Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Three Little Birds

Little Dude turned 3 today. He is one crazy, little dude. He talks non-stop, loves Spiderman and anything Avengers, loves to play make believe and is smart as a whip. You follow, and adore your brothers around like a puppy, and mimic everything they do. You call them Bubba and Brother and your sister is O-E-A. You and Willa are best friends and are constantly playing together. You know your #'s to 10, your colors and shapes, and you like to tell people your full name. We are amazed at the things you learn and pick up on a daily basis. You still have your nuk, and are almost completely potty trained (you still wear a diaper at nap and nighttime). You make us laugh everyday, and are quite the joker. We love you Honey, have a  wonderful 3rd Birthday.

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