Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sea of Teeth

Little Dude got his first 2 teeth last week..his first 2 bottom, center teeth popped through at the same time. No wonder the poor guy was/has been a crab.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Across the sky and down from Heaven,that's the way to make a 7!

7 months old. Little Dude is a rolling fool. He is rolling all over the house. He has yet to master how to turn himself, so he gets stuck when he hits the wall or a piece of furniture. He is sitting up supported and will sit for a few seconds unsupported. He is saying "Dada" all the time and loves to screech it to get our attention. He is eating more fruits and veggies now and is drinking juice from a sippy cup. He has 2 bottom teeth coming which we discovered last week. The 2 bottom, center teeth.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Wading in the Water

The 31st of October was not only Halloween at our house this year, but it was also the day Little Dude was baptized. Halloween was the day last year, that Hub's Dad Jack passed away. Instead of celebrating it as a day of the dead, we decided to make it a day of new life. It was a beautiful ceremony that took place at 9:00 a.m. at the Shepherd of the Desert Church. Little Dude was so well behaved, didn't cry at all (even during the water pouring) and was the hit of the show. We went the unconventional route with Godparents with Little Dude. Instead of a Godmother and Godfather, we have chosen two Godmothers. Aunt Debi and Aunt Kelly. I am a firm believer that sex, or religious affiliation have nothing to do with how someone can be a good Christian role model for my children. I believe these woman will be great role models not only for Little Dude, but for the rest of the kids as well. It was a wonderful day. Aunt Debi and Uncle Craig were able to fly out to be with us and celebrate this wonderful day!

It Feels Like I'm Falling for Fall

Carving pumpkins on Halloween Eve 10-30-10...Aunt Debi and Uncle Craig were here to help out with the gutting of the pumpkins!

10-31-10..Little Dude's 1st Halloween..