Friday, August 31, 2007

I know Bitch, bitch, moan moan. I would definitaly like some cheese with my wine Thank you!

I am an impatient motherf'r! Although, I do have to say that the people that we have working for us, and the company that is funding our mortgage are slow as shit! The documents are in. But do you think they can be signed?? Nope. You know why? Because Monday is a fricken holiday. So we have to wait till Tuesday. Then on Tuesday we sign it. Then it gets sent back to this stupid ass mortgage company. Then we have to wait till Wednesday for the funds to be transferred and the keys handed over. Holy shit, I am about to blow my fricken top. Hubs took all next week off so we could get over there and start going crazy on stuff. But now it looks as if most of the week may be shot. Holy Crap. I hate people.

So other then that I am feeling tired, cranky, and bitchy. Hmmmm......yeah, I think I'll go find some chocolate!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I apologize

I feel as if I am one of those poor chickens that get their heads chopped off, yet continue to run around and slam into trees and shit. Although not much has changed on the house front, it seems as if stuff is constantly running through my head. When should we do this?, how should we do that?, how much is this going to cost?, when should we pick up this and that? It seems as if it's a never ending project. Which I am sure it will be. So that is why I have not been on much lately. To much thinking is making my brain hurt. Then with that, I cannot focus! So I am reading, well occasionally, just not commenting!

We are waiting for the loan docs to be drawn up, and then we will get the keys. So we are figuring next week, after the holidays. I was hoping to have the keys this weekend, but people are just retarded!

Monday, August 27, 2007


Final walk through is finally scheduled for Thursday on the new house! We are getting so excited now.

Hubs let me buy a few things this weekend. I got to get all the new bathroom accessories we will be needing at the new house. The whole inside is pretty much getting an overhaul. We are going to need paint, blinds, locks, lights, and anything else we can think of to get the house in the shape we want it. Most of the old stuff is pretty outdated, and I wonder what the heck these people were thinking when they decorated. lol.

Will be busy, busy pretty soon! I can't wait to get in there and make it ours!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

1 With Nature

Um, yeah, no, not me. I mean I can really appreciate certain aspects of nature, but insects (excluding the lovely ladybug and butterfly) just creep me out. This afternoon, I came face to face, once again, with the damn black widows that just assume that what's mine is theirs. After mowing and weedwacking, I took the hose out back to wash off the patio and chairs. The kid's picnic table is back there, and covered in webs so I decided to turn it upside down to hose it off. Sneaky, little bastards. One showed its lovely face. It took me a good 5 minutes just to get up enough courage to smush it with my shoe. I demolished the bastard, then went back to hosing the rest of the table off. I wanted to make sure I got in all the cracks and crevices, just because I know they like to hide. Then not but a minute later, another little gross, black, creepy thing came crawling out. UGGGHHHHH. I about had a heart attack. Only because I was almost done and was about to grab ahold of the table and tip it back over. Again, 5 minutes later, he (or she...whatever) was dead. But clear as day, they both had the lovely red hourglass on their abdomens. Then, as I went to turn off the hose, a damn lizard shot across the wall and scared the beejeebees out of me. They are hear to kill me, I swear. Now I wont be able to sleep tonight. I'll tell you of my nightmares tomorrow. Plus, this weekend, Hubs and I were planning on cleaning out that stinking shed out back. That thing is crawling with spiders and bugs. I do believe I will let him drag everything out. Then (maybe) I will help. But the last time we took something out of that shed, we got the box unloaded, and then that mother f'r decided to show it's face while crawling out of whatever it was we took out. To close for me!

Pray for me!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Wow, I'm tired. But Hub's is working extra overtime tonight, so it's just me and the kiddos.

Got some good news on the house. We should definitely be closing by the end of next week. Go figure though, along with the good news came some bad news. The damn mortgage company we were working with went bankrupt, and they lost our inspection money. 400 bucks down the tubes, along with the company and all its credibility. We finally got ahold of someone who knows what the hell is going on, and they said the new company, that is taking over the bankrupt one, is going to pay the inspection fee. Heck yeah they should, holy crap, it isn't our fault the company went under and took all it's customers money with them. But I think the thing that pisses me off the most is that our realtor, and lending officer don't know squat. They don't call to inform us of anything that's going on. It got to the point where we just called the seller's agent. I mean, holy crap, should it take 4 months to get a house sold? I've never sold a house so I don't know all the kinds of happy horse shit that goes along with it, but good grief. And aside from waiting and waiting, we are left in the dark by the people that are hired to work for us. So the never ending saga of our house buying story is still pretty much at a stand still.

Waiting for Big Brother to come on. Love, love, love that show. I know, call me retarded, but I do. As soon as Hubs returns home, we will watch it. We also need to catch up on Weeds, and Californication. Both have become favorites of ours. Californication is a bit raunchy for my tastes, but it is still pretty funny.

Neighbor is coming around a bit. Waving and saying hello now. But that's the extent. Geesh, it almost feels like high school again.

Did a little more packing and organizing today. I will be sooo pissed if something happens and this house crap doesn't go through. Ughh, I hate looking at all these boxes!

Oh crap, and did I mention that Baby Boy took his first steps the other day? Yep, he took 3 or 4 unassisted steps. I about fell out of my chair.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Big Hit

The Kahlua Pork went off without a hitch. Only a little bit leftover for Hubs to take to work today. It is the easiest damn thing to make. If anyone has been to Hawaii and been to a luau, you would know that the pork that they smoke is soooo yummy. I can't remember how many luaus we went to when we lived in Hawaii, but the pork was definitely always the highlight (and the dancing men! lol). So when I was craving it one day, I searched for the recipe and found it on All Recipes, a recipe site I use VERY frequently. This is Choppzs's recipe in a nutshell. If you need the technical recipe without the little add libs added by myself, then you should go look it up! lol

Get yourself a 3 to 6 pound pig ass at the grocery store. I mean Pork Butt. lol (It may be quite embarrassing if you go up to the meat dept. man and say that, not that I would know from experience! lol) You can also substitute pork shoulder for pork butt.

Get yourself some sea salt (It calls for Hawaiian sea salt, but that stuff is hell to find so I just go with the good cheap stuff from the store. Although I am sure the Hawaiian sea salt may make a difference) and some liquid smoke. 1 bottle of smoke is sufficient, and just enough salt to smother the pork with.

Take your pork home. Jab a fork all over in the pork like you imagine yourself doing to your eyes when the kids get on your nerves really bad.

Take a good handful of sea salt and smother the pork with it. Rub it in well. Imagine you are giving your significant other a good massage.

Shake some liquid smoke all over your pork. Rub it in well too! Double massage.

Put your pork in your slow cooker and turn it on low, and let it cook for a good 10 to 12 hours. I believe the pork feels like I would feel if I could be sitting on a beach, basking in the sun without any kids!

I usually put it in before I go to bed at night. Let it cook on low all night. Then in the morning, I turn it up to medium for another 4 or 5 hours. Usually after that it is just falling off the bone and ready to shred up. I shred it, turn it back on low, and just let it do it's thing before it's time to chow! Some recommend draining all the liquid, but heck no, it keeps it nice and moist.

And at first I thought I should add some sort of liquid(aka water)to the pork while it cooks, but DON'T! The fat and drippings make a lovely amount of liquid to cook the pork in. All that fat and stuff just melts right off.

So that's it. Choppzs's Kahlua pork. It's very easy, and all you do is get out your rice cooker and make some sticky rice to go with it. And there's your meal. No pans, no oven. Very easy cleanup. And you let the slow cooker do all the work. I highly recommend trying this.

OK, so yes, Crazy got a mouthful of yummy liquid soap yesterday. He decided now, that it's OK to bite. Never in his little life has he even attempted to bite, until now. He bit Baby Boy's hand. And I didn't even know it till Baby Boy screamed, and Crazy came out of hiding and said "No Mama I bit him" after I attempted to interrogate Girly about what had happened. Luckily no marks were there, so it couldn't have been too bad, but regardless of how hard he did it, or what, biting will not be tolerated. So I took him to the bathroom, had him pull up his stool to the sink, had him open wide, and took a squirt full of soap on my hand and smothered it on his tongue. Ohhhh, he didn't like that. I had him sit for about a minute or 2 with the soap in his mouth. After a couple gaggings and multiple bubbles escaping from his mouth, I had him spit, and rinse out his mouth. Then, he was sent to his room for about 20 minutes. After that, we did the usual talk. I explained that biting is bad, and if he ever does it again he will get more soap. He kissed brother and said sorry.

Holy crap, I know kids will be kids. But I totally put the blame of this on that little girl across the street. Her and her bratty, biting mouth turned my kid into a biter. Damn it all! lol

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ok, I just have to say...

Yes, I have cooked marshmellows over my gas stove, and yes, they are yummy!! lol Gas stove smores are the best! lol Well, not better then campfire smores, but better then no smores!

Making Kahlua pork tonight for dinner tonight. Whole Hawaiian theme going on. Been cooking it since last night, so should be good and done by this evening. I figure with the islands being under attack by hurricanes and earthquakes, I would pay homage to them. But of course, I can't dig a hole and roast a pig in it, but I can do the easy route and buy liquid smoke. I'll eat the damn pig, but hell if it doesn't look gross as shit coming out of that pit. The whole pig head and stuff being in tact really grosses me out! Should be yummy!

Holy crap. At the moment, I must go and tend to the kids. Lets just say Crazy just got a mouthfull of liquid soap. I will fill you in later!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Weekend & Monday in Review...via bullets

How the hell do you get stupid bullets?? Man, either I am really retarded, or you people that do bullets are really fricken smart. Either way, I am going to use stars...because I am creative like that.

* Saturday the kids and Hubs went camping in the backyard. A good time was had by all. Except for Hubs. Hard ground & achy back = Cranky Hubs in morning.

* I on the other hand, stayed inside with Baby Boy (who was asleep) and got to peacefully watch TV. Well imbetween pee breaks, movie swapping, popcorn making and "MOOOOM, can I get some JUUUIICCEEE?".

* We contemplated roasting marshmallows over the grill, but decided against it. Camping just isn't camping when you can't roast marshmallows.

Please excuse Crazy's expression. Ummm, he's not always all there! lol

* Sunday I got me a nice pedicure and manicure. Got another pretty design on the tootsies. Very nice 2 hours spent away with no kiddos.

* We found out on Friday that nothing new has changed with the house. We are due to close on the 31st. The seller is still bucking some of the loan conditions, and doesn't want to do them. So being we only have about 2 wks. till our 2nd expected close date, I have a feeling they will be asking for another extension. We already told our agent that we will not be excepting another extension. We gave them the original 60 days when we signed the first paper, then we gave them the additional 30 days they asked for when their 60 days was up. I think 3 months is certainly enough time to get the repairs and stuff done that needed to be done. I guess we shall see.

* I had a Partylite book party. I much prefer book parties over home parties. I suck at hostessing, and hate trying to persuade people to come to parties. I would rather see someone, ask if they want a catalog, and hand them out. I did pretty good though, got almost 400 in sales. That will get me my few months worth of goodies that I need to keep my house smelling pretty! lol

So that's about it for my exciting weekend. I leave you with yet another picture of my oh so cute children that may look sweet and innocent, but then again, you haven't felt the horns that are slowly poking out of their heads.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

He can't walk, but he sure can climb!

Yesterday, Baby Boy decided he wanted to start climbing on the furniture. The little terd wont walk, but he's now slowly evolving into a monkey. I figure, like everyone said, that as soon as he gets his x-rays, he'll start to walk. But you know what? The x-rays are going to have to be put off for the next couple weeks. I found out that it will cost us 250 bucks to get them done. That's our deductible. And right now, with all our money being sunk into house stuff, it just isn't possible right this moment. Plus, Hub's college courses start soon, and he needs the book for his first class. 130 bucks! For a damn book. Rediculous. He contemplated dropping the course so that that money could get Baby's x-rays, but I told him no. Baby Boy isn't in any pain or anything, and I just don't think the x-rays are urgent at the time being. From what the doc said, it's just to rule out anything.

On the neighbor front, I am still getting the cold shoulder. Yep, no "Hi's", waves, or anything, even with my attempts to make small talk. The kids have played together since, outside of course where I am watching, but she has failed to make an appearance. Her kids just make there way accross the street, and they all end up playing. It drives me nuts that the little girl (aka the girl who bit Crazy) walks back and forth across our street without any supervision. She turns 3 in Sept. I try my best to keep an eye on her, only because it drives me nuts that a little girl is out running about on her own, but I get sick of the fact that I end up being the babysitter becuase her mom is still pissed at me. Oh well, screw her. I'm moving anyways... lol

Here is Baby Boy being his new monkey self.....

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Just sitting here with my Coke Zero and contemplating what the hell to do.....

The kids have swimming lessons tonight, so I do have to make sure Crazy takes a nap before hand so he's not a whiny, little terd. Yeah, I see that happening!

I lost another pound. Yippee!! (do you hear the sarcasm in my voice??) Yeah, I know it's something I have to work towards, and take bits at a time, but this working my ass off thing, and not losing anything is pissing me off. Ahh well, what can ya do? I bet that Long John Silvers last night didn't do me much good though....hmmm..ya think?

Took Baby Boy to his 18 month check up today. He's all done with his shots till he goes into Kindergarten!! Yahh! But the doc ordered an x-ray of his hips. The little terd still isn't walking on his own yet. He will push his walker around like crazy, and walk all along the furniture, but you try to get him to walk solo, and the little guy just flops down and crawls like a madman. Till he reaches some sort of chair or something. So anyways, the doc seems to think he may have hip displacement or something that is causing him to not be able to have much balance. I myself think it's pure laziness. I mean all my kids took their time walking. Girly didn't walk till around 15 months and Crazy didn't start till between 16 and 17 months. So I just figured Baby Boy was following their lead. But the doc seems to think he is way behind and something may be wrong. I guess we'll see!

Well the littlest twerp is up from his nap and is calling to me to come save him from his wretched crib. They all seem to think I am here to service their every whim. Geesh!

Friday, August 03, 2007


Wow, today my brain feels like one big clusterf*ck. Not to much better then yesterday. My kids are being their usual whining, screaming, bratty selves so that's no different. I guess you could say I just feel "blah". Like I am doing a ton of crap, but nothing is getting done. Plus, Crazy and Girly went over to the neighbor's house to play and Crazy got bit by their little girl. I usually don't leave the kids with them because I know how their little girl is. She's very aggressive. She's the same age as Crazy, but boy is this girl mean. She's been known to hit, punch, kick, and squeeze the baby till he cries. She's never bitten before, so this kind of got to me. Anyways, I spoke with the mom after I had Girly bring him home. She (the mom) told me they had been bickering, Crazy pushed her so she turned and bit him. I know my kids aren't perfect, shit, they are annoying little terds, but I know Crazy, and he would actually run away screaming before he'd push or hit another kid. He's just whiny like that. But then when Girly came home to get her phone and told me about what happened, the mom told her it wasn't right for her to go telling on them, and that she ruined the fun for the kids. THAT, pissed me off. So I called her up, told her Girly didn't come home to tell on them, and that I didn't want Crazy playing with the little girl if she was going to bite. She left a lovely blue mouth print on his arm. Luckily, she didn't draw blood. But the mom didn't apologize, just kept insisting that Crazy pushed her first, and that she didn't think it was that big of a deal. Well Lady, it is! It is a big deal that 1. You are responsible for my kid when he is with you and you didn't even bother to tell me what had happened. I had to hear it from my kids. And 2, these are my kids. I will decide what is a big deal. So anyways, yes, it's been lovely. We've known these neighbors since we moved in here, and have never had any problems. They are nice people. They just can't/wont control their kids.

Here's the lovely mark he had on his arm. And there he is giving me those puppydog eyes. He was so upset that he had to come home. But he did quickly point out that she had also smacked him in the eye too. That's why I took that second picture. He insisted I should get a picture of that too! lol

I sat Baby Boy in the corner for the first time today. He actually sat there. He's been pestering his brother and turning the TV off every few seconds just to get a rise out of him. So after having to go and turn the TV back on several times I told him no, swatted his hand, and stuck him in the corner. Oh boy, he didn't like that. He screamed and screamed. Then he just sat there. Kind of spaced out. lol. I think all that crying/screaming tuckered him out. So after a min or 2 I told him to come to me. He crawled over, laid his head on me, then gave me a kiss. He hasn't touched the TV since!! lol My Baby Boy's already getting punished, geesh!

Ok, I was tagged by Stacie to do a MeMe. So here goes.....

5 Things in my refrigerator:

1. Milk
2. Soy Milk
3. Cheese
4. Spinach
5. Cantaloupe

5 Things in my car:

1. Mr. Beaver
2. 2 Ladybug air fresheners
3. A rosary Hubs brought home for me from Guatemala
4. Lemon/Lime Tot from Sonic
5. 2 car seats

5 Things in my purse or backpack:

1. Lip gloss
2. 2 checkbooks
3. My ladybug wallet with my cards in it
4. A pad
5. Multiple receipts

5 Things in my closet:

1. Boxes full of junk because we are moving
2. More boxes
3. Totes full of junk because we are moving
4. Coats
5. Christmas totes

5 Things in the world I want to see before I die:

1. Italy
2. Scotland
3. Paris
4. My Grandchildren (copied from Stacie)
5. My children graduate, go to college and get married

5 People to Tag:

1. Sissy
2. Hubs
3. Al
4. KimmyK
5. Ben

I'm a Survivor

Yes friends, I have survived. I am not on the run, and no duct tape was in order. Hell Boy was pretty good once again. It just seems as soon as Mom shows up through that door, he becomes a different boy. Gets in the fridge and demands food, starts jumping on the furniture, not sharing toys with Crazy, trying to pick up Baby Boy. It's weird. I mean, don't kids usually get better when their parents ARE around??? This one, he is the complete opposite. But then again, he knows I am not going to yell at him in front of his mom, only because that should be her job, and 2. She doesn't do shit to him, and he knows that. Ahhh,'s done and over with, and I don't plan on doing that anytime soon. And if she asks, well....umm...I have other plans for that

Yesterday was kind of a strange day. I can't explain it, but it was just rough. For both Hubs and me. Weird things in the mail, agent troubles, and just an overall sucky ora about the day. Very strange, and very unsettling.

Girly and Crazy took swimming lessons for the first time yesterday. They had allot of fun. Even though there were about a dozen certified lifeguards there, I still found myself saying "Where's Crazy?", "Hubs can you see him?", "Does somebody have him?", "Crazy sit down, your going to fall into the water!" Hubs was like, "He's gonna be fine, he's surrounded by lifeguards!!" lol At first he was stiff and kinda scared, but after a couple minutes he was chatting her ear off! lol He's such a flirt. It was hard because I had to try to keep an eye on Girly, who did great, and try to keep an eye on Crazy at the same time. Mom's really do have to have eyes in the backs of their heads don't they? lol

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Not in the Mood

OK, it is day 2 of watching Hell Boy.

You remember him don't you? The seven year old that throws frozen pizza all over my floor, tries to hit me, and talks back. Yeah that's him. I babysat him yesterday, and am babysitting today. Believe it or not, yesterday wasn't that bad. But that was because I restricted him and Crazy to the living room where I could keep an eye on them. After Hell Boy kicked Crazy out of his own room and had him in tears, I decided that was it. But other then that, it went OK (Except for me about losing it because he would not get out of my face. If I was on the phone, he was right there, if I was eating, he was right there. And I mean RIGHTUPINMYFACE. Yeah, that close). Now today, well, I guess we'll see. Wish me luck, and if you don't hear from me soon, just assume I am on the run after I do something to the wretched child.