Friday, January 30, 2009

Been Awhile

I have to start off by writing a small post to my Baby Boy. He turned 3 on the 24th. But of course, his party got canceled. That's right, Crazy had had a fever for 4 days straight, and was horribly sick, so we canceled Baby Boy's party. We still had a cake, candles, and presents for him, but it was just us. He is a pistol. So far, of the 3 kids, he is the only one that has ever thrown himself on the floor in the midst of a fit. He despises it when we laugh at him for doing it, and stomps his feet. Cracks me up! He loves his Sissy and Brother, but is notorious for being a bully to them. He can get his brother and sissy to do anything for him! lol He is a charmer. He sure knows how to turn on that smile, give you a kiss, or wrap his arms around you when he wants something. He loves to cuddle. He's my only kid that still loves to sit and cuddle with me. He is sooo ticklish on the back of his head and neck, and giggles non-stop when I do it. He loves his Cars (the Disney movie) and any type of motorized vehicle. Trucks, cars, trains, planes, you name it, he will play with it for hours. He is my Baby Boy. Not such a baby anymore, but forever my Boogie Boy!

We watched the inauguration. Not that you could really watch anything else, considering every damn station had it on. For crying out loud, even Noggin was talking about it! lol My boys went around the house all day long singing "Rock Obama, Rock Obama!" And just as I was about to turn the station, trying to get away from all the presidential bullshit, Crazy asks if he can have his picture taken with Rock Obama. Uhhhh...well.....ok Hon, you go stand next to the tv and I'll take your picture with Rock Obama. He got the biggest kick out of it. This is what we got...

Brilliant huh? 20 yrs. from now, They can look back at that picture and say they were around when the first President of African decent was put into office. As Hubs says, he isn't African American..He is an American of African decent.

As I said above, Crazy Boy was horribly sick. 4 days of 103 temps, cough, runny nose, shakes, the whole shebang. 1 visit to the doc resulted in a strep throat diagnoses and antibiotics. 1 visit to the ER resulted in a chest x-ray, breathing treatment, steroid meds, and a diagnoses of Reactive Airway Disease. Holy shit, I have never met such idiotic doctors. Honestly, I think he had a nasty cold, mixed with that damn flu going around and his little body was just shot. He was on 4 different antibiotics for the last week. Today was his last day. And boy, was he a trooper. Never fought me, never really complained. He is doing well now. A slight cough, but overall he is feeling normal. He is happy to be back at school and happy to be done with the meds.

Girly is doing great too. Just got a report card today which had 3 B's and the rest A's. She is joining Yearbook at school, and was student of the month in December. She's so smart. She has adjusted wonderfully to her new school, has made lots of friends, and is becoming more and more a teenager everyday. I swear i don't remember being such a slob as a teen, but holy crap, this girl must take after her dad cause her room is a hogsty. lol A ton of thanks to whoever invented the door. If I had to see that mess everyday, I would pull my hair out. If the door is shut, and I can't see it, I'm good! lol

Oh and Sissy's trip out here went great! I loved them being here, and I loved having a coffee buddy in the mornings. I loved being able to see my nieces and have the kids all play together. I miss them! I'll leave you with a few more pictures of the visit to hold you over for the next month, as I am sure that will be how long it will take for me to blog again.