Thursday, August 21, 2008

Early Halloween

Remember the pumpkins Crazy had planted. Yah well, they are a bit early for Halloween. So we picked. And we carved.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Heat is On...

Ok, here's the scoop..since I know you are all dying to know about my shitty cooler situation. The warranty place finally called us back after we got our 2nd opinion. They wanted to send out a 3rd opinion to mediate between the 1st and 2nd opinion. The 1st opinion stated lack of maintenance. The 2nd opinion stated no lack of maintenance, simply failure of system due to wear and tear. 3rd opinion never showed up because the 3rd opinion was going to be the same contractor as the 1st opinion. Dumb asses. So instead of sending a 3rd opinion, we opted to cash out on the deal,
and the warranty is sending us a check to do the whole damn things ourselves. Assholes. have to wait 10-14 days to receive the check, then we will have the money to start getting it fixed. So it's been a good 3 weeks we have been without air conditioning, and by the time we are done it'll be 5 weeks, and by then, we wont need the gosh damn thing! Well, this year anyways.

And if that story didn't screw with your mind enough, remember how we got all new windows and doors? Well....chew on this...some of the molding is coming off from around the windows.

I call the 800# on the contract.

Sorry the # you are trying to reach has been disconnected.

I try the 4 numbers on the business card.

Sorry the # you are trying to reach has been disconnected.

You sonsabitches.

So I do some research on the internet.

Call 2 more numbers. Including said owners home phone.

Sorry the # you are trying to reach has been disconnected.

Why do I suddenly feel like we are screwed here.

So finally I get a hold of someone at the City of H*******.

"Sorry mam, you should probably call the Chamber of Commerce."

So I called C of C.

Can't get through.

Email them.

Get response that says you should try the BBB.

Send email to BBB.

Response states that business name has been changed and here's a phone number.
So I call it.

It's an answering service that states they are the same business, just under a different name. They promised they would page said owner with my name and number.

No response yet.

So today, I get a response email from the City of H.

The business you are trying to reach has expired their building license, but here is their current number.

So I try that #.

Sorry the # you are trying to reach has been disconnected.


So I call the answering service # back again.
Same lady, same msg. Promises to send a page and he will call me.

No luck. No call.

But...I'm still smiling. Well, on the inside. Sometimes. Once in a while. Ahh shit, not really. But, I'm optimistic.

If the mini swamp cooler that runs 24/7 to keep us cool should tip over and go through one of our brand new windows that the molding is coming off of, then maybe we can sue both companies and get a shitload of money.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008


No fixed cooler yet.

Those contractors are assholes. They told the warranty place that our cooler lacked maintenance and that is why it broke down. We told them they are full of shit. Got 2nd opinion, they told us that our cooler looks great for being out in the desert, and that is not even close to the reason why the cooler broke. Faxed copy to warranty. Warranty is now sending out a 3rd mother-fn opinion. Looks like we may not have air for yet another 2 weeks.

I'm whipped. I don't know if it's the heat, or what. I feel drained all the time, and am usually a crabby bitch. No, I'm not pregnant, so that idea can just be thrown out the window..thank you very much! lol I think I need to start working out again, and eat better. I am researching herbs to take too, to increase mood, and energy. Any suggestions?

Girly got her new school clothes this past weekend. It's amazing how much money you can drop in a single weekend when shopping for kids. But, she will be transferring schools this year, so we want her to start fresh, and feel confident. She seems to be dealing with it well. She's like her Dad, she can approach anyone, and she makes friends easily. I believe I am more worried then she is. I didn't do well in school when it came to friends and fitting in. Her Dad, well....Mr. Popular he was. lol I believe she will be fine. She's a great kid. She's kind, and fun, and a very compassionate person. She loves to do things for people (most of the time, sometimes her brother's get the raw end of the deal! lol) and she is one of those kids that just seems to attract friends. I feel like it is the first day of Kindergarten all over again!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Update via Bullets

  • Baby Boy experienced the beach for the first time last week. We finally got off our butts and drove to a small lake about 30 minutes away. He had a blast, as did Crazy and Girly.

  • Crazy isn't doing so hot in the no pottying at night thing. I am resorting to plastic pants because I don't think his sheets are going to last much longer if I keep washing them everyday. Plus....I am soooo sick of doing laundry!
  • Baby Boy is doing great with pottying. He goes all day long in the potty, except for naps and nighttime.
  • Our swamp cooler died on us on Sunday. We have gone 4 days without any air in the house. It is miserable. We bought a couple more fans, and have the small, portable swamp cooler running into the main living room. That helps a bit. The kids have been napping and sleeping at night in there. It's to unbearable in the back of the house. The temp outside now is 105, inside....92. The damn swamp cooler guy is suppose to be here today between 1 and 5. It is now 4:30. Don't ya love it when they can give you that set time so you don't waste your day away waiting for them to get their asses to your house? I sure do. They best hurry up and fix my damn cooler. Sweaty, hot, tired kids make for a very mean, cranky momma.
  • Thanks to Daddy, the boys got themselves some new haircuts. Buzzed it clean off. Easier to keep clean, and cooler too!

  • Oh, and who needs a real slip n slide when you can make your own ghetto slip n slide out of water, a concrete patio floor, and 3 nakey behinds?

  • Ghetto Slip N Slide Recipe:
1. 1 water hose
2. 1 concrete surface
3. Participants who are willing to strip their clothes off and run naked while slipping and falling all over wet

Take hose and thoroughly wet down concrete surface. Check concrete for slickness. When you are able slide on the surface like you are ice skating, the surface is ready. Leave hose on patio to keep a large amount of water on top of concrete floor. Have willing participants take off their clothes, sit on their behinds and push off the walls, or any solid surface. This makes for hours of fun and laughs.

Warning: Cracks and debri on concrete can make for soar, red butts!