Monday, July 31, 2006

Just trying to get through the day

Reading blogs, I came to Bossy's page. She had written about how she didn't know how to keep the kids entertained without TV. Some people commented with great advice and different things for the kids to do besides watch the tube. Honestly, I sat there reading these comments and STILL wondered how they do it. I feel horrible. My TV is literally on all day long. Not always being watched mind you, but always on in the background.

I have a 6 mth old, a 2 yr. old, and an 8 yr. old. Now I am all for going outside to play. But there are several things that aren't so great about that.

1. It is so FRICKEN hot here. The last 2 days, it has only been around 98 and that to us is extremely nice. We are lucky if it stays below 110. So if the kids aren't in the pool (which then I have to supervise because 2 yr. old could drown), there is no outside play for us for more then 2 hours.

2. You cannot let a 2 yr. old outside to play by themselves. It just doesn't happen that way. Which means, that even if they can go outside, I cannot get anything else accomplished while they are entertaining themselves.

3. I have to drag a screaming 6 month old outside to watch the 2 yr. old and 8 yr. old because they must be supervised. Which means I cannot get anything accomplished, PLUS I have to try to calm a screaming, crying baby.

4. We live in the desert. Our yard is small, brown and dead. It's not so much fun when you are afraid if you let your kids play in the yard, they may fall and hurt themselves when they are impaled by sharp, dead, weedy grass. Or better yet they trip and fall in a hole that magically keeps being re-dug up by some unknown creature that lives in our yard. Yah, that would be great, a sprained ankle from falling in this humungous hole. Plus we have all kinds of nice, little creatures that take up residency at our home here in the desert. I don't like the thought of the kids playing out there and having to make a trip to the ER. Especially since the 2 yr. old can't tell me something bit him. Oh sure he tries, but we don't always understand him!! LOL

Anyways, to cut this short, I am just trying to think of ways to keep the kids occupied without the tube. Also without driving me mad. It is hard to keep an infant, toddler and pre-teen all occupied at the same time without having to do 3 separate activities.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Happy 1/2 Year Birthday Little Slugger

The wee little one is 6 months old today. Crazy how time flies!!

We spent our 110 degree weather outdoors in the pool pretty much the whole day. The kids had fun, and got to play with a few friends that popped over in the process. Baby Boy didn't even mind getting in the water seeing as it was probably close to 85 in there.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lazy Day

Thanks everyone for your suggestions to beat this heat!! I think I may try the whole play-doh thing. Although I despise play-doh!!! LOL Just something to keep the kiddos occupied.

Today was Baby Boy's 6 month shots. Ouch. He has been screaming non-stop for the past week and a half, so I was for sure he had an ear infection or something. But no, nothing was abnormal, the ped just said this is his way of dealing with those dreaded teefers breaking through. Yah, just my luck!! LOL I hope the stinkin things hurry up and come through so he can feel better.

Girly Girl is outside playing with the neighbor kids. Well, she was I should say. They played in the pool for a good hour, then made their way indoors where it is cool. Granted it isn't 114 today, but it is about 105. Still to hot. We were going to go to the library today where they were having a reptile magic show, but after Baby Boy's shots, I figured it best to get him home to nap. Luckily, the library hosts these types of things every Tuesday, so I told her next week we would go.

Crazy Boy is recovering from a nose dive off of the couch. Yes, literally a nose dive. Actually 2 of them. The other night, he was playing on the couch and slid off into the coffee table. Knocked his chin good, and then his nose. Dandy little bruise on both. Cut his lip pretty good too. Poor guy. Then yesterday, he decided he wanted to be Superman and jump off the loveseat. Well, lets just say he isn't that graceful. He landed head first into the ground and gave himself a big goosegg on the forehead. I think people are starting to wonder if I beat my kid.

Both boys are sleeping soundly now, so I think I will go lay down for a bit. Maybe I'll get a few minutes of peace before one or the other wake up!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Heat Wave

It is 11 a.m. and it is already 100 degrees. It is suppose to reach record highs of 114. I think it is going to exceed that. I put the baby down about 9:30 a.m. for a nap and went out to clean out the kid's pool, and do a few lawn chores. I am glad I did it then because if I hadn't I would have to wait till tonight after the sun goes down in order not to keel over of heat exhaustion. But even after the sun goes down it still is close to 100. It doesn't really cool down until midnight or so. Then it gets down in the low 80's to mid 70's. This weather sucks. I feel so bad for the kids. It is either go outside and play in the pool, or sit inside and watch t.v., play computer games or just flat out be bored. I have tried some productive things, such as going to the library, or just sitting down here and reading some good books, but Crazy Boy wants nothing to do with the books unless he can color in them. And the library. Well we wont even go into what a lovely experience that was. No more library for us. You can only play so many board games. And once again that is usually because the Crazy Boy likes to throw the pieces, or better yet, eat them. I would take them to the public pool, but then I would have to be right by Crazy Boy's side every minute, and then who would watch Baby Boy and Girly Girl? She hasn't learned how to swim yet, so I am weary of her being in the water alone. Plus it costs money to go, and that we don't have allot of. We tried going to a park too. Yah, it's kind of hard to play on the monkey bars, swings and slides when as soon as you touch them your skin burns off. Ok guys, any and all suggestions are welcome!!! Help me please!! I am as damn bored as my kids!! LOL

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ok, somebody please shoot me now!

Holy Crap!

Baby Boy= teething, puking, over-all humungous crabby pants.

Crazy Boy= Nukky detox. Yup. Still doing it. Still hearing the screams when he realizes he doesn't have it at night. Must stick to my guns. Must not buy replacement Nuk.

Girly Girl= Summer boredom. Hanging around the house saying "I'm bored" several times over and over again. Ready to clobber her over the head.

Husband= Trying to quit smoking. OH MY GOSH! If you ever want to know what it is like to live with someone who hasn't had a cigarette in 6 hours, come stay at my house for a night. This is like drug detox. "I can't get comfortable", "I am hot", "I am cold", "F this", "F that", and so it goes. And yes, I do know how it is. So don't anyone rag on me about not knowing what it's like to try and quit. I have 3 kids and with each child I have quit smoking. Evidentially not very well mind you, since I have always started back up. But I have quit for my pregnancies and for a few months there after. I know how difficult it is to quit.

Me= Going Fricken CRAZY!!!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Bad Bad Night

Ok, last night sucked big ass!

First off, Baby Boy is either cutting major teeth, or is sick with the flu. Either way, he is puking non-stop and I have been up 4 or 5 times a night just to check and make sure he isn't choking. Add those 4 or 5 times, plus the time he actually woke up at 2 am to nurse and you have allot of getting up.

But wait...there's more

Crazy Boy chewed a hole in his last nuk. That's right. The last nuk was thrown in the trash yesterday. But behold. A nuk was hiding under his bed just in time for bedtime. So he went the whole day without a nuk, and was given the hider nuk for bed last night. But, he has this knack for losing things. So twice last night, I had a screaming Crazy Boy running into my room, all frantic because he could not find that very last nuk. Tough crap. I searched his bed. Not there. I was not about to get down on my hands and knees and search the floor in their dark room. No Way! Told him the nuk was gone and to go back to bed. Finally, after the second round of getting up, he slept until morning. Hasn't asked for it since.

So, you combine a teething, puking infant with a toddler in nuk detox, and you have one bad night.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!

No, not really, but it sounded good. But I am in pain. The same pain I felt right after my gullbladder surgery has come back (the pain that laid me out for a week straight afterwards). Yep, this sharp pain in the right side of my stomach, right between 2 of the incisions made to remove that haneous thing. It creeps up on me when I bend over, and when I exhale. It started up about 3 or 4 days ago and has gradually gotten worse. I called the doc today. They are ordering me an ultrasound and some bloodwork. What could it be I ask? Oh any number of things. It could be a gallstone they accidentally left in, and now has no where to go and is causing trouble. It could be a tear in something they fiddled with. It could be built up gas that also has no where to go. Any number of things she says. But it could also be something that could affect my liver and pancreas so they need to run some tests to find out for sure why I am in pain once again. Damnitt, I thought once they took that stupid thing out I would be home free. Not my luck. My luck has also given me a lovely cold to go along with this pain. So everytime I sneeze or freaken cough, I double over. Plus, hubby is leaving for the weekend. He is going to Ozzfest. So hopefully I don't need to make any sudden trips to the ER while he is away. That would suck.

OH, and I am not at all against anyone that may want to send some getwell presents!!!! Chocolate, cookies, cakes or a good bottle of strong liquor would be much appreciated! I would settle for a nanny or babysitter to help me out this weekend too!! lol

Monday, July 03, 2006

Finally, a little bit of Me!

Dear Baby Boy,
I am passing the torch, or thumb to you. I sucked my thumb for 7 long years and now you have grown to love your own thumb. I was waiting for one of the kids to see how much potential this lovely part of the hand could hold. And you have. Take good care of it Son, it will be with you always! But just a word of warning. It may mess up your mouth, and take you years to beat its addiction and say adios. I promise to never put socks or bandaids over them. I promise to never stick your thumb in cow manure like Great Gpa did to your Papa. I promise never to put that yucky tasting stuff on your thumb to try and make you not suck it. I will always understand why you love that thumb so. But you better not pick your nose like I did when I sucked my thumb, because that was really gross!!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Ooopps, he's doing it again..and again..and again..

I am talking about Baby Boy. He has learned to roll over. But... he hasn't mastered the rolling back over to his back yet. This in turn means that about every 5 to 10 mins. I am rushing back into the livingroom where I had left him playing on the floor, just to turn the little jellyroll back over. At that point he is screaming and crying and his little chubby face is planted into the floor. But the thing that really gets me is when I come rushing back into the livingroom, I find Girly Girl laying right next to him (while he is screaming)and not doing a thing to help him. That's right, her eyes are glued to that damn tv. How do you lay right next to a screaming baby, and not hear him? I don't know. I have not been able to figure that one out. I am so ready to smack her upside the head. All people in this house can manage to do this. Except me. Crazy Boy manages to sleep through the night in the same room as Baby Boy, and not budge when he wakes at night. Girly Girl can sit through an hour movie and not bat an eye when the baby is screaming so much the vains in his little head are about to explode. And then of course there is Hubby. He can sleep through the whole night and not have a clue that I was up 3-4 times with the baby, or even that Crazy Boy had rushed into our room in a panic and crying, and I had to get up and put him back to bed too. As I sit here and type, Baby Boy is once again on his tummy. I am waiting for the crying to begin. Utoh, there it is.

In this one, you can see Crazy Boy napping in the chair behind Baby Boy. Not budging!