scared of being punished. lol Crazy has never bit anyone. Not even attempted to bite anyone. So when we first got the call my gut told me he had to have been provoked or something. Crazy's not a fighter. He'd be the little boy who tattles on everyone before he'd fight them. So I thought maybe the little boy was holding him down or something and he was defending himself. When we asked him what had happened, he said they were playing "zombies" and the little boy was pretending to stab him all over with knives by hitting him. So because Crazy was the "zombie", he bit him in return. Why you"because zombies eat people who are trying to kill them!" So when the little boy said that it hurt, Crazy got scared, told the recess lady and they were both sent to the office. Definitely not the kind of "altercation" I had assumed it was in the beginning. lol And don't even ask me how the heck he knows about zombies and far as I know Nick Jr. and Noggin don't show that kind of thing! lol

So so much for Student of the Month for Crazy!! lol Has anyone else put their child's first visit to the principal's office in their baby book? lol

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

31/32 Week Appointment

Baby is well. Heart rate and measurements were right on again. I have gained 32 lbs and was told that I need to re-do my glucose test. I asked if something was wrong with the first one and she said no, but because she feels I have gained to much weight for this pregnancy, it may be because of my sugar levels. Crap. I say that's a load of crap. I guess the weight gain has once again gone down. With Girly it was between 25-30 lbs. With the boys it was between 20 and 25. With this one she says 15 to 20. I don't believe I have gained excessive weight, but I know for a fact I could lose a few lbs. My last 4 appts. I have gained 1.5 lbs. I'd say that's pretty good. The first 20 lbs were from the 1st 4 months when I was so sick that all I did was lay around and do nothing. Aside from that, the baby is doing well. I am ready to go though! lol I feel like I am getting bigger every day. I even underestimated my stomach size. The other night when I was brushing my teeth I did not bend forward enough to spit and ended up with spit down my belly! lol

Thursday, February 04, 2010

If You are Happy and You Know It...

Yesterday was Baby Boy's speech therapy interview. We are happy to say he qualifies for the county speech program. He will start in 2 weeks and will attend once a week. The man that worked with him learned very quickly that Baby Boy has his own language. lol He had him go through sheet after sheet of pictures and name the shapes, objects and actions. He did wonderfully, naming each and every one of them correctly...just not with the proper pronunciation. The man said in no way is he physically or mentally challenged, it is simply a problem of articulation. He described it as a New Yorker with an accent. No matter how often you tell them to say car...they pronounce it is as We made sure to ask what we could do at home, and he said once he starts the program he will have homework to do at home and we will be able to use these tools to help him. He also said the baby sign language we used with him and his brother as babies in no way affected how he speaks now. That was a small sigh of relief, because I was almost afraid we were hindering his speech by teaching them to sign so early. He actually said signing is a great way of communicating with your baby when they have no other way of telling you how they feel. Which I totally agree with.

Great job Baby Boy...I am so excited to see you start this program and excel the way I know you will!