Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's a Great Pumpkin

Yesterday was our annual pumpkin patch day. It was Little Dude's first time at the patch. The weather was fantastic and the kids had allot of fun picking out their pumpkins. Girly's is the largest round one, Crazy's is the smaller round one, Baby Boy's is the green one, and Little Dude's is the tall one. I love this time of year and always look forward to this outing. Halloween is fast approaching, then that means my favoritest time of year......CHRISTMAS! :)

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Big Numbers

6 months old...1/2 a year...growing much to fast and becoming a little man. Little Dude loves to sit in his exersaucer, and squeal at everyone. He is trying so hard to sit on his own and does not like to lay down anymore. If you are holding him, he wants to be sitting up and seeing all the action. He is still exclusively nursing, but is eating allot more bananas, apples, and sweet potatoes. He loves to play when he is suppose to be eating and spit his food out when he does raspberries with his tongue. His newest He still is growling at everyone and still does his infamous scowl. He is such a little ham. He loves to suck on my face when I pick him up, which I am assuming is his version of a kiss. He loves his Sissy so much too..he loves to play with her hair and sit and watch her play on the computer. He squeals and laughs at the boys each time they are up to their antics. Him and Daddy love to sit and play the Wii and walk around in their snuggly.