Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Conversations with a 4 year old

Random conversations in the truck on our way home from picking Crazy up from Preschool. We had Hell Boy with us.

Crazy: "Momma, why did the transformer and the truck cross the road?"

Me: "I don't know, why?"

Crazy: "Cause they thought it was funny.... (insert hysterical laughter here from Crazy, then a short pause and complete seriousness) then they died!" (insert hysterical laughter from me here)

Crazy: "See that church?" (pointing to the church we go to)

Boy: "Yah"

Crazy: "Do you go to church?"

Boy: "No not really"

Crazy: "We do, and when we went we got to play and climb things and it was really loud and my dad brought snacks." (which by the way there has never been any playing or climbing on things at church! lol)

Boy: "What do you mean it was loud, it hurt your ears?"

Crazy: "yah, it did, it was really loud, but it was ok cause we got snacks!"

Boy: "Oh ok"

Crazy: "Yah Dad gave us snacks then he let us leave cause it was to loud."

Boy: "oh cool"

Boy: "Do you still play Pac Man?"

Crazy: "Huh?"

Boy: "Pac Man?"

Crazy: "Pac Mac?"

Boy: "No Pac MANNNN!"

Crazy: "Oh no, I don't play that no more"

Boy: "Why not? It's fun remember?"

Crazy: "No I threw it in the dump!"

Boy: "No you didn't I was playing it at your house!"

Crazy: "No remember, I threw it in the dump. It didn't work. It shrunked!"

Boy: "It shrunked?"

Crazy: "Yah it shrunked and got small and stuff, so I threw it in the dump!"

Boy: "Oh then I must have played a different game"

Crazy: "Yahh, cause I threwed it away!"

Boy: "Did you see that?" (pointing to some sort of car or something)

Crazy: "OH MY GOOOSSSSHHHHH!" (said like a valley girl lol)

Boy: "Yah, oh my God!"

Crazy: "No, you can't say that!"

Boy: "Say what? You said it!"

Crazy: "No i said oh my gosh, you can't say god!"

Boy: "Why?"

Crazy: "That's bad!"

Boy: "Why?"

Crazy: "Because God doesn't like it!"

Boy: "Why?"

Crazy: "Cause your suppose to whisper God!"

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Family Pictures

Just wanted to share our most recent family pictures!It cracked me up cause when the lady was trying to get Baby Boy to smile, he did his normal scrunch up his face smile. She kept re-taking the pics because she insisted he kept shutting his eyes. She finally called me over to look and I said, "Oh no, his eyes aren't shut, that's how he smiles!" lol She finally called another lady in, and insisted she try to take a picture with him having a "natural" smile. The photo of him on the end is the one she got. And, if you look real close, you will notice, his tongue is sticking out! lol

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Lots and lots of hoopla going on. Things are much quieter around this joint, and Mama is a much happier person too!

Halloween went well. Kids had fun. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pics on Halloween. I know, I know, but with 3 kids and with 75% of the time spent whining, complaining, fighting or getting hurt in some way or another, you tend to rush things along and forget to take pictures. I did however, get pics the night before while carving pumpkins and for Crazy's preschool party.

I have already torn down the Halloween decorations and adorned the home with Thanksgiving/Autumn decor. I have come to realize that Fall in this shithole town/state is my favorite time of year. Back home in Michigan, Spring was always my favorite. Winter here is pretty darn cold, Spring it begins to heat up, and the bugs and creepy animals come out, and Summer is blasting hot and the bugs and creepy animals hang around. Then there's Fall. The bugs start dying or hibernating or whatever they do (either way there are less of them), the leaves start to fall (although they go straight from green to brown with no pretty oranges, red or yellows) and the temps are in the mid to high 60s and lows in the 40s. Perfect open the window and air your house out weather! Except for the wind. That can be a pain!

And for those of you who didn't desktop computer took a crap on me a few weeks ago. I lost most everything I had. That was another reason why I hadn't been blogging. But now, I have me my new, beautiful, PINK laptop. She is my new best friend. And she's beeeutiful! Gotta love the pink!

I also meant to blog about how Girly and I went to see HSM 3 a couple weeks ago. Call me a nerd, geek, moron, child molester, or what have you, but Zac Effron is HOT! I do have to say though that he is of legal age ladies, so he's eligible to be on the hottie list. I have watched them all with Girly since they came out and I think they are some of the cutest movies. I embarrassed the crap out of Girly though! lol I made her take pictures of me next to the cardboard cutouts of the HSM gang in the theater. I tried to get her to pose too, but she just kept rolling her eyes and telling me I was a dork. Does this make me one of those embarrassing parents? lol It was fun though!

Now I leave you with some picture puke of the last few weeks! Completely jumbled and in no particular order, so Enjoy!

Baby Boy as a skeleton:

Crazy as Bumblebee Transformer:

Me and Hubs in our yearly pumpkin patch self portrait:

The kids carving their pumpkins and Girly with her vampire makeup and wig on:

The boys at the yearly Halloween parade here in Shithole:

The kids at the pumpkin patch:

This is me with the lovely Zac Effron. He loves me, he really loves me!

Me and Girly in the bathroom at the theater. Hey,this is what you have to do when your camera on your phone doesn't have a flash! lol

Last but not least...I leave you with the world's biggest Booger Bubble! Baby Boy has been plagued with nothing but snotty noses, coughs and runny eyes for the last month. This is the result. You can tell by the look on his face that he was not very happy. He actually freaked out and started to cry! lol