Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

As said in the last post, our trick-or-treating was the night before Halloween. The kids had allot of fun and got a good amount of cavity producing crap. I couldn't believe how grown up Girly Girl looked with all that makeup on. Daddy's gonna have to get out the shotgun once she actually starts really wearing makeup and gets older.

Mama and Girly Girl

Punk Rocker Girly Girl

Crazy Dino Boy


Monday, October 30, 2006

Not so exciting weekend

This weekend was even more uneventful that the last! lol

All day long on Saturday Hubs worked. I mowed, weedwacked, and picked up dog shit. Fun. Oh and we also walked around the neighborhood scoping out the garage sales. Nadda. But I did spot a couple houses up for sale that looked very nice. But probably out of our price range (which isn't hard to do here in Cali!).

Sunday was another fun filled day. Hubs washed the cars, I trimmed the hedges and the kids played outside with friends. Later on after dinner, we carved our pumpkins.

It's really hard for me to grasp the concept that this town celebrates Halloween the night before Halloween. So on the 30th is trick-or-treating and on the 31st they have what they call the Mardi Gras parade of this town. Mardi Gras? What the hell is that? Come on. The local govs say that the parade keeps kids from getting into trouble on Halloween night. Uh, don't you think they will just cause havoc the night before then? Does it really seem to do any good? No! I even heard on the radio that the local highschool marching band is contemplating not marching in the parade this year. You wanna know why? Because every year they get pelted with fresh fruit. That's right. Fresh fruit. Some town spirit huh? So instead of letting the kids go out trick-or-treating on Halloween night, they tell us to go the night before so we can stand on the side of the road on the actual Halloween night and pelt the local band kids with fruit. I bet those hell raising teens are loving that. It's their chance to get out their produce and throw it at people. This town is brain dead!

I leave you with our oh so exciting pumpkin carving fiesta from last night!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Can somebody help me PLEASSSE!

Ok, here are a few questions that I really, really, really would like answered.

1. Why is it that it takes Girly 30 minutes to make her lunch? Is it that hard to figure out which kind of chips to take, where the juice boxes are, or find the bologna?

2. And why is that when the bologna or peanut butter are starring right at her, she insists on dragging me away from my blogging duties to tell me there is none (No really she looked hard), only for me to walk over there and grab it from right under her nose?

3. Is it wrong to think of your kid as a ditz?

4. Is it really that hard to turn a light switch off?

5. Why is it that every morning I have to turn 50 million lights off when I come out into the livingroom?

6. How hard is it to put your dishes in the sink or God forbid, the empty dishwasher?

7. Why is it that every morning I have to pick up numerous drinking glasses from coffee tables or bedside tables?

8. Why do the stupid dogs insist on going out, only to turn around 2 seconds later and bark like fricken crazy to be let in? Did you even take a leak?

9. Why is it that as soon as I sell a bunch of crap from my house, I have seemed to acquire more?

10. Why can't Baby Boy sleep through the night?

11. Why can't Crazy crap on the pot?

12. Why can't Girly walk without running into something?

13. Why can't Hubs wake up to his own damn alarm?

14. Why is it that if I am just sitting around the boys will sleep for hours. But as soon as I get in the shower or start a load of laundry they are up?

15. Is it hard to remember to put on a coat in the morning before you walk out the door?

16. Why is it that Aunt Flo waited 6 damn months to show her face?

17. Why do dogs fart then look around and sniff their butts like they are wondering where the noise came from?

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Weekend Recap

This weekend was quite the busy one.

First off, we finally had our garage sale on Saturday. Veeeerrry Slow! I guess since it's winter time, and not summer, not many people are out garage sailing. We only made about 55 bucks. We got rid of quite a bit of stuff, but still have to much laying around yet. I am going to be calling The Good Will, or Big Brother's Big Sister's to see if I can donate the rest of this junk. It is NOT coming back in my house!!

Then today we went to the pumpkin patch. It was allot of fun. The kids got to pick out their own pumpkins and Seth had a good time munching on his. This is his first Halloween, so it was a pretty special occasion for him to go to the pumpkin patch for the first time.

The kids having fun with all the pumpkins!

Baby Boy and his very first pumpkin

Hubs and I doing our traditional self portrait at the patch!

Friday, October 13, 2006


Only a short while after reading The Kept Woman's blog about lazy, overweight kids and how it's not like it was when we were kids, I see this.

Can you believe it? A blowup fricken snow fort. What the hell? Growing up in Michigan we had numerous snowball fights and built numerous snow forts to block the incoming, massive balls of ice that hurt like hell when you get hit in the face. But to buy a blowup fort??? What kind of fun is that? Half the fun is dodging and weaving to avoid the balls being thrown while you try to put up your awesome looking snow fort. But that's not all I saw.....you'll love this.

Need I say more. A mold that makes the perfect snowball. Who the hell is to lazy to pick up some damn snow in their hand and mold it into a ball. Granted this little gadget would be quite fun if you added a little water and made a nice size ice ball to throw at your worst enemy. But come on. Pick up the snow in your gosh damn hand and make it into a ball for crying out loud.

Kids just have it to damn easy these days. Makes me wanna puke. If my kids ever live somewhere where there is snow (fingers crossed), and they ask for these items I do believe I will slap them upside the head. Then for good measure I will force them to go outside in the cold and build a damn fort. And a bucket full of snowballs. Then I will proceed to take their snowballs and throw them at their heads. Good grief. Blowup snowfort and snowball mold. What's next?

And just because I can. Here is a pic of Baby Boy finally doing his thing. That's right. He decided he wanted to sit on his chubby butt for once. Granted, after sitting for about 35 mins. he did a hard right and smacked his head on the chair, but he's fine. It's all good!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wishing for Fall

I have Fall envy. That's right ya'll, I am sitting here reading blog after blog about the beautiful changing leaves, and the fall smell in the air. Makes me wanna puke. This west coast version of Fall sucks ass! You know what it has done here to give me the impression that it is Fall? The temp has dropped. Yah, it is now only mid 80's during the day. Great? Yes. It's not 100 anymore. But it still sucks. The trees here in the good ol' desert don't change color. Probably because we don't have any gosh damn trees. We have 1. Yes 1. It's in our back yard. But it still doesn't change color. It doesn't even lose all it's leaves till December. But then they just brown and fall off. Sickening. I want to drive down the road again and see the beautiful yellow, orange, and red leaves on the trees. I want to walk out and smell burning leaves and the chill in the air. I want to make a huge pile of leaves and let my kids jump in them. But no.. that's not possible. Although, I could make a huge pile of dirt and tell them to pretend. But then they might get bitten up by ants, spiders, or the stray snake. I think I will pass on that idea.

But in the distance I see a light. And that light is called Michigan. It is calling us.


(In case you didn't know, we are going home for Thanksgiving! LOL)

But you know what? As soon as we get home, Fall will already be done with. We will probably get a shitload of snow, or some sort of blizzard and then get trapped there! But that's fine by me. Snow is great! We love the snow.

Damn, now I have Snow Envy.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

No News is.....

Boring. Yes. Boring. Not a darn thing going on here.

Still working on the nuk thing. Nuk is completely gone during the day, and only given at night. Although now our new problem is Crazy getting out of his bed at night and bunking with Sissy. Yes, she woke up to her alarm this morning only to find Crazy laying in bed with her. He has had this thing lately with getting up and trying to wake everyone up. I think maybe he got used to Sissy sleeping with him when Grammy was here.

And today, well Crazy is running around buck naked. Well not completely, it's to cold for that. He has a shirt on. Other then that, he is nekkid! We are going to get this kid potty trained if it kills us! I have the carpet cleaner on standby, and the potty is ready and waiting. As I speak, he has decided to show off his birthday suit by standing in the front window, waving to the neighbors. Nice! But I do have to say, he is not allowed on my furniture. He will be subjected to sitting only on the floor because I refuse to try to clean pee out of my furniture!!!

Oh and can someone answer this question for me? Can you tell me why kids enjoy sitting in their own dung all day? Why on earth would you not want to crap in the jon? Why do you insist on holding in your pee all day long when you are naked and then as soon as I put that stupid diaper back on you, you immediately take a leak? Can anyone also tell me why it was sooooo easy to train my girl, yet this boy insists on making me lose all my hair? Isn't it a well known fact that all a boy has to do is stand up and take a leak? So why is it so hard to do that? Good grief. Can anyone else sympathize with me? I think I am going to go on a complete diaper strike. It will drive me insane, but by golly, he will start crapping in the pot.

Other then that, nope. Not a damn thing. Girly has another soccer game tonight. So far they have won 1 game. But hey, they are having fun. She has been removed from position of Goalie to forward. She enjoys being able to run instead of just sitting in the goal. Now if she could just kick the ball into the other teams net instead of our own! LOL (It only happened once, but if it happens again, I'll have to kick her butt! Come on now, you all know you have done it! LOL)

Baby Boy is saying Mama, Dadda, Buba (brother) and all sorts of other gibberish we don't understand. He is the typical Mama's boy. Cries when anyone other then me is holding him, and screams the moment I leave the room. I am getting ready to start the weaning process. I would like him weaned by the time he is a year. He drinks juice from his sippy cup, but still nurses from me every other time. He loves his food. I think I will start pumping and putting into his sippy cup to get him used to the fact that he will start drinking his milk from that. The hard part will be nighttime. He gets up at least twice a night to nurse. I don't think he's even hungry. It's just his comfort thing. What a terd. He's a typical man already. Loves his boobs!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Since the beginning of time...

Or at least from the beginning of Crazy Boy's time, the beloved Nuk has played a crucial role. Here is a Nuk in Review through pictures.

Here is Crazy at 1 month old. Just getting to know Nuk.

At 8 months it was his naptime companion.

And Nuk even celebrated his 1st year of life with him.

And his 2nd.

Nuk even celebrated the holidays with him.

Nuk was there for him at the good times (watching tv with Sissy in a laundry basket).

And Nuk was there for him at the bad times (cutting teeth and barfing).

Nuk was there comforting him at the Rainforest Cafe when those bad elephants were scaring him.

And Nuk even reproduced so that Crazy Boy's baby brother could have a companion too!

And at the end...this is what the Nuk gets for all the months of fun and laughter he has provided.

In case you can't tell, the nipple is gone. I think it's time we put Nuk to rest. He lived a good long life, and put up a good long fight. But in the end, the teeth always win.

So this is for you Dear Nuk. May you rest in peace.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

The biting has begun! He seems to think it is pretty funny! I have been expecting it for some time now, but today was the day. He now has a top tooth to go along with his two bottom teeth and MAN can he bite! The little booger gets a good laugh at my expense. I think I will invest in some metal nipples!! lol
look at those teeth!