Friday, February 29, 2008


My life is one big drama series. Period.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Titleless (is that a word?)

Please tell me why they replaced lovable Daniel Cook with this newbie Emily Yeung?? Daniel was way cooler, and much much cuter.

Why does the lady at the school insist on waving me forward like a madman at the drop off site. Do I look like I don't know where to drop my kid off? Do I look lost? Don't you see me EVERY single morning dropping her off at the same time in the same place? She must be thinking something along those lines as she repeatedly throws her hands up in the air as if she halting me to stop. I am half tempted to hit the gas and run her ass over. Then she'd definitely remember me.

I must be going, I have to make a few phone calls and settle some shit.

Oh and the new oven should be getting installed tomorrow. Gosh, i can finally make that lasagna!!! lol

Monday, February 25, 2008


Well Friday we finally got our new stove!!!

You wanna see it??

It's beautiful.

Just what I have always wanted.

Yep, that's it. Our new stove. It's working so well in that there box. Those dickheads at the warranty place had the stupid thing delivered, but not installed. So now we have to wait another who knows how long to have that stupid warranty place get ahold of an appliance guy who can install it. Bastards.

On a good note, I finally got my new specs. Cost an assload, but now I can see, and I don't have headaches anymore.


And I got to get my hair done too. Isn't it perty?? lol

Holy crap, the spellcheck is working now!!! lol

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Ok, just a quick question for all my peeps out there.

Did anyone else experience anything weird with your electronic stuff on Tuesday?

I am asking only because that was the day our cells went out. Our internet went out. All the local phone companies went out. All the credit card machines at stores and resteraunts were not working. And the local banks couldn't do any transactions either.

So did this happen anywhere else but here? Just curious.

So yah, nothing else.

Just me and my broken glasses so I can't see eyes. Sucks. Headaches galore. Now our stupid insurance is telling us we have certain coverage and these are our providers, but the provider in our area is telling us they don't accept it. Now it looks as if Lenscrafters will once again be getting our business. Money grubbing, expensive bastards.

On a good note, our stove comes tomorow morning sometime. Now i can buy that pizza and keep it warm!! lol

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hell in a Handbasket

It's that spy sattelite I tell ya.

Somethings up with that thing we are suppose to shoot down. lol

These last couple weeks, it's been nothing but 1 bad thing after another.

A couple weeks ago, like Sissy, we had a flat on the van. It was noticed the day after we had to take it into the shop to get the passenger window replaced because the motor went out.

Last week, my glasses were stepped on by a well known little Crazy Boy. They are done. Even Hubs tried to epoxy them back together just so I wouldn't get my headaches from not wearing them, and even that only last a day.

We still don't have an oven. Friday is suppose to be the day they bring one to us!

Today, as I was on the phone with the eye doctor, the phones went out. It wouldn't have been such a big deal except a couple weeks ago we disconnected our local home phone and have just been using our cells. That sucked. Cingular sucks!

And as I went to get on the computer to IM Hubs to ask him if it was all phones or just mine, the internet went down. Go figure.

Now that I am able to get back on the internet, and our cells are working again, I tried to call the eye doctor back. "We are sorry, the local phone company is experiencing technical problems. Please try your call again later." Yah, somethings up.

The weather today is kind of eerie. Is that how you spell that?? lol It's hazey, and cloudy, and looks almost like it could rain. I like the gloomy stuff, but the rain I could do without. Why you ask? Because we still haven't gotten our new damn windows and I don't feel like dealing with another leaky window!!! lol Yes, incase you were wondering, they were suppose to be installed last week. They called and said it would be delayed by a couple weeks. More shit!

And to top it ALL off, the kids are all sick. Again. Horrible hacking cough, fevers, and stuffy, runny noses.

Hell in a handbasket I tell ya. That's what this world is coming too! Or at least mine! lol

Friday, February 15, 2008

Potty Training 101

I swear I just started and finished with Crazy! But now it's Baby Boy's turn. He just turned 2, but is Very interested in some good potty action.

He is currently walking around with just a shirt and socks. He refused to put on his pants. I have only had to clean up 1 pee pee mess so far this morning. I am dreadfully waiting for the poo action to start.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will be my easy boy. Crazy was sooooo hard to train and the messes were endless. He still has accidents at night, and I am clueless as to how to fix that problem. I am investing in plastic pants to put over his underwear and hopefully get rid of those stupid pull-ups. I hate those things. He will get up once or twice a night to use the potty, but any other time he just goes in his pants. His naptimes are completely dry (without pull-ups)and hasn't had an accident since he started. But nights, they are a different story.

So I am hoping to have 2 completely potty trained kids soon.

Ughhh, I hate this part!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I will post in bullets because I suck like that!

  • We are waiitng on our new windows. I am so excited. Within the next 2 wks. we will have all new windows and doors and I'll be able to open them up and let the wonderful spring air in. And...they'll keep all this damn sand out. Yahhhh
  • We got our taxes done. It is so nice to pay off family debt early!!! ( You know what I mean Beth!)
  • We still have no oven. Our damn oven broke over 2 weeks ago while Beth was here and the stupid warranty place is dicking us around. They called to finally tell us that they have ordered us an oven, but it is slightly bigger then the one we have now. Which means the space will have to be modified to fit it. But...the warranty doesn't cover that! Assholes. So that means we have to pay the place to modify the wall. Either that, or attempt to let Hubs do it. Ummm...I think we'll pay someone. You never know what you will get if you let Hubs loose with tools in the house! lol (I love ya Hon!)
  • I have been woken up every morning at approximately 4 am by those rat bastards. It's not even light yet you jerks! Soon those neighbors will be without 2 roosters. And if their damn donkeys don't shut their holes, they will be without those jackasses too! lol
  • Did I mention I love living in the country! lol
  • My boys have succombed to boy like fights.
  • Fists, headbutting and hitting each other over the head with random objects.
  • Crazy got one of my sauce pans over the head a few moments ago.
  • Baby Boy is in the corner.
  • It has been 70 degrees or warmer here during the day for the last couple days. It is beautiful spring weather. The boys and I spent all day outside yesterday doing random things. Washing cars, walking the property,playing with sidewalk chalk,and playing with all their outdoor toys. It kept them from fighting for a whole hour or so. Then they just couldn't take being nice anymore and the fight was on again.
  • Baby Boy is in potty training mode. Everytime someone uses the potty, he has to be in there. He strips himself down naked, then sits on his little potty. No signs of tinkle yet, but at least he is eager to learn! I think he will be a quick learner!
  • Girly is in teenager mode. I just got into it with her last night. She's doing the thing where no matter what I say to her or tell her to do she has to rebuke it and fight me on it. I had had it with the boys earlier in the day and just couldn't take it anymore. Later on, i had to suck it up and go in and talk it out with her and explain to her why I went off. Granted, she still should have done what I said without question (it was a simple request for her to pick up her mess), but I kinda was a bitch to her about it! lol I refuse to be like my parents were and just yell and bitch and send my kids to their room without talking to them about it and explaining why things are the way they are. I want communication. My sweet little girl is becoming a sassy young lady! Scary!

Well that's about it ladies and gents. I'm tired and need food! lol I'm thinking I will put the boys down for a nap so I can get at least an hour of uniterrupted television watching. I have like 2 days worth of Days to watch and everytime I get a free moment instead of relaxing I end up cleaning or laundry or whatever. Screw the house, I am going to be lazy! lol

Oh and my spell check isn't working for some reason.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Back to Norm

Sissy and Fam took off yesterday for home. It is eerily quiet around these parts! lol

I must say though, without all the constant bickering and tattling and hitting and screaming, it is mighty nice not having to yell every 2 seconds for someone to shut up! lol

It was lots of fun though, I definitly miss not having family closer!

One incident that still makes me laugh though is when Big Sissy (my neice) decided to get her Uncle's nose trimmer stuck in her hair! lol We were all out in the livingroom waiting for the next explosion of mouths when we realized it was all to quiet back in the boy's room. I went to look in on them and saw Big Sissy standing in the corner fiddling with something. I walked in and peeked around her. She was holding something in her hair, but it was massivley tangled and not at all about to come out! I then realized my bedroom and bathroom door were open and the drawers were wide open. It took her daddy and mommy a good half hour to get that thing untangled and at last had to take the scissors to a small chunk that would not come untangled. Beth and I both laughed and said "damnitt we should have taken pics to blog about it!" lol

But amongst all the chaos of their last day we did get some good group shots of the kids together.