Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Vegas, Showgirls and Birthdays OH MY!

We left for Vegas last Thursday and returned on Sunday. Hub's mom is in for a visit and we decided to make a mini Vegas vacation out of it. Girly Girl turned 9 over the weekend. It's crazy how time flies. She's such a big girl. As you can see with the picture, she LOVES Highschool Musical. She now plays that cd over and over and we hear nothing else but that. Thanks allot Aunty Beth!! ;) lol

Rubba, Dub, Dub, My 3 men in the tub. Yes, the boys enjoyed the jacuzzi style bathtub at the hotel.

Crazy Boy couldn't leave Vegas without getting his hands on one of those Showgirls!

Girly could be a Showgirl. Don't ya think?

And here is Baby Boy on his first boat ride at Lake Mead.

Friday, September 15, 2006

It's beginning to look allot like...


Yep, I bet you were expecting me to say Christmas weren't you? Are you nuts? It's not THAT cold yet! LOL

Nope, today is only a high of around 85. Holy Crap it isn't even reaching 90. We are happy. We are dressed and ready for today's cool weather. This is the first time Baby Boy has ever had to wear warm weather clothes since he was born. And it's gonna be tough getting Crazy to keep his socks on. He's one of those barefoot kids.

And there you are. 85 degrees in the desert sure feels like fall to us!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering 9/11

As I was reminded by Hubs to put up our flag this morning, I sat and thought of what we were doing on 9-11-01. We were stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC and I remember waking up to the phone ringing. It was my friend Lorelei telling me that the Twin Towers and the Pentagon had been hit. She told me to go and turn on the TV. I remember sitting there, watching in shock as I saw the 2nd plane hit the twin towers. I didn't realize I was watching a replay of the hit, as they were showing it over and over again. I just cried and cried. I couldn't seem to stop. I got off the phone with my friend and immediately called my husband. I kept thinking, oh God, we are going to war and he is going to have to leave us. Hubs told me the base was in lockdown and no one was allowed to come or go. He told me to sit still at the house and not to leave. I recall him saying (this isn't a quote as I don't remember his exact words) something like "We are really going to f*ck someone up this time and I can't wait to go and get some payback. This is what my job is about, and this is why I joined the Marine Corps." I remember the eerie feeling as I watched people roam around like zombies as debri floated around, and the screams of panic as the towers crumbled. I was so afraid of being stationed at the largest East coast Base, because it was speculated that the terrorists might try to hit us next. The day went by so slowly, as I sat and stared at the TV the whole time. The only words I can think of is sadness. Extreme sadness. I remember holding Girly Girl, who at the time was only 3, and thinking how horrible it would be to lose her. To lose Hubs. How easily it could have been us. How this event would change our lives forever. And it has. I have been on and off with the TV today because I can only take watching so much of the coverage. I want to remember, but don't, all at the same time. That day, will forever be etched in my memory. I pray for those who lost their lives and their families. I also pray for an end to terrorism.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Labor Day Weekend

Been busy, busy over this way. I am finished with cleaning up the house after our unexpected Labor Day Weekend roadtrip. Yes, what started out as a Sunday drive, ended up being a Sunday,and Monday roadtrip. We got in the car on Sunday completely expecting just to drive a couple hours and get some dinner. We ended taking a different route that we had never been on before, went to a completely different part of the state, stayed the night, and then went even further the next day. We ended up at Yosemite National Park, then drove up further to see the big Redwoods. We didn't end up getting back till 11pm on Monday night.

Here we are at Yosemite

And here the kids are at the Redwood Forest (can you see them? LOL)

And here is Baby Boy enjoying his first roadtrip

It was a great unexpected trip. We went to places we had wanted to go and see since we moved to this damn state. At least now we know not all of it is shitty! LOL

The kids had a good time. They were forced to put away their DVD player and sightsee. Does anyone remember as a kid, going on vacations and just watching the scenery as you drove for hours? Playing the alphabet game? The license plate game?
Or playing that game where you alternate people in the car with the alphabet, and you have to say A is for Annie, my husband's name is Albert, we live in Alabama and we sell Apples? It creates memories right? Well my kids idea of a roadtrip is watching multiple movies on the portable DVD player. And I got SICK OF IT. After the first few hours on the road, they had already watched their DVD's. So after that we said no more. Tough crap. You are gonna be piss bored just like we were as kids. Look out the window. Take in the sights. Look at everyone's license plates and see what states they are from (granted we have lived so many places that Girly Girl could care less if she sees a different license plate, more then likely she has lived there! LOL) Look for wildlife. We don't care what you do, but you aren't watching any more DVD's. So the whole next day, the DVD player was put away. And this is what happened.

So much for exciting sightseeing. But everyone had a great time. After the DVD's were put away, the kids had a chance actually see what was going on around them. See the beautiful mountains, and the many, many cows. Yes, Crazy Boy's favorite thing was the cows. "MAMA COWSSSSSS!!!!"

Yes, Crazy Boy will always have memories of the cows.