Wednesday, December 27, 2006

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Baby Boy's 1st Christmas Haul
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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I've switched!

Ok, I got sick and tired of not being able to comment, so I have switched. So now I am half expecting to not have any comments on this blog anymore! So it's ok, don't feel bad if you can't comment, I will just be over here sulking in my corner, crying my eyes out. But don't be upset, I'll be fine. I wont jump off any cliffs, or stab myself with my butter knife or anything drastic like that. I might gouge my eyes out with a candy cane or something, but it will be ok, I'll just do one of them and I'll still be able to see. All will be fine on this end!

Ok, besides for that, we are busy busy busy over here. I have tree up, house decorated, cards sent, cookies baked, and presents wrapped. We even went down to the homeless shelter and dropped off a couple garbage bags full of clothes. Now it's just waiting for actual Christmas Day. All this work for 1 day. Good Grief! lol

Crazy Boy got his first pair of big boy underwear the other day! I must say he makes Lightning McQueen look pretty spiffy! Today I told him if he pees on Lightning McQueen that all of Radiator Springs will come and hunt him down. He says "No poopoo on Lightning McQueen?" and I say "That's right, you can't crap on Lightning McQueen, that would make him upset, and then Mama will have to clean it up, and Mama doesn't like to clean up crap off the floor!" He says "Me peepee in the potty?" and I say "Yes, yes, yes, that's right, you go peepee in the big potty, not in your drawers!" and he says "No mama, me no peepee in the potty!" and then proceeds to run away. I hope those damn cars haunt him in his dreams!! I think I will be cleaning this kid's ass till he's 20!

Baby Boy is a low crawling fool. That's right, he prefers to keep his belly low to the floor when moving. He says "screw all you babies that get up on your knees and hands, I am gonna let this belly slide." So that is what he is doing. I am happy he isn't just a slug laying there anymore, he is now mobile. But dammit, now I have to keep a watchful eye out because he likes to go under the tree and grab the branches. I can just see the stupid thing falling down on him. That would really suck!

Girly is still dealing with the Santa thing. I keep catching her trying to look around my bedroom for the presents. What a sneak. She is still asking things like "So you guys lied to me the whole time?" She's trying to make us feel guilty is what she is doing. Damn she is good. I finally got so sick of the questions the other night that I just said "Yes, Girly, we lied to you. And you know what? We will still lie to you. Well about certain things anyways. And yes, as parents that is our right. " and she proceeds to say "Uh well lying is wrong, it's a sin!" And I just say "For parents it's not!!! So shut up and go to bed!"

I'm Good!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Just so you all know...

I have been reading everyone's blogs, but some of them wont let me comment. I try over and over again, but it says it cannot log into my account. It is the blogs that have the google/blogger acct. logins. I don't know if that is the new beta blogs or what, but it's really pissen me off!! LOL So just to let you all know, I am reading and trying to comment, but blogger is being a bitch!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Saturday, December 09, 2006

I am good!

Today has proven to be quite productive. I got some good pictures of the kids next to the tree, and Girly and I baked and baked and baked some more! We started at 9:30 this morning and just now finished at 2:00. Geesh. We made 4 different kinds of cookies. Chocolate chip, chocolate chip orange shortbread, chocolate cherry cordial cookies, and toffee crisps. And I SWEAR, I only ate 2. Now the kids... that's a different story LOL. And surprisingly they all turned out good. So now we are going to make rock candy tomorrow, and get some yummy packages out to the families. I really don't need all these treats sitting around my house! LOL

So I leave you with cookies!

Friday, December 08, 2006

The Secret is Out!

Well, I knew eventually Girly would find out, but I still wasn't prepared for the questions. Tonight she was watching a show on t.v. and it was about the toothfairy and how there really wasn't one. After the show, she came up and asked me straight out if the Toothfairy was real. Yikes. Hmmmm, how do I answer this. "Go ask your dad!" Yep, that's what came out. She then went to Daddy and he avoided the question at all costs. "What were you watching?", "What station was it on?" "Who were the characters?" etc, etc. She huffed and puffed and came back at me. "Mom, so is it true or not? Is the Toothfairy real, or do the parents put the money under the pillow?" Crap. By the look on my face, she knew. "So You really are the Toothfairy?. You and Daddy put the money under my pillow??" Shit. How do I say it? Shit, Shit, Shit. After a minute or two of contemplating how to say it, I finally came straight out and said "Yes, that's right, there really isn't a Toothfairy." She then shot back, "So does that mean Santa isn't real too?" Shit, Shit, Shit again. No avoiding her now. She was on to us. "Yes, honey, that is also true." Her response was a spew of questions, and words we could barely understand. "So You and Daddy are Santa? You and Daddy put the presents under the tree? It was you guys that took bites out of the cookies on Christmas Eve? Where did all my Christmas letters go if you didn't send them really to Santa? Where are all my teeth? Why did you lie to me? Why do all the Christmas songs sing about Santa if he isn't real?" and so on and so on. We tried to tell her about our experiences with finding out about Santa, and how it happened. We tried to explain to her that it's a part of growing older. It's a tradition. It's something that we do because it is fun and how she now has to keep it a secret so her brother's can have fun with Christmas and Santa. Man, it was rough. Especially since she cried and cried. I don't ever recall taking it so badly, but I remember being disappointed. I also tried to reassure her that Christmas isn't just about Santa. That we are celebrating the birth of Jesus. That Christmas isn't just about presents. It's about family and traditions, and joy and fun. But damnitt it all, it still sucks. Now we really have to watch our backs on Christmas Eve, cause I have a feeling she's gonna stay up as long as possible just to see for herself that we really do bring out the presents. And I also have to find a better hiding spot for them because I opened my big mouth and told her about how Aunty Beth and I use to go snooping for our presents in Grammy's closets. I am SO stupid!!! LOL

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Thanksgiving Vacation Recap

Wow, we are finally home. I can say I am glad to be back in my own home, in my own bed, but I can also say I loved being home close to all my family. We had a blast! We stayed for 2 weeks and it went non-stop. The first 5 days were at my family's house, then the following 5 days were at Chris' family's place up North, then we spent the remaining couple days back at my family's house again. I can't say we did allot of partying. Like Beth mentioned, the night before T-day we all went out and had soooo much fun. But after that, it was kind of lounging around, hanging out with family and catching up. We saw so many people that we haven't seen in a while, and also encountered our long awaited snow storm. Not just a small snow storm. This was a massive white out. And as our luck would have it, it was as we were driving back down from the U.P. Whoever has seen the Mackinaw Bridge would know that you can see it from miles away. We couldn't even see it while we were on it. No kidding. It was that bad. We couldn't see the huge towers until we were underneath them. It took us almost 14 hours to get home when usually it only takes about 10. Nuts. While we were up North, we also got our tattoos. I have been waiting a while to get Baby Boy's name tattooed on me along with Girly's and Crazy's. I would show you the pic, but then it would be pointless not to use their real names wouldn't it?? LOL Here are a few pics of our lovely vaca home!
Beth and I having a couple drinks
A little dark, but here is one of our family pictures!
Here's the white-out!
Hubs getting his tattoo. He is now and forever marked as married!! (He got a tattoo of a ring on his finger!! lol)
Catching snowflakes
Girly and Crazy Boy in the snow. This was Crazy's first snowfall!

Baby Boy's first snowfall too!
Crazy Boy and Cousin Gracie
Baby Boy's first Thanksgiving. He loved the mashed potatoes.