Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm Alive....Barely

OK Ladies and Gents. I am here, but not completely! Physically, but not mentally. The last couple weeks have been a whirl wind of paint, cleaning supplies, more paint and numerous, NUMEROUS trips to Home Depot. Let me tell ya, I loved it at first, but now that store needs to disappear!! Tonight, we are making yet another trip to exchange a few things that were broken. And you know what??? I haven't taken a single, damn picture. I know. Line me up and shoot me execution style. That's horrible isn't it?? But, I promise I will. WHEN I get my new doors in! lol I am replacing most of the interior doors and sometime soon, the front and side doors! The place is a mess. New carpet should be in mid-next week, and the old carpet was used as our drop cloth when we painted! lol I will update again soon. It may not be till the end of the month when our cable and Internet is hooked up over there, but I will get to it, I promise!! Tata for now!

Friday, September 07, 2007

It's Official

The house is OURS!

Escrow closed, recorded and got our good faith money back to us today!!

The keys were handed over, paint was bought, carpet was ordered and we are raring to go!

The house is pretty much cleaned, I didn't get a chance to get at the kitchen, except to sweep out all the cupboards with my Dyson, but I can get that tomorrow. Hubs has already painted both living rooms, and is working on the hallways as we speak. He had a friend helping him and they did a great job. Allot of touch ups will be needed, but that's because they used a paint sprayer and they couldn't get the small stuff. So tonight, after the kiddos go to bed, the babysitter is coming, and I am going over to get started on our room and bathroom. I got some more new hardware for the baths and am excited to get everything decorated the way we want. I am REALLY excited to get the new carpet in, but that will be about two weeks. At least we don't need to protect the carpet from over spray! lol

So that's it. That journey is over, and now a new one is beginning. The land hasn't even begun to be touched. That alone is going to take YEARS!!! We've never owned more then a lot, so 3 acres is going to be wonderful. And allot of work!

So I am signing off for now. Getting the kids fed, ready for bed, and then I need to get myself psyched to do some painting!!! lol

Don't hold it against me if I am non-existent in the next few days mmmkay???

Or maybe you could hold it against me????? Hmmmm.........

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

First Cleaning

Tonight was the first night I got to go to the new house to start my cleaning.

Let me inform you all that I have OCD when it comes to cleaning. I don't care if the prior owners cleaned, or whatnot, it is not good enough for me. I need to disinfect, scrub, wipe down and vacuum. Sometimes not just once, but twice! lol

Shit, I am pretty glad I am the way I am because when I attacked the shower in the master bedroom, holy crap you wouldn't believe the buildup of shit on there!

I spent a little over 2 hours there and just dented the bathroom. I soaked the tub with bleach water and washed the toilet down with bleach too, but I have yet to scrub the shit out of the tub with CLR. That stuff is great. That, and Kaboom. Stuff works wonders. Well that stuff mixed with massive amounts of scrubbing.

But it was great. No old owners watching my every move. I went through everything. Cupboards, closets, nuks and crannies. Checked everything out.

Windows will be my next big assignment. Well those and washing the walls and prepping them for paint. I already took all 100 or so nails out of the walls.

Tomorrow funds are suppose to be transferred and the house will officially close and the keys given to us!!!

Let the improvements BEGIN!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Strange Day

Wow, today has been one hell of a day.

Along with our cell phones being dead (see post below), I had a number of strange calls on the home phone.

After getting a good call this morning from escrow for us to come sign our loan documents, a very strange, creepy, and somewhat fun call came in.

Me: "Hello?"

Him: "Hey Baby" said in a very low, almost inaudible voice

Me: "Huh?"

Him: "Who dis?" he says once again in a very low voice

Me: "Who is THIS?"

Him: "This is Warren, who dis?"

Me: "Who?"

Him: "Warren"

Me: "Huh?"

Him: "Hey Baby, can I lick your wet ______?" insert the word that you most likely think he said at this point, and you are more then likely correct.

Me: "Huh?" At this time I was wondering just who the hell this was and kind of flabbergasted at this comment.

Him: "Hey Baby, come on, let me lick your ______!"

Me: "Um,OK, what?"

Him: "Who dis?"

Me: "This is Baby, that's what you just called me right?"

Him: "That's right Baby, can I ______ for you?"

Me: "Ummm, OK, whatever floats your boat."

Him: "Can I lick your _______?"

Me: "Well you could if I was female, see you got me all wrong, I am a transvestite and I have a penis. So well if you like that kind of thing....."

Him: "Huh?"

At this point, Hubs had just gotten home so I walked out to the garage and got ready to hand him the phone. Remember he had NO idea what the hell I was doing, or who I was talking to.

Me: "Here talk to my sugar daddy!"

Hubs looks at me like I am crazy as I hand him the phone.

Hubs: "Who dis?" he says in the best black man accent I have ever heard him do.
"You better lose dis number!" He says multiple times.

Him: "Uh Uh sorry I musta have the wrong number"

Click. The end. Hilarious. I had no idea who this man was, his number came up as unavailable. So I don't know if he meant to call his girlfriend or if it was just some wacko trying to get a rise out of someone. I don't know, but it was funny playing along. Then after Hubs got the phone, and played his role, it got even funnier!

Second phone call was just a bit ago.

Me: "Hello"

Her: "Ella"

Me: "Huh?"

Her: "Ella" or some name similar to that

Me: "Huh? I think you have the wrong number."

Insert numerous spanish words here. I don't know what the hell this lady was saying.

Me: "Um, mam, you have THE WRONG NUMBER"

Insert another long spew of spanish words here.


More spanish words

Me: "Mam, No habla Espanol! This is an English speaking home"

More spanish words


More spanish words and at the end she does the "I yi yi" like I am the stupid one here.

Me: "Fine mam, Yo quero Taco Bell" I was getting impatient and thought I'd throw that in there.

Insert yet another spew of spanish that I have no idea what she was saying.

Me: "Um OK Mam, well Adios!" and with that I hung up.

So after many many phone calls today, some good, some not so good, and some down right f*cked up, I am finally hanging up that stupid thing and calling it a day. Lets just say the F*cked up ones weren't from that guy or the spanish lady. They were from our lenders telling us other crap that still needed to be done that we didn't know about. I wont go into details, but now everything is cleared and we should be all done by Friday. Holy crap. Man. I need a beer or something! lol Oh and our cell phones just came back on a couple hours ago, and we got a credit of 26 bucks from Suckular for our cells being out of service for almost 4 days straight. Is it enough? No. But I don't feel like being on the phone anymore to bitch about stuff today! lol


OK, Suckular aka Cingular is REALLY starting to piss me off. It has now been over 3 days since we have had service for our cell phones. We called Saturday when we first realized we didn't have any service.

"Ahhh Sir, all of California is out, it should be up in 70 minutes"

It has now been 4020 minutes since we had service.

70........4020.........BIG difference.

Why couldn't they just say...

"Sir, it should be on in the next 5000 to 6000 minutes."

Instead they tell us....

"Well, you did sign the terms and conditions that went along with your Suckular (Cingular) contract. It says at any time there may be outages or no service."

Well did it say in that there contract that if I don't get my service turned back on and also reimbursed for these 3 days that I am gonna kick somebodies ass???

Gosh I hope I put that in there!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Look What HE Did......

This is what happens when you let your Hubs "trim" your son's hair!

My poor baby is now hairless.

Do you think he will be hacking at Baby Boy's hair anytime soon?

I don't think so!

Two of a kind!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Nothing like it!

I will admit, I am a soda freak. I love my Coke Zero, and now that I have found it, Sprite Zero. And this morning is like no other. I am sitting here at 9 am eating my bagel and drinking my coke. I get this from my dad. He is a Diet Pepsi FREAK! And I mean FREAK. He drinks at least 2 or 3 2 liters in a day. No kidding! But me, I prefer Coke and I will maybe drink 1 or 2 cans in a day. I wake up, and usually the first thing I head to is my Coke Zero. Maybe it's the caffeine? I don't know. But either way it's yummy, and I enjoy my soda first thing in the morning.

Crap, there was something else I wanted to say too, and now I've lost all train of thought. Ahhh'll come to me. I have a serious case of CRS!!! (and that too comes from my Dad! lol)