Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer Days

I am a bit behind, but figured I would post a few pictures anyways. Here is Little Dude at 4 months old (8-2-10)...and Baby Boy's 1st Day of Preschool (8-23-10). Unbelievable how time flies. Baby Boy did fantastic. I, on the other hand, was a mess. He did cry and yell for us when we left, but soon settled down. I did not want to leave him and the house felt very lonely without him here. I am so used to having him skipping around, and doing his normal stunt man antics. Very quiet and sad. The other 2 start next week. Baby Boy is now going to school 4 days a week for 3 hours a day. He will continue with his speech therapy at school and I know soon, he will be speaking clearly with ease. I know he will do fantastic and I have high hopes that everyone there enjoys his presence and silliness as much as I do.

Little Dude is now a rolling fool. He is on his back, then on his tummy in a matter of seconds. He is even trying to crawl. He gets up on his back feet and pushes himself forward. He is growing much to fast.

My 3 boys! I love their range of expressions..crying and sad to happy and smiling to "huh?" LOL All my lovable, sweet boys, but oh so different in personalities.

My not so little, little girl chopped 11 inches off in early August for Locks of Love! I am so proud of her and we all love her new do...She is getting to be such a young woman and is turning 13 next month...yikes!

Aug 16-22 Grammy came to is one of the silly photos that was taken before she left..